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Quick question. When you click into an image, is there any way to make it stay the original dimensions? I’m displaying a lot of sub 500 pixel work and having it blown up on the click through really distorts the work.

Otherwise, great layout.

Hey Thomas – how can I get the uploaded logo to go back to the home page, which is in this case a sub domain I setup?

Right now it looks like it’s just taking the current page URL as the link….

Of course, sorry about that. This is being fixed in the next update. To fix it yourself open up the code and scroll down to find the following line of code

{block:IfLogoImage}<a href="#" id="logo"><img src="{image:Logo}" /></a>{/block:IfLogoImage}

and change the # to a ’/’...

{block:IfLogoImage}<a href="/" id="logo"><img src="{image:Logo}" /></a>{/block:IfLogoImage}

That should fix it. Let me know if it doesn’t & I will help you out further. Thanks for the purchase.

That did the trick!

Another question… the H1 tag application on the subject of the post isn’t a practical step for me, as I like to shoot all my Tumblr posts either from a HootSuite or from a wordpress instance I’ve installed.

Is there anyway to automate this so that the incoming feed can automatically apply that tag to the subject?

Also, a perfectly common use case is to use Instagram to have a photography portfolio… in which it’s a stuggle to share to multiple networks at once (fbook, twitter, tumblr) as some honor the H1 tagging, and some just parse it as plain text and that shows up in the feed…

Last question (I hope)

I’d like for all post notes to be maximized on page load. Where can I edit the HTML to have that expand as default?

Even better, would be to have the post notes show up directly underneath the subject and content of the post, so that DISQUSS can form as the first thing after the main image….

Really great !

I bought the template “Gridly” to tumblr, but the comments section does not work. How should I proceed?

Hi Thomas, I bought your template, but pasting the code, it doesn’t work.

This is the result:

May I ask you how to fix it pls?


Please try this solution first. If that fails, please send me an email & i will be more than happy to assist you

Great theme! One question…. How do I prevent the date of the post from being displayed for video posts?

I managed to reduce the vertical height of the banner area by getting rid of the space for slogan and welcome messages.

Hey, sorry I only got to this now. If you need any more help with your configuration please email me here

I got rid of the date stamp by getting rid of in {block:Video}, bu the bottom frame of the video item in the main view is still twice as wide as the ones for photos. Is there a way to make the bottom side of the frame the same width?

I love your template, but one question, is it possible, instead of each picture being an entry that you have to click on and go to another page then click back and reload everything, could it be a lightbox instead, like a photogallery?

best regards Hörður



Hi ! Thanks for this beautyfull theme ! Just one bug (?) with the picture’s post : When I got a text from a height greater than the height of the picture, I am unable to scroll down … Any solution ?

Thx ! :)

Great Theme Thomas!

Is there a way for images to display at their native resolution, instead of being magnified?


Hi Thomas, i just installed the Theme and it works great! Sill I have one problem and I need your help: is it possible to have more than 6 filters? In fact I need 12 filters form my portfolio and i did not read this limit before purchase, so I was very confident this was allowed by the theme. Can you please help me to add up to 12 themes? Thanks! Giacomo

Hi Thomas,

2 quick questions before my purchase:

Does this theme supports photo sets ? (Posts with more than one images) & The “tags/filters” are not showing on ipad and iphone. Is that right?


Has anyone figured out how to get tracking ID from google analytics to work with this package? I’m getting a little frustrated here. Thanks.

This theme does not claim to support google analytics as a feature so I don’t know why you are posting that here. However you can still add google analytics by pasting in the code manually yourself.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply the problem’s with your code. I mean I was having a difficult time getting the code I embedded in the html to actually work. Still having trouble. I’ll bang on it some more. :-)

No worries at all. Are you on PC or Mac?

Hi mate,

Would it be possible to request code for adding a back to top button. I’ve found once I scroll a long way down, it would be nice to have a button that pops back up to the top of the page. Cheers!

Hey, Sadly I do not have the time to add this at the moment however I will keep it in mind for the next update.


1. I don’t want to use the email/contact button—is there a way to get rid of it?

2. How do I assign a post to the Filter?

Thanks for your help

So, no help/support?


Hey David,

Sorry for the delay. Sadly I am not able to attend to themeforest support every day because of my other job.

1 ) if you want to remove the contact button , remove the following line from the code.

<a href="mailto:{text:Email}" id="hire_button">{text:Contact Button Text}</a>

2 ) To assign a post to a filter simply tag it with that filter. Please refer to the documentation for more informaiton on filters.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your help & time.

Working like a charm.

Hi, When I upload a large image to tumblr, it is appearing blurry/pixelated in the theme. Is this a tumblr issue or a setting I can change in the theme to prevent this? The images I am uploading are large images so it seems it is a downsampling issue making them blurry/pixelated rather than an upsampling one.

Any ideas?

Thanks, qubed

Yes this is a down sampling issue to make the image fit into the content area. Sadly there is not much you can do to improve that as it is down to the browser to downsample the image