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hi, i got notification for theme update from v 1.7 to 2.0

...so my guess was i could update from WP but i was wrong, okay no prob… now, i download updated version 2.0, and i am ready to update Grider. so i got confused what to do when i read a file “IMPORTANT_READ_BEFORE_UPDATE”. which says to replace particular files (for example: _custom_meta_fields replace with _mimo_custom_meta_fields …etc).

i did exported file and mine *.xml does not contain ‘files that need to be replaced’ according to the instructions.

so, from file names i can only guess that “IMPORTANT_READ_BEFORE_UPDATE” applys to case when you update from any other theme to Grider!? – am i correct?

please can you help us with update to 2.0?

ps we enjoy Grider and building daily our new website look and as we very happy together with our audience we would love to continue without disturbance :) – thanx again for such a great theme

Hi, this update has been made to make the theme compatible with as many plugin as needed as recommended here in ThemeForest.

The only change of this Important Note is for the images and videos inside posts(choosen with the theme metaboxes ‘Add images to slider’ and ‘add videos to slider’)

If you have images or videos in your posts using this metaboxes you need to use the instructions to update all the content without losing those images and videos.

It seems you maybe haven’t used those fields so in your exported xml file does not appear them.

Anyway it is strongly recommended to do always a backup before updating the theme.

Otherwise, you don’t need to update if you don’t like.

If you have more questions or need further assistance please email me to support@mimothemes.com

Best Regards

Thanx. so i have to copy v2.0 over on the server? – without harm to loose something. anyways, can you give me straight answers to make it clear for me and others :)

1. does update take effect on these files? i have changed colors and add some social media ..etc -> (‘files’: content-single.php; style.less; menu.less; index.php; mimosocial.php; mimosocial.xml)

2. if yes, can i copy old ‘files’ (changed from previous version) into new updated v2.0 without running into problem?

3. can you make it easier for upcoming versions in future via WP update theme feature? – because this might help trouble doing update manually with a risk to live contents and stall.

Hi, sorry for delay tinblackline,

1.Yes. It takes effect to all files.

2.No, the variables in review, images and videos systems has been changed to prevent incompatibility issues, so the call to these vars should not work. I can help you to make a search and replace in each files sending you which names need to be replaced.

3. Yes, completely agree, i am so sorry for the inconvenience but the new theme submission requirements from TF are so strict with authors.

Otherwise you don’t need to update the theme. Version 2.6 works properly.

Best Regards

I’m very interested in your theme. Just have a quick question…

I’ve noticed that image size/proportion of post/items on the home screen are mostly rectangle. Is this size or proportion fixed? What I want is to have ‘square’ image in the layout. Is this something I can customize or it will automatically adjust based on image I post?

Please let me know. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you, white

Hi, this is a repeated comment ?¿?

Various issues in the demo on my Samsung Tablet.. Incomplete menu redraw,m links not responding etc.. too bad, this looks like a bit of a steam factory with many bells and whistles that are not quite smoothed-out.. I’ll be watching for future versions.. as I’ve Ive been observing it since it came out.

Hi ianstudio, thank you for the feedback, i will fix the issues, let me see them in a sambsung mobile and include the fixes in soon 1.2 update.

Best Regards

Hi, I love this theme. However before buy it i would to be sure how advertising can be located. Is it possible to have a banner on my front page Header?


Hi, yes, this is easy with a text widget for example. Also you could install whatever banner manager plugin you are using.

Best Regards

Thanks, buying it now…

Hi, Is there a way to make the categories pages mosaic or masonry?

Hi, you can publish a newswall widget showing the category you need, in a custom override, and assign it to the page you like.

Tell me if you got it. Best Regards

that is, can i use the four columns no sidebar template for the category page?

Hi, the answer is yes, but not linking to the category directly in menu. You need to show the category in a custom page.

It is so easy and explained in documentation, i can help you do it if you need it. Best regards

Just purchased theme. Where do you recommend we get Gantry Framework Plugin?

Hi, thank you for purchasing the theme.

In Wordpress, go to plugins/add new, then choose ‘search’ and search for ‘gantry Framework’

When finded click on install.

Best Regards

Followed video instructions and I’ve receiving following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home1/cmtusa/public_html/fictionsoutheast.com/new/wp-content/themes/mimo_grider/html/page.php on line 16

The problem occurs when i try to change the post page to a static page.

Hi, sorry for delay, please send me your login details to support@mimothemes.com to see what is happening.

Thank you.

Just sent it. I also can’t add my own menu without having issues.

1. I have version 1.7. should I update? 2. I am facing a problem with the image slider on posts. It is not showing up as it does on pages. 3. I need to reduce the font size on footer, dont know how to do that. Please help.

Hi, sorry for delay, please use support@mimothemes.com for any support issue.

Best Regards

Hi, I’m following the installation video. However I see a blank page when I try to see an overview of my site just the symbol > is appearing. Secon, when i try to interact with widgets it is impossible to move it, and integrate them to header, top or any segment of the pageweb. Thanks

Hi, this may be a plugin, please de-activate all plugins except gantry and give it a try.

