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Two pages with comments!:) But I also want to add, that your creation is awesome!!

Awesome as always :)

As an artist I’ve been following themeforest for some time, looking for the right theme.Professional, Simple and Minimalistic without looking too clinical for the portfolio part, and interactive and fun at the same time, almost like tumblr for the blog part. I also loved the grid system on some other themes, but they lacked something. FINALLY What I was looking for It’s here. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the great comments, I hope the theme works out for you!

Wow this puts me in a little dilemma, just an awesome design Orman. I also love your redux design to, I’d love to have a mixture of both as there are elements I love from both. I was satisfied with my redux site and thought it was looking just how I wanted it and then you released this and its left me wanting this too.

The homepage on this would work better for my sites needs as it’s more image focused but I love the side bar on my redux on blog pages with the adverts, popular, recent tabbed widget, tags cloud.

Please tell me is it possible to make the menu column on gridlocked blog page wider to fit in things like adverts, popular recent posts tabbed widget, tags cloud etc. or make the 3rd column even to be a side bar.

Also another question, if I’m using to post lots and lots of posts does the blog go to a page 2 after the user has clicked show more a few times cause it would have a limit doesn’t it for how many posts it would show.

But again great work on this theme, its awesome.


1. You could widen the sidebar for sure, it is just a case of editing the CSS . The sidebar is widgetised and so if you wanted to use the Redux widgets, you could port them over and style appropriately.

2. There is no limit, it just keeps going and going.

another awesome theme here..

Hey Orman,

Whoa!, 55 sales in one day? Kudos mate.

Love your work. Impressive!

Good luck with sales.



Nice design, but does it all run iframe?

I’m thinking seo?

No it doesn’t run in an iframe, that’s just the demo bar. You can close the demo bar to see the site ‘properly’.

Hi Orman,

Can the blog be arranged so posts go one under each other – similar layout to the regular page (elements link)?

Great theme!

Hmm it can with modification but not out of the box, no. You would need to modify the CSS so the grid is much narrower – right now it is set to 100%


Which part of the CSS must I change and would do that to just the blog? I’d like to have it the same with as a regular page entry.



If you set yourself up in the support forum ( I can take a look at your site and help you out.

Hi again

Just a couple of extra questions that I would love to know.

Would it be difficult to on the homepage put in at the top of the page above the the content boxes a slider like there is on the redux theme. and the heading title lines “The Theme You’ve Been Waiting For. Seriously” I love this on my redux theme and think it introduces the user to the site well, just wondered if anything like that could be added to this home page.

And I guess this is possible but figured I’d ask, I’d like to have the archive of months as a menu on the left hand side (not on a separate page like I see it is on the theme) for people to come and check on new posts for that chosen month.



1. Anything is possible with a theme, it is essentially just made up of HTML /PHP/CSS. How easy it would be to achieve what you are after is purely down to your proficiency in the above. I would imagine it would take a decent developer a couple of hours.

2. Sure, the sidebar is just like any other widgetised sidebar, you can include whatever widgets (including category links) you wish.

Cool and good to know, just out of interest are you available to do freelance development work if I needed some doing.

Unfortunately not, I already need a clone as it is :)

Amazing work Orman! Good luck with sales.

Can the theme be setup to have the images link to the posts rather than opening in lightbox?

Actually I think I have missed this out, a small oversight. It is a small change however and one that I could walk you through if necessary. It will be in the next update.

Sounds good, will purchase with my second account :)

Looks fantastic, love it.

One question please – is it possible to create our own thumbnails for the homepage, ie here:

Or does the theme generate the thumbnails? Much prefer being able to crop them myself. Thanks in advance.


You can make your own thumbnails or let the theme crop your main image – up to you :)

Perfect, thank you.

reaally brand new wordpress theme that has never seen before. youre rocking orman!

Wow man, 84 sales in the first day? That just blows my mind. How do you do it? Keep up the good work.


I’ve just installed this great theme and I’m adjusting old content to fit. How would you recommend handling longer text heavy posts? I’n my previous template I used the ‘more’ tags to which would indicate to the reader that there’s clearly more content and they just need to click in.

With this one so far, the existing ‘more’ function works in that it cuts off text – but there’se no visual cue for the reader. Any way to get around this? – I’d rather not have the reall text heavy posts cluttering up the main blog page.

First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums. Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code and feel free to pick my brains.

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great work.

Is it possible to have a photo in the grid without the white caption and info box?


Yes you can, you don’t have to add any content. Without content, the portfolio items will show just the title and the blog posts will show the permalink, comment count and ‘likes’.

How difficult would it be to un-wordpress this? (just as if I were buying an HTML template here)

really like this one too.. think i’m gonna get it too.

question though:

does the system work on actual posts? or do they work on some other kind of import format like in viewpress (photos)?

are those actual ‘categories’ on the side panel? or another type of separate system (like the photo types on viewpress)?

The posts in the blog section of the demo are actual ‘posts’ which use a different layout depending on what content you add. The sidebar uses normal categories or any other widget you wish.

The content in the portfolio (the homepage of the demo) are portfolio items and use a custom taxonomy of ‘skill type’ to enable you to categorise them.

Hope that makes sense.