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Hi..thx for template…I have a problem with contact.php..when I send request the site generate a lot of problem..look website feedback page..thx for help

not work :(

cuz php is not installed

So, i recommend you to change the hosting plan.

how do i change background to “tweed”? I’ve found style.css page with background link but when i update it to tweed.png, it shows blurry background. Thanks!

Looks better but I still see some bugs. For example, when i click on resume I see all pages (scroll down), not just the one I clicked on – resume. On portfolio page, when I scroll up or down images are not following at the same speed, so there’s an image scrolling delay of a few seconds. It looks odd. I have to wait a few seconds for images to be positioned in the right place during scrolling. The same thing happens with the map image – contact page. Background looks okay.

Also, when I click on the top menu (blog), I see only background.

Thank you for your help. I have made some fixes and checked the live preview on some android devices. I hope it’s all ok now.


How can I add youtube video in Portfolio?

Thank you for your response :)


Hello again! The issue was successfully solved. I’ll do the update in couple of days after testing.

Super nice!! Thank you very much :)

Hello! Update has been done and uploaded. You’ll receive a notification after it’s approval. Check the live preview up (second portfolio item modal window) to see how the video works in different screen resolutions. Finally i’ve changed the modal plugin. Thank you for your valuable comment! Do not forget to rate my template!)

The latest update supporting video modal windows causes an issue if using a mobile browser like chrome on android. If you scroll down to a bottom portfolio item and open the information modal window it does center it opens at the top of the page. On a mobile you can’t see the projects information if that occurs because if you try to scroll upwards the modal closes.

Thank you, i’ll try to fix it.

Fixed and uploaded for approval. You can check this out on live preview.

Nice template, but i see some bugs: ( Live demo )

Smartphone ( 800×480 Android 4.4.2 ) see only background image

Desktop ( 1024×768 ) content DIV is large of nav, don’t show social icons.

Sry for bad english :D

Hello! Thank you for your report! Could you please check the live preview out again on your smartphone (i’ve made some changes) and provide me some desktop screenshots (and please tell me what browser was used) to Thank you again.

Fixed on mobile

Desktop: Google Chrome

Thank you! Trying to fix it.

alexeyka: hi,I am a chinses student. I want to buy it, If i do ,Can U help me install feedback page.

my Englisn is bad.

Hello! The Feedback form will work only if PHP is installed and well-configured on your hosting. You can test your existing hosting using this article If it is OK you don’t need to install something, just add your feedback email to form settings as described in Template Documentation. Have a nice day!

Hi, How do I change the instagram logo on the upper left corner to lets say Flickr ?

Thx, great work :)

Hello! There are the Fontawesome icons ( You can replace the instagram icon (i class=”fa fa-instagram”) to the flickr icon (i class=”fa fa-flickr”). Thats it. Good luck!


Hi : I don’t have the contact.php inside the theme zip. Where can I get it or download ? Can someone to share that file, please. Thanks

Hello! I don’t see you have purchased my template. The correct archive contains the contact.php here: HTML > php > contact.php

Where exactly should I add the e-mail address for the Feedback page? Thank you!

Hello. contact.php file, string #32.


your site looks very good – but will it work for me?

I am looking for a simple muse site -[ one page ok ]

1 My server can only serve html pages, images and other static content(avi, doc, zip, etc.

2 I mainly want to showcase a FLASH VIDEO. { I bought a flash video player on activeden}

a. Also have the same video available for youtube.

{ these could both be on the front page }

3. connect basic email.

4 Some text. Perhaps a couple pictures, ok.

5 Add a sign up page, { optional } if it would work?

6 I have a wysiwyg html editor, but dont know code. { could you recommend an easy editor to work best with your site? }

Finally -Will your page/ site work for me?

thank you

Hi. 1. First, this is not a muse template. It is HTML template. 2. If your server does not have PHP installed – the feedback form will not work. 3. This template has no Signup page. 4. Finally i can not say is this product ready for all your needs or not. It sells “as is” and if some of needed functionality does not exist, you must be ready to implement it by youself. 5. If you don’t know code, i don’t recommend to use my template. The wysiwyg editor can totally destroy its code and make the template unusable. Thank you!


i need a graphist in webdesigning.

who can work with me add me phone (WhatsApp) : +989169942377

yahoo :

website :

Hi, why I’dont douwnload the updates for this theme? Thanks,

Hi. If you have purchased this template, the last version is available in your Download Section.

i’d like if this is possible to add Viadeo Icon to the site

Hi. You can add, change and replace any icon to any other.

yes but i cannot creat the same design of icon.

Sorry, i can not make a template customisation for all buyers needs. You could find the desired icon using google picture search f.e “Viadeo icon png”, download it and add to the template.

Hi! Thanks for your reply!

Sorry, i think i told you the wrong page. In the live preview of “resume” I can see 2 lorem ipsum colums. Many of the entries i write, both educational and profesional, shows the texts unbalanced, with one column much bigger than the other. Can you tell me a trick to codewrite my resume in a way it shows as in the life preview? (I mean with the same number of lines in both columns). for example with blank lines, or a way to justify the length of the columns, or to display only a column.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

Hello… Is anybody there?

Hi. Sorry for delay. Did you ask about the HTML template? I see this comment exactly here. If yes there is no tricks. There are two independent columns with the “lorem ipsum” content. It is the only example. It could be one column or three – as you wish. If you want only one column – just find something like
<div class="jobdescription">
                        <div class="one-half">
                          Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus fringilla libero a nibh sollicitudin, ac pharetra diam convallis. Integer lobortis justo tempus odio gravida 
                        <div class="one-half column-last">
                          Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus fringilla libero a nibh sollicitudin, ac pharetra diam convallis. Integer lobortis justo tempus odio gravida 

then delete the “one-half” divs and write your content on it’s place.

I see the the theme prints the two columns with that “ ” you wrote, but that is an automatic function and I cant change it as i cant see it in the page editor of WP (also tried with codetext view). Where exactly is the PHP to edit it? I have been looking for that code in the archives, but it will be easier if I had de especific rute. Thanks!