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Hey Orman,

Love how slick this theme is, and the way you’ve implemented the post formats is great.

I want to use this theme for a project I have coming up, though I was wondering… Does the theme also include a “standard” post format? For and old skool blog post? I notice it supports asides, but a blog post can get quite long, and it will have a title, of course.

And I take it that there are different, contextual sidebars?



Yep the blog supports good old standard blog posts – no issue there. The theme uses 3 sidebars, one for pages, one for the blog and posts and another for the portfolio and portfolio items.

Okay, how about when you right-click on the video, it shows options “Save Video As” and “Copy Video URL ”, can I disable this?


Possibly, but I think only if you disable the right-click on you site altogether.


You did an amazing job. This is the perfect simple theme to display multiple images/videos, etc.

I had a quick question – can the blog also be full width?

Thanks so much. Keep up the awesome work.


Hey Gedy! Do you mean the blog post pages? If so, they could be but you would have to alter the CSS . If you set yourself up in the support forum either myself or support team can help you out –

Sounds good. Thanks Orman :)

Hi Orman!

I like the minimalistic look of the design. Both simple and sharp looking!

I want to use this as both a portfolio and blog site, but I was wondering if its possible to adjust the boxes of the grids in varying columns;

so for example i might have the portfolio display boxes in a perfect square grid, but i want to have the blog portion display, say, the top box spanning across the entire width (whatever it’s set to) like one column, and then the next row of boxes under it would be separated like in 3 columns (so 3 boxes on that row, each a third in width of the first row’s box).

I hope that makes sense! Thank you : )!

Hey, it does make sense. It would be possible but, it could be a lot of work. The problem with the variable widths is the styling of the content inside, the set image dimensions and the audio/video player mainly. You would need a way to add additional styles for all width scenarios and add a way of choosing how many columns each specific post will span. In short, it is possible but it would take some development.

Hi there,

Great theme!

Before purchasing I want to check a couple of things …

1. Is it possible to limit the amount of items listed on the index page? (Maybe depending on how many are displaying in the row)

2. Is it possible to then list all of the projects by name down the sidebar?



You mean you want to add pagination to the portfolio section? It’s possible but would need a bit of tweaking. Perhaps even a job for a developer if you’re not proficient with HTML /PHP. By default, ALL portfolio items are displayed.

You could create a custom menu which linked to each portfolio item and then include than menu into the sidebar via the inbuilt menu widget.

Just bought a license for gridlocked which is a very big thing for me since I do not have a lot of money right now, but Orman I believe you deserve it.

I look forward to experimenting with your theme for my new portfolio website overhaul. Thank you for this incredible theme :)


Hi! Just purchased. Looks amazing. Seems like the twitter widget have problems displaying 3 tweets? Displays more…

Most important. How can I increase the size of the images? From 550px to lets say 800 px wide…What code do I alter?

Thanks for a great theme.


First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums. Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code and feel free to pick my brains.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Thanks! I have posted the question in your forum.

Great work! Just one question: the theme has full localization support, which is great, but can it handle right-to-left languages? I’m assuming some CSS changes would be necessary to make this possible, but is this a relatively reasonable conversion to make?


In all honesty I can’t say that I have tried RTL . I would certainly think it possible, but like most other themes you would need to modify some off the CSS and possibly the JS too.

Very nice Work!

some questions: How it works with big images ? I think the images example in portfolio are small..

Why disappear the skills menu when you go to other areas? Thanks



If you wanted to make the images larger you would need to modify the CSS and HTML . Without any modification, what is in the demo is the largest images (in width) that can be used. Bear in mind, you can display any sized image in the lightboxes throughout the theme.

The skills menu is only relevant to the portfolio sections. There is no need for it when viewing the blog or pages.

Awesome, love it!

The home with the post has unlimited scroll? Does it charge automatically when I go down? Example:


Hi, if you are referring to the portfolio section (currently the homepage in the demo) then ALL portfolio items are displayed without pagination. If you are referring to the blog section, the user must load the next posts with the appropriate button. Infinite scrolling is a possibility but it weould need some modification.

double post.

Dear Orman,

First of all lovely work. I really like the look of your themes. I have just purchased the Gridlocked-theme and I must say I’m suprised by the ease of it. Superb!

But I did bump to an obstacle or a bug (or whatever you call it). When I click on one of my projects It opens the project but loads the image not entirely.

I read earlier posts in here and you referred them to the support forum of premiumpixels but I couldn’t find a support section. Therefore I decided to just post my question on TF.

I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

- Sevinen

Hi, if you set yourself up in the PP support forum I can help you out…

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

This theme is amazing! :)

It’s super easy to setup and Orman’s expertise in coding and design makes it extremely easy to modify the theme. On top of that the support forum is amazing as well; you usually get a helpful answer to your questions within a couple of hours.

Overall this is a top notch theme that comes with top notch support! :)

Thanks man, really appreciate the kind words!

Orman I am a big fan of your work. A few questions before I purchase:

1. Is it possible to put in an HTML widget under the title for each portfolio in main page where you have some text now? I notice each is 3 lines. Is this fixed? Or can it be adjustable height?

2. Will it be easy to remove the background and just make it white?

3. Is it possible to add an add widget to the left bottom sidebar on the front page?

4. It is possible to have each portfolio image on front page open to it’s own unique page right?

Please let me know. Thanks!



1. The 3 lines of text are the excerpt of the post. With a few tweaks you could have this be the actual post content and therefore HTML .

2. Yes, just a CSS change.

3. The left sidebar is widgetised so you can add as many widgets as you like to it.

4. That’s right, if you click the portfolio item title you will be taken to the post page.


hello! great theme! excuse my English. Can I add the image gallery (the one with the dots) in a one-page created?

Yes you can show the portfolio as the homepage or just an internal page.

sorry…..maybe You don’t understand. I would like that gallery (I think jquery) in an area that I choose an article or page. Is there a php or similar??

Thanks again!

I think you mean like a shortcode? If so, unfortunately not, the gallery is limited to the gallery post type and portfolio items I’m afraid.

Good day Orman,

I am planning to purchase this template.

Some quick questions:

1. Is it possible to arrange the grid in home and blog page like that of or even Random width and height.

2. For the blog post, is it posible that once we scroll down, a new sets of post will auto load with loading status?

Other than that i think the template is pretty close to what i have in mind.


Regards. B.


1. With modification yes, however, having variable widths and heights causes problems with different post types particularly audio and video. You would need to add a lot more styles for the custom player to cover every width scenario and possibly add more image functionality that resized based on chosen dimensions. It is possible, just a bit of work.

2. Infinite scroll can be integrated but again it would take a degree of modification.

Hi there, great looking theme,

a few questions: - is it possible to see the videos in the lightbox? - is it possible to add next and previous arrows in the lightbox? - in the photos rollover, a “zoom” icon apears, is it possible to put a “play” icon in the video posts?

Thanks a lot!

Hey, the lightbox does not support videos however with a bit of tweaking you could potentially add the next/prev functionality. A play icon could be used but again this would take some modification.

Hi Orman,

Firstly, thanks for the great theme!

Secondly, I have a question about the skill-type slug. What is needed to change the name of that slug? I’ve tried editing all “skill-type” words in every file but so far it hasn’t worked for me.

First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums. Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code and feel free to pick my brains.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Wonderful theme!! But how can I enable permalinks? Seems that portfolio only work with Wordpress default permalink structure. Please help me!! ;)

Also XML sitemap plugin seems don’t work. It is unable to indicize portfolio entry, only pages

First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums. Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code and feel free to pick my brains.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”