Use mail support@mimothemes.com for any other issue please.

Best regards.

How do i stop the blog from appearing on the home page?

Hi, please go to Grider Theme/Advanced and turn off the ‘show content’ switch.

Best regards

Hi, I registered on mimothemes.com to contact through support forum. But says not allowed to see this category. I need support for grider.

Hi, please register the forum through out this link


using your purchase code. I have deleted your firstly created user.

Best Regards

Where do I find the purchase code?

Hi, look in your downloads page.

Best Regards

Hi, I purchased this theme, if you can help me I would like to ask you how can i do to get the similar theme structure of post divided in columns of 4, with the effect of a “Newswall” Widget. Cause i installed this theme, and I started to see it empy! so… i’m loosing a lot of time configurating it.

Thanks a lot!



Hi, please download full package from ThemeForest and look in the documentation, it is explained with a video step by step guide how to start up the theme.

Best Regards


Nice work !!!I am very much interested this theme and willing to purchase for my blog. one thing.. please let me know this theme will support below kind of widgets areas for ad sense. Ex- http://quotes.lk/category/sinhala-funny-sms-jokes/ . specially widget area for ad before page numbering. Thanks.


design and the features are good. but further analyzing it seems the theme takes much time to load in the browser. kindly see google page speed insights https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?utm_source=pubinsights&hl=en&filter_third_party_resources=true&url=mimothemes.com%2Fdemos%2Fgrider%2F how can you help to over come this for better performance.


Hi, i thik it has to be with the images size used in the theme, i am developing compatibility with the Manual image crop plugin to do this for next release :)

Best Regards

Hi again! I could display newswalls widgets on my homepage, but only two on a line; do you know how can i put rows of four elements (newswalls), one after one, one row above the other row (all them of 4 columns) ? I tried changing my “layout” options, buy I could not…

Thansks again!



Hello! thanks for your help, finally I could obtain the same page that the live preview demo for starting a new site! Now I have to ask you, if you know how can I load new pages when someone clicks on a Newswall of the homepage of the site!?

I couldn’t changing the laout an post_view and page_view options, inside the Grider Theme Settings

Thanks a lot again, Best Regards!


(The post are being loading below the homepage, and not in a new content page;) Thanks!!

Hi, sorry i cannot understand exactly your issues, could please send eman email to support@mimothemes.com explaining them a bit?

Please include a link to your site and as many info as you can about the issues :)

Best Regards

Hey – I’m using stripe Plug in menu (http://codecanyon.net/item/stripe-a-lightweight-menu-plugin-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/5242155) yet when I use it with this theme – It doesn’t render it correctly. It adds a bullet point before the word and (http://imgur.com/HqoT5Wu) If I switch the theme to the stock wordpress one, it works fine – it only seems to be having trouble with this theme. Any ideas?

Hi, for me the image url is notworking, please could you send me a link to your site to support@mimothemes.com to see what is happening?

Best Regards

Amazingly quick to reply and sort out issues!!! Recommend this author and theme!

Thank you!!! :):)

Thank you for theme – it is very cool. I have some questions, I will be glad if you answer: 1) I won’t to add in header another social media , which is not available now. How can I do this? 2) Where I can find social media sharing? I won’t to add another one 3) Where I can edit text in search filed? I mean this one: type your search 4) How I can edit test style just for one widget? For copyright 5) Is it available to edit date format in twitter feed widget?

I translated your theme to Russian – how I can send you localized files?

Thanks and best regards Nick

Hi, thank you!

1. In widgets/mimosocial.php file, just copying the same structure of other social icons

2.In file html/content/content-single.php in line 355 to 418

3.In file searchform.php

4. With css, you can give your own classes in file widgets/copyright.php and include css in file less/style.less

5.In file widgets/mimotwitter.php you can find the code in line 75, but this has to be with twitter aPI, maybe you can find some documentation about changing twitter API date format online, and change the code.

Best Regards

Hi, thank you. One more question: I want to show image for post on main page, but when I add featured image it is showed in post before heading: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3691507/Screenshots/ux4o.png How I can add picture for post on main with out showing it post? Thanks and best regards Nick

Hi, this has to be in code, please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com and i can tell you what to do :)

Best Regards

Hey there – really interested in purchasing – however, it says it is compatible with Wordpress 3.6, but will it still work with newer versions (i.e 3.8) or will it get updated for this?

Thanks in advance, and great work,


Hi, yes, Grider is fully compatible with Wordpress 3.8, i need to change description.

Best Regards

Thanks for the quick reply :)

Hi! I bought this great theme,... but i have some questions. I have bought this theme to update my website,..so i already have some images with different sizes. So, i which to know if is possible to have all images (news) with the same size,... and can i add some space between them. Thank you! Best regards

Hi, the image sizes and space can be added through code, i can help you if you send em an email to support2mimothemes.com

Best Regards

I’ve sent you an e-mail… thank you!