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Nice work. GLWS :)

Thank you!

Very nice! I like it, good luck!!! :D


Thank you, T20!

Wow, You have made a html version now that cool, you knew I was waiting for this? Good luck in sales.

Ha. Yes, i knew it ;). Thanks!

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Many thanks.

This is really awesome. I would be even great if social links could appear on smaller screens to, maybe at the top/bottom.

Nice work!

Thanks for feedback. Fixed – done – updated.

That was fast, it now looks even more amazing! Congratz, purchased!

Wow! Thanks for purchase! Have a nice day.

Good job!Good Luck :)


Very nice! Best of luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Phone’s browser supports it?

Yes. You can check this out by opening preview in mobile browser. If you find some bugs please write me.

Too good, Excellent work.

Thanks, dhruwal

Hi alexeyka,

Fresh design!

Small problem: In index.html line 70:

div class=”position”

It is possible to put only one line of text with approx. 27 character, the rest disappears.

How shall I modify style.css line 355 So I can put there at least two lines of text if my test is longer then 30 characters and I want it all to be visible?

Thanks in advance.

Hello! Could you write me your email, i’ll describe you how to fix this or send you fixed html-css? I have an idea about it.

Very cool design. Purchased.

Thank you!

Cool. But there is a problem in portfolio tab. First click doesn’t animate and scrolls to top. Thank you!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English :)

Thank you! It was the problem with Isotope plugin. Now this issue is fixed and updated in Live Preview and soon will be updated in downloadable archive with another improvements.

Great work. I bought this last month and wish to know how can i download 1.2 version ?

Hi. Just go to and download it again.

well, I did it, but still keep coming old files

It’s a themeforest bug, i think. Write me something in my contact form, i’ll send you the last version.

Very nice template :) I have two questions:
1. There is a little difference between screenshots and demo:
2. When i click on portfolio item i get 404 error ( ) is this only demo bug or this page is not exists in template?

Hello! 1. Yes there is a difference. Screenshots came from PSD version. I’ll fix it. Thank you! 2. Click on portfolio thumb in this template must call the bigger portfolio item image with lightbox (with prev. and next arrows) or you can link it with external item page (not included)

Interested in buying for a student for portfolio. Can I post you tube video easily on this design? Thx

Hello! The portfolio item in this template is the big picture. You can make otherwise by creation you own portfolio item page linked with thumbnail image.

Hello again. Just have uploaded the new version with modal window for portfolio item. You can place your tube video there. Will be available after approval.

hi. can i change the language of this theme for example change it to Chinese? do you have mo po files? and will the fonts still be conform to the theme if i change the language to Chinese.

Hi. You can simply change the default font (Open-Sans) to any other that supports your language. This is HTML theme and you are free to customize it after you’ve purchased it.

In order to get the updated versions, do I need to re-purchase the license?

Great work, btw!

No, just re-download it. Thank you!

Strongly leaning towards purchase. Found a small problem with modal responsiveness. Doesn’t resize properly on small (phone) device. Otherwise, looks great. GLWS

Hi. Thank you. I’ve fixed this issue (you can check the preview). If you bought the template, you’ll receive the update notification after approval.