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Love it! Just a real quick question. I love the “like this” feature on this, and was curious if that could be used on the portfolio items as well? Either way I’m buying it right now. Awesome work!

Thanks Brian, a few tweaks and it would work just fine for the portfolio items. In fact, just one line change.

I posted in the support forums. Thanks for this reply. Even more excited now. it to ! great work !

nice work sir! predicting this design as an upcoming trend :) you’ve set expectations a couple of notches above.

Absolutely beautiful! Well done. :)

Great theme Orman.

Looks like this will reach 300 sales in a week which is amazing!

Orman please stop it, you ruin the trends on Themeforest :D

btw, awesome work mate! love your taste

Really impressed Orman, Interesting the way you are using simple design elements to make a huge impact theme. Congrats!

awesome work :)

You are incredible!!! Bookmarked! :)

Orman, awesome as always. I get so excited when I see new themes from you. You use just enough in just the right places. I want to purchase after a few quick questions…

Would you help me set port thumbs to click through to post rather than lightbox?

Does the “like” alter the sequence of posts on the site? Or perhaps there’s a “most liked” custom widget? I’m going to dig into your forum for that line of code to implement “like” to port items as well.

Thanx Orman, keep on blowing my mind.


You can enable/disable the lightbox for each portfolio item out of the box. As for the likes, they won’t alter the sequence of posts, purely something nice to look at :)


Question though. Any chance of an HTML release of this? The reason I ask is I’m not a huge WordPress fan (Expression Engine is where it’s at).

At the moment a HTML version of this is NOT on the horizon. If there is enough demand however I may consider putting it on the schedule.

Thanks Orman, I understand fully. Kick ass theme, all of them are actually, but this one in particular is what I’ve been trying to do myself and then some.

Keep kicking ass.

31 comments, 31 purchases, 5 of 5 stars and all in just a few hours. Correct me, but I think this will be a topseller ;)

Good luck Orman and keep up the great work.


The footer is scrolling up into the fixed sidebar.

also: I noticed when changing the screen size that the padding between the images does not increase/decrease. This is leaving me a huge blank area on the right side of the last image, about 2/3 the size of the images themselves. Would look much better if you adjusted the padding/margin so that the blocks fill the screen properly.


Not sure why strangerobot isn’t a WordPress fan though. . .keep making WordPress themes like this and perhaps he will convert?

I’ll keep trying :)

Great work, as usual.

Quick question: Is it possible to set the images to open up like a blog post (like the videos do), and not in a lightbox?


Thanks! Yes you can individually enable/disable the lightbox for each item :)

Great work man! :)

awsome work man ;)

I like your theme before i gonny buy i need to know 2things :D

1) is it possible to put a search form in the left menu

2) On the first page when you see ALL portfolio items, what if i had more then 200 portfolio works will it load all on one page, or will there be Page 1 Page 2 , ,3 ,4 and so on ?


1. Yep, you can place any widgets in the left menu, including search.

2. It can but it would need a few tweaks to the template – perhaps 5mins of changes which I could walk you through if necessary.

Very nice Orman. Quick question. Most (all) the images you have showing seem to be tall rather than fat. What happens when you use a picture which is say 740 wide by 440 tall. How does the theme show these images? Thanks.

Hey, the image will always be scaled to fit the width so in your example it would keep the same proportions but just be smaller. In the lightbox however, the full image dimensions would be shown.

Very nice. Just what I was hoping. Thanks! Great sales so far. I am thinking of using this for a magazine type site.

Is the audio player HTML5 ? I have Flash disabled on my Mac, yet it shows up just fine. If so, that’s pretty awesome!

Hey that’s right, the video and audio player is HTML5 with a Flash fallback :)