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I’m having some issues getting nivo slider or the cycle slider to work as an slideshow replacement to the static image just below the nav menu. For some reason, when I finish coding the sliders as directed, I get to see all images displayed in a list or the transition effect only appears as a tiny slice to the left of the image.

Do you have a version with a slider that I could take a look at?

Last but not least, I really like the simplicity of the CSS structure and the overall cleanness of the design. Good work!

Hey there,

I can’t get too deep into free customizations but if you have a link I’ll take a quick look to see if there’s just a JavaScript error or something we can see quickly.


I’m having trouble centering the nivo slider at the top. How can I manage to do it?

Look here:

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, I can’t really do html/css customizations / add-ons only theme support but for centering elements, be sure the containing element has a set width and then you may need to do a margin: 0 auto; on that element as well. Thanks!

Great theme and hopefully you don’t consider this question one about customization.

I can change the height of the header by adding a call out in .container_12 . grid_4.

What do I need to adjust in order for the page names to show up below my new, larger hearder? For example, if I make the header 150 pixels tall, the page titles will scroll to their ‘old’ position and be up under the header.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Depending on where you add padding / margins and such it will scroll to a different spot, you’ll need to modify the theme with that in mind, the elements it scrolls to are found like this:

<a name="portfolio" id="portfolio"></a>

Do you have any thoughts about releasing this one with a responsive grid?

- I would buy it again.

I’ll take it into consideration, it’s a good idea – thanks!

Humm, the portfolio photo sliders don’t seem to show up for me on Chrome & Safari.

When first loaded into the browser, they immediately disappear.

It shows up fine on my localhost but even the original files straight from the zip don’t show up once loaded on to the server.

- Could something in the .js be blocked by my host (Dreamhost) and is there a fix or alternate solution that you might know of for this?

If you have Chrome/Firebug check if you’re getting any JS errors, try disabling any plugins and as final test you can install a temp site with the sample content to see if it’s something with your content itself.

  • Fixed

It was the AVG Secure search Chrome plug-in, which is really another strike for AVG as even IT had no actual problem with it, (as did anything else) – it just cloaked it. – which is Bull on AVG ’s crappy plugins part.

AVG lost allot of points with me on the whole experience of installing their Chrome plugins, trying to take over all of my searches from google as well as a whole bunch of other stuff in a way that that seemed really intrusive itself with AVG this and AVG that. – Like installing more of a click-Robber than actual protection. – I disabled it.. (Screw you AVG Secure search!)

Looks/Works Great!

Thank you!

I really appreciate the follow up! :)

Thanks, great template and getting some great results from it for my business. My only problem is the blog section…. I don’t have the slightest idea how to start using it…. any tips?

Hey there, site templates are static html/css and you will need to either link to a blog or use the styling I provided for your content management system.