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really awesome theme, unique, creative and very flexible…. the themeswitcher is great, and the whole look is very minimalistic, well done! I only don’t know how to like/unlike a post

a great addition would be a slider on top… maybe a second homepage, it would definetely give you more sales!

oops, I forgot to enable wizylike for visitors :D, enabled now.

truly amazing! good luck with sales, but you probably don’t need luck with such theme :)

Thanks buddy :)

Really great work! I wish it worked like a magazine template as this is what I am looking for to replace another like looking theme I purchased that has issues.

Good luck with sales!!

Thanks Derek

Unfortunately it’s a pure portfolio theme :). Makes no sense to have a magazine feature in it.

nice work mate, good luck :)

Thanks Man!

I really like your stuff. Great theme both in design and functionality.

Thanks man!

Nice theme Wizy :) Good luck with the sales !

Thanks :)

Great portfolio theme wizylabs. I wish you good luck with sales.

Thanks buddy :)

Best portfolio theme ever on Themeforest… :)

Thanks for such awesome comment :D

Really awesome theme. good luck man :D

Thanks! :)

i like this one! it’s really interesting and VERY unique and different… i really appreciate that, after seeing so much of the same same regurgitated shlock….

there’s a few things that would be nice features to see added…

one, i didn’t see any videos in any of the blog posts, i would love to see how the videos look in either the blog post or in the featured image….

i’m assuming all the images in the slider images for the posts function by either gallery settings or featured image settings?

i would LOVE it if there was a “related posts” ability shown on each individual post, for posts with the same tags… and an about the author box….

anyway, yes… this is a really unique and intriguing theme…

and i second the idea of having two home page options… one as it is now, and one with only 4 blog posts underneath a slider….

xo ~s

i don’t know if you noticed but that totally screwed up the home blog page!

In what way?

Edit: I see what you were talking about, fixed now :D

Hello Wizylabs, I’ve purchased this amazing theme and i’ve a big problem. I’ve a lot of posts and i would like to see them :) Please help me! Regards and good luck with the sales!

That is a bit of problem as the theme only show post type “project” not “post”. The only way I can think of to make your “post” post type posts convert to “project” post type posts is with a MySQL query.

Email me through my profile page to tell you more about this, also I can do that for you (for free) :)

hi, Thanks for the great theme!

I have a problem with the flickr widget; it seems the thumbnails cannot be created. Is there a “cache” folder with 777 permissions that needs to be created? if so, where?

[edit] Anyway, I figured it out..it is in theme folder: includes/framework/scripts and the folder is named temp, which needs 777 permissions.


Glad its sorted :)

Hi !

I like this theme, but before i buy i have some questions :

- does the theme work on a wordpress multiblog install ? (special folders for images) - is there an automatic image resizer included (e.g. timthumb) that also works with the first uploaded image ? - does the theme support translation ? (e.g. wordpress like with poEdit)

Regards Ralf

I havent tested the then on MS wordpress install so I can say anything about that. The theme has automatic image resizer script and it’s translatable :)


I really need your help with the old posts. This theme is perfect for our intentions (we’ve purchased in a second) and we would love to use it. However, after the installation process we verify that we aren’t able to see our posts. We only have a single post (project).

We’ll wait your feedback. Regards

I replied on your previous comment :)

Nice theme bud, I especially like the icons ;) Good luck with it!

Thanks, really appreciate your comment, guess where I got the icons from ;) :P

double reply

Thank you for your fast feedback. I already sent you an email. Regards

Ill get back to you ASAP :)

Nice theme WizyLabs! & Yes, I love your icons too ;)


This theme broke my WP completely during the installation. Erased all my work and forced me to start over (no i did not back up).

This theme killed my blog.

Tried installing the theme with several browsers and os’s and still completely destroys the blog.

Thanks, I spent money on your theme so it can kill my blog.

Calm down. When you activated the theme, did it give you any kind of error? if not, check the FAQ section which may solve your problem. http://themeforest.net/item/gridnik-elite-portfolio-wordpress-theme/faq/145673

NB: Before you attack me on the discussion, you could emailed me and ill try my best to get your issue sorted. I offer great support for my themes.

Do NOT tell your customer’s to “calm down”. Stop being defensive.

I bought your theme, it broke my blog. That is all. How did I attack you?

How are you going to get my blog back?

You see, its not the posts that are just gone, its the entire blog. The homepage does not even work. Just a complete blank, no error message. Just literally nothing.

This only happened after trying to install this theme.

So please, calm down, take a breath and please explain how your going to get all my posts back.

Your website link?

Nice theme Wizy !!! Thx

Great theme!

Is it possible to use projects with a full width post. I think it’s a not enough space to showcase pictures or video.

Unfortunately, this is not an option in the theme. If you require more space for you images, you could use the “Zoomable image” shortcode.

However, It could be done as custom work. Email me through my profile page if you are interested.