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Another great work by Thomas: the cleaning of this theme is adorable! Well done, my compliments! ;)


looks really nice, pretty isotope integration ! one question about posts infinite load: does it work through hidden content ? external html pages load ?

thanks Guillaume

The infinite scroll is done by using the jquery infinite-scroll plugin by paul irish. When u scroll to the bottom it loads the next page of posts. This allows you to choose how many tiles you want to appear on each load easily by changing the amount of posts per page. If you are asking because you want to integrate it into a theme you are developing please send me an email and i will do my best to help you integrate it.

Hello Thomas, Although I am so new to tumblr , don’t really know anything about integration YET :) but I love and impress with your work . I own women fashion handmade women loungewear and accessories , I would love to use this theme for my first tumblr ever . I am wondering if it’s easy to install and integrate ? I also love to have social media to each photo , would that be possible ? I love this site : Many thanks for your time , Have a lovely day or evening , Kindly, Van

Hey! The theme is very easy to install ( there is documentation included on how to ) and if you have any troubles I will provide further support or can install it for you. Sadly the theme does not support social links on the phototiles, However there is an option when viewing a post to share on social networks. Have a look here for example. Feel free to ask me any further questions you might have.

thanks for super sweet. I will purchase it soon:) Good day to you

This is amazing thomas! Your themes keep getting better and better!

Thanks Milke! this one did take a while. :)

Hello, I’m a Tumblr novice, looking to set up an affiliate site: I’d want each picture on the home page to link to a mini-portfolio page, and then to the affiliate site. Can you see any problems with this?

More questions: my pictures tend to be portrait, not landscape: could I run 4 columns of portrait photos?

Each column would cover a distinct topic: Could I create headers for each column? Could each column have distinctive background?

Can each photo have a caption on top, or within it?

I’d want the photos to start as close to the top of the page as possible, to get as much in view above fold – to what extent can the header section be shrunk to allow this?

repost below

Love the theme and am seriously considering purchasing it, but i am confused as to why there is no social networking capabilities (not meaning sharing wise, but follow wise). I guess one could create a div and float it somewhere toward the top near the logo and add icons and create links…. but am curious to know will something like that be incorporated later with an update or will some type of “bottom footer/panel” (don’t know what it’s technically called) be incorporated so people can see your latest tweets, instagram pics, etc?

Hi Thomas, I’m having trouble uploading your theme to my site, I’m not new to Tumblr and did everything according to your instructions. Can you please help?


got text wrangler and now everything works, thanks!

Thomas…beautiful theme. I love the simplicity and grid layout.

Unfortunately, I have a found a few major problems. A few minor coding problems as well but I corrected those myself. 1. Photosets do not work. Only the first image in a set will display on the portfolio page. You can see all the images ONLY if you click into the individual post. 2. Embedded (Re-blogged video) does not display. 3. Comment layout (spacing of comment from bottom of image) is controlled by a line-height element not a proper margin or padding element.

Can you correct these problems? Thank you.

The theme is made purposely for photosets to work like that. The whole point was that people wanted a ‘cover photo’ for portfolio piece and then more images when they click into it, Sorry about the video I will fix that in the next update. The spacing from the comment layout should actually be set using javascript but I will looking into it if you are having bugs with that.

Thank you for the reply Thomas. About the photosets…you may want to state that in the description of the theme. I would not have purchased the theme if I had known that. I think the better option would allow the user the option to display all photos in the set (or not) as many mason/grid style templates available online do. The viewer does not know they are looking at a photoset until they click into each post. Not very practical if you have hundreds/thousands of posts on your blog. When do you think the next update will be released to correct the video problem? After looking at the code more, you are correct in regards to comments, they are completely disabled via non-editable javascript (class “caption”). In order to display comments, new css has to be created and added to the html for each post type. Not sure why the “caption” css was added to the javascript as opposed to the html file…giving buyers the option to more easily tweak the code, if desired. Just some friendly feedback from a frequent and long time buyer on themeforest. :-)

Thanks for that! all great feedback. I might include that option in the new update! Im not sure when it will be up because im rather busy over the next few weeks but I imagine sometime within the month. Thanks again!

Hi, I am also new to tumblr. This is a really great theme, works just fine for a newbie :) Just one question for now: if I upload a logo instead of the title It seems to loose the link to the homepage. Any ideas of how to do that? If not, how can I change the font of the title? Thanx

Thank you for pointing this out. It will be fixed in version 2 which will be released soon

Hi Thomas, I’m also having trouble uploading your theme to my site, I did everything according to your instructions. I even tried it with text wrangler, it also did not work…all I got now on my page is “© 2010–2013 MYNAME, All Rights Reserved Template by Thomas Cullen”..very minimal.. :-( 1. Would it be possible it you would give me a “better” instruction? Maybe with pics etc.. 2. What do I do with the CSS File? 3. What do I do with the JS File?

Can you please help? Thank you.

hey sorry to hear you are having troubles with the install. The .css and .js files are only for people that want to do some heavy editing of the theme. You only need to focus on the .html. Please send me an email as to what exactly you are doing and I will be more than happy to help you out.

thank you for your fast response. I just wrote you an email, Cheers A.

Hello, Is it possible to put “submit” function ?

great theme. but I’ve noticed that the mobile navigation only works on the homepage also the text overlaps with large headlines in post items

I was just about to purchase this and decided to quickly test how responsive it was – is it just me but it doesnt respond very well at all. the main gallery page is fine, but when you click thro to the article where there are images and text it looks terrible. any comments ? [im on an iphone 5, iOS6]

Thank you so much for pointing this out! I will be doing an update soon and will be sure to add this to it

Hi Thomas!

I just integrated this into my blog and love it!

One issue with the filter results. Is infinite scroll enabled here? I think it is since the plugin loads at the bottom when I scroll down. Yet, it’s very slow.

I’ve also emailed you about this.

Thanks and I love your work. :)


Thomas great theme – thanks for your hard work. We had no problem uploading it but we noticed that when we use the plain font Title for the blog it serves as a “Home Button” and redirects you to the main page when you are on a subpage or post. But when you upload a Logo (gif file) it removes the ability to redirect to the “Home Page” when you click on the logo. How can we fix this as we would prefer to use our logo?

Hey, this bug will be fixed in the next update. I have emailed you the steps to fix it manually. Enjoy

Hi Thomas any idea when next update will be out ? thanks

Hi Thomas, this looks beautiful, but before i purchase it, i would like to know: On the main page, is there a way to control the spacings between the pictures? The gaps are far too large for me right now, I want like 2 pixel spacing. Is there?

I’ve been using Gridly with success but have just posted a longer than usual post and am having scrolling trouble. On the post detail page, the theme header and image scroll as they should but the text on the left only scrolls until the top of the text box aligns with the top of the window. So, because it’s a longer post, I can’t scroll to the bottom of the text. Please email if this doesn’t make sense and I can provide more detail and screen shots. Thanks!