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Just a reminder, please don’t forget to check the FAQ (link above) as times goes on to find answers to common questions – thank you!

Awesome single page design, good luck with sales and keep up the good work! Cant wait to see the Wordpress version!

I’m glad you like it, thank you for your kind words!

Any thoughts on converting it to a multi-page template version? I like the idea of single page for a portfolio, but Id like to use this for a site template, and for the sake of SEO , I think it would perform better with the capability of having separate pages.

Very nice work! Please let me know what your plans are

Hey there,

I almost created two versions, the current + one with a standard header, footer and multiple pages vs. the scroller.

It should not take much for me to update and include a second version, send me a message through my profile page with our conversation as a reminder.

Thanks for your input!

10.21.2010 – Just submitted for review: MULTI page version in case the slider / single page isn’t quite your style.

Sneak Preview

Follow me on Twitter to find out when it’s ready!

The multi-page version is available in this download as a second site in the download, simply edit one or the other depending on the type of site you want!

Hi cudazi,

another great template you´ve built!

Is there a chance of a Wordpress version coming soon?

Thanks, Olli

I have started working on it actually :)

I’d love your opinion – would you find it useful to have both styles, the single and multi-page layouts or just the single style?


Thanks, that are good news.

For me it is definetly the single one, but I like your work and your style at all!

Cheers, Olli

Hey there i cant get the email form to work.

This is what i get when i click send:

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 451 See djb/docs/smtplf.html.”> in D:\Hosting\2557478\html\\sendmail.php on line 63

Thank you!

Your message has been sent.

Back to the site

Pl ease Advise.


Hey there,

After a quick search, it seems you may need to check with your host:

451 – The command has been aborted due to a server error.”

Thanks, Curt

Hi, has an update been made recently?

I was returning to purchase this template right now, but two things seem to have changed since I bookmarked it:

- firstly, in Chrome, the site jumps to the bottom on load. A bug?

- and secondly, the portfolio section used to have lightbox versions of each image in the sliders, to enlarge them. This isn’t there anymore; instead clicking on these images returns you to the top.

Are these getting resolved? If so I’ll buy!


Hey there,

I’m not seeing the strange jump in Chrome but as for the portfolio, you may be on the HTML version and the WP version I seemed to link the portfolio sliders to a lightbox as well:


Hi there,

Great theme. Deliberating whether I should buy the Wordpress or HTML version.

One thing I have noticed that hasn’t been resolved yet is dravit’s point above – the issue with the images in the portfolio section of the single page design.

When you click on the image it jumps to the top, have also noticed this in the blog section when you click on the titles.

Have tested it on Safari and Chrome and they both do the same.

Can you check this out?

thanks :-)

Hey there,

No worries about the jump to top, in my demo, the image is just linked to the index.html page, you can just change the link to a full-size image like the gallery to have it open in a lightbox.

I’ll get the demo and download updated.


Just updated the demo, the download files should be up within 24-48 hours.

Forgot to mention that the issue seems to lie with the HTML version. Cheers.

Using this (and love it) but have moved from our cPanel hosting to GoDaddy and now mail form doesn’t work. Have tried everything I can think of, but nope. On user side it looks like all went through normally, but nope.. nothing ever reaches me. Any suggestions??

You may want to try hard-coding the “from” email address to your own valid email on that server, I remember GoDaddy having email problems on a project and that was about the only way our users received mail… They may be able to watch for the message and tell you were it stops too. Thanks!

For the html version, is the blog manual or is it pulling from an rss feed?

Hey there, It’s just static html – thanks!

I am using the contact form on two separate pages, and on one I need to add more fields. Can I simply add more fields by pasting the code, or is there something else I will need to edit to be sure that all of the fields are sent to me?

Also, do you have coding for onmouse over expanded menus for the main menu bar? :)

The bottom of libraries/shortcodes.php is where you would want to modify that shortcode. I don’t have any code for the menu like that at this time, sorry! (I suggest looking into the superfish jquery dropdown plugin)


Cool, thanks!

On the “Portfolio” page, is there a way to have each of the thumbnails have their own unique set of pictures? For example, I want different “categories” with diffrerent examples – ex. Kids, Pets, Portraits, Senior Pictures, etc. Then when they click, the pop-up carousel will have 10-12 examples of those pics. Each would have their own set of pics.

You would need to modify the jQuery lightbox selectors a bit to have them load their own gallery, hidden from view until they click an image. There is more information on the plugin’s page too which may help your customization. Thanks!


Great theme. Super easy to use, but cant seem to find how to make left and right arrow on the image slider stay there all the time, not to have them appear on the hover over image, but be there all the time.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I think you may have posted in the wrong item, maybe you purchased the WordPress version?

Either way, I think I replied to you via email on this issue already – thanks!

Love this template and it seems to be just what I need for a current project, but after some testing of the demo site under iOS 5 devices (iPad/ iPhone) the menu stops working after clicking on 1 or 2 nav items.

What could be going on here? Have you do some testing under this platform?

Hi there, it doesn’t appear you purchased this file? Please be sure to post in the proper version WordPress or Site Template, thanks!

No, I have not. I did my test with the live preview version of the Site Template edition.

I can’t seem to replicate this, maybe you’re jumping to the blog (additional page) and back?

Sorry for the late reply, nope, actually am using the gallery, about and other such buttons. Maybe it has to do with the fact that am running iOS 5.0.1?

I’ve tested the app on an iPad and an iPhone 4. Both running 5.0.1 and on both the menu stops working after the first click on any of the menu items.

It rolls down to the selected menu item, but once you get back to the top, if click on any other menu element, the menu no longer works.

I’ll have to do some more testing, but I was able to click section to section without troubles…hmm.

BTW Already purchased it!