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Brilliant as always! ;)
Gd luck with sales!

Looks great! Will I be able to embed videos from with this theme?

Thanks. Yep, as long as you have the appropriate embed code you can embed videos from anywhere.

Love the resize effect!

I win! First Purchase! Thanks Orman

Well done that man! Appreciate it bud!

Wonderful theme Orman! Clean & minimalistic like I love it! Great job!

Awesome as always Orman! :)

Dude… awesome once again.

Quick note… It should be “galleries” not “gallerys”... right? Or maybe this is some English thing like “colour” and putting punctuation on the outside of the quotation marks?

Question… good use of the post format. How are you defining the multiple images for the gallery format? Custom fields or just attached images or other?

Another question… would it be difficult to set up a more typical home page and use what you have here for the gallery/portfolio?


Whoops, good job I’m a designer and not a writer. Fixed my error.

The gallery images are managed by image attachments, means you just have to upload the images while editing the post and the theme will do the rest.

As for a more typical blog layout, unfortunately not, this is all about the grids. You could however stick to the standard post formats which will make it look a bit more typical.

Awesome. Thanks for getting back. I bought two of your other themes and they have served me well. Good luck!

Looks like a great theme. Quick question; The moving portfolio items on browser resize is great, is this something that you will do for when a filter is clicked rather than the page going blank and reloading with the new items.


Not this time around I’m afraid. I did what you described for Classica and many users preferred a static page for each skill type rather than a single URL which was filterable.

You are my favorite wordpress theme author in themeforest and in the whole world!!! I just wanted you to know that.

You should make more newspaper/magazine themes, those are my favorites.

Great job on the theme! :) Quick question, does the frontpage show a fixed set of items or does it have a “load more” feature like on the blog?

If you use the portfolio as your homepage it will load all of your portfolio items. If you use the blog as your homepage then it is limited to the number you set and users will have to “load more”.


k cool and can I have both portfolio items and blog posts on the front page?

You can choose one or the other, portfolio or blog. You cannot choose a mixture of the two – not without some customisation anyway.

So nice!! A beauty! One for my new portfolio…

Nice work man.

Will this work as a continual loading, like lazy loading or will it work as pagination?

I’m looking for a grid template that just continually loads without pagination.

Also with the single lightbox kind of images it it possible to have next and previous navigation arrows?


Continually loading is possible but not out of the box, it would take a certain level of development. Again, the next/previous in the lightbox is possible but would require development. I would estimate perhaps an hour or 2 for a decent developer.

every theme you do gets better and better everytime, getting this one for sure

Cheers bud, appreciate it!

this is the only wp theme i havent bought of yours yet ;)

soon though ;)

Awesome job! Keep it up and best of luck with sales! :)

Hey, seo friendly?

Yes. WordPress is very SEO friendly almost by default. If you need more control of your on-page SEO however I would recommend the use of a decent plugin.

Impressive, really nice work. Really like the smooth transitions and the clean look of the theme.

11 out of 10! =) Great work!