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Just wanted to add that you can’t expect people to have the blog run on windows or linux…. it should work with either one. I just finished moving from one hosting company to another, and the whole thing was enough messy, had to throw our entire previous blog in the trash and start a new one. So now, I was hoping your theme to work correctly like it should.

please make sure you fix all this asap. thanks

Please contact me through my profile page with your FTP login and wordpress login too. Many people bought this theme and never experienced this issue before. Ill get back to you in a day or two as very busy at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I expressed myself badly: I didn’t mean to say that “because of your theme” I had to throw my blog in the trash. You have nothing to do with it. what I meant to say was that after all the hustle, starting from scratch, at “least” your theme wouldn’t have any issues. My problems with it are only with the gallery, which, like other as I have read, is not working. upload failed. Permissions are on 777 and it’s running on a windows server.

As a photographer I need the project gallery to work. VITAL . thanks David

Hi, Is there anyway to have an order for the projects. I don’t want the order to change everytime i add a new project. I tried using the order given in the attributes for a page in wordpress but that doesnt help at all. Can you please help me out? I am kinda in a hurry. Any reply is appreciated.

I’d been getting this error for the last day or so whenever I try to put Wizzy Twitter into my Sidebar:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /hermes/bosweb/web286/b2868/sl.thedemic/public_html/gsc/wp-content/themes/gridnik/includes/framework/widgets/widget.twitter.php on line 53

Any idea why?

Hi and thanks for the amazing theme :)

just a couple of questions:

1) how can I change the default light blue color of the project titles and on the tag column?

2) I have changed the color of the footer, it’s white now. How can I change the color of the text in white at the footer? I would like to change them to grey.

I have search for the color code in the css but seems like I can’t find them there. So I am wondering where are those color code hiding?



Those problems I mentioned above are solved. But why my theme doesn’t resize with the browser size?

its here hinzpak.com


Still no project gallery upload fix??

Honestly…. we’ve been waiting quite a bit for the gallery fix. Contacted you by email as requested, even gave you my login details… which shouldn’t be necessary in any case. I really don’t want to be rude and have been very patient for weeks, but I believe it’s time for you to solve the issue. Remember this is not a Free theme.

Please let us know asap. Thanks

It seems that this author has lost interest in answering questions, even as basic as SPECIFICALLY what files have changed in the update. Supposedly, that info comes with the update. It doesn’t. I and others have asked on this forum for the details, and were told to email the author. I did. Never got an answer. I have customized several of the theme’s php files and library files and I don’t want to upgrade to WP 3 .1 and have this theme v 1.2.1 break. But I cannot find out from Wizylabs what files have changed, specifically, in 1.2.3 so I can upgrade the theme and WP without overwriting my work or breaking things.

This is NOT a free theme. We have spent money and we deserve answers that are more than “see the update” or “Just made it compatible with WP 3 .1”. In fact, the update’s PSD files continue to show one larger project on the home page, which the author already said cannot work with masonry. So why continue to show it?

I understand that people can overwhelm with basic questions about css, but these are not basic questions and frankly, after many weeks of asking the same questions about what is changed in the update it is time for an answer. I am at the point of warning off my followers on this theme because of the lack of response.

Okai first of all, support is not a must with authors, its optional but usually we do it for better repetition. Right now my time is really tight and I have got lots of things to do which have priority than answering support questions.

I have said many and many times that the update is not a serious issue, what happened is that I updated the files but forgot to update the theme version in the style.css, if you are really desperate to get rid of that “1” stuck in your dashboard, go ahead and change it yourself.

Regarding the featured project feature, I have not specified that the theme supports “large” featured projects on the homepage, neither you saw it on the live preview or in the screenshots on the item page. The PSD doesn’t usually exactly like the actual theme.


Just like “designdiva57”, i’d like to show my discontent with wizylabs, because just like he said, “support is not a must with authors”, but selling a fully functional theme is!

And like, many of the users here, I have sent 30$ on a theme that doesn’t serve the purposes it was advertised as. The simple fact that I can’t upload any image to the project gallery proves that the theme is in fact…... useless.

In my case, I have a personal website that has been offline for almost 2 months now, because I decided to buy this theme and never got to make it work. It’s sad, really sad.

I’ve lost any hope in getting the website up and running with this theme and I’d wished never to have bought the theme at any given time.

As for this last comment of mine, I already know that any given possibility of support was until now difficult and will now be impossible.

You should follow the #1 rule: the customer is always right. (which you clearly don’t)

I have specified before that the gallery issue is a hosting issue, it has nothing to do with my Theme.

Regarding the video embedding feature, its documented and you can easily notice that there is a custom meta fields on the “new project” page to let you add videos.

The theme is fully functional and there is no doubt in that, 200+ bought this theme and less than 5 are having issues with it, it maybe due to you not going through the docs or you have an issue with your hosting but what I know is that its not my theme.

I have had many circumstances to prevent me from offering support for my themes since 2011 started, if you notice, my support was spot on untill I notified that im stopping it.

Im sorry, but the client is not always right.

The funny part os that you always take ages to answer technical issues, but to save this page from being flooded with unhappy customers (and it seems that lately the number is rising), you seem to be quite fast. Funny.

Also thanks for reporting my comment, very mature attitude.

As for the issues with the server, there aren’t any. From the support I’ve had from them, they were 5 stars and always stated that it was something wrong with (guess who?) your code. And so that it is clear, that wasn’t the only server I’ve tried to work on. The same cannot be said from you, where all the solutions you gave (including the gallery issue), were always useless or guess again, there weren’t any.

I do not wish to be bad advertising for you, but the real consequence is that your theme just doesn’t work right. And the fact that you can’t admit it and corrected just proves that the client is indeed right. You’re wrong. Period. 30$ just wasted.

Do you still wish to refute any responsibilities?

If I dont care, I wouldn’t be answering your comments now or even talking to you. I have enough reasons and problems to pull me away from offering support.

So give me a resolution for this issue. That’s all I ask, nothing else.

The previous solutions you gave just didn’t work. So what else?

Give me a login details and I try to look into it later tonight or early tomorrow

can’t find a way to update to the latest version. Can you please point me to the video-tutorial (if any) on how to do this?


Everyone out there, maybe you can help since the author doesn’t: I have not been able to get 1.2.3 working exactly right. But I want to upgrade WP to 3.2, from 3.0, but author intimated that the theme v. 1.2.1, would break in WP 3 .2.


chris raymond craymond[at]designtank.ws

WP 3 .2 is in beta stage and dont expect gridnik to work properly in it, however I tested it in the beta version and its working fine as far as I know.

Dear Wizylabs: I am still on WP 3 .0, because you told us buyers that Gridnik 1.2.1 was not compatible with WP 3 .1. Then you released an update to “make it compatible” with 3.1, but apparently have not been willing to tell any of us what specific php files you changed to make it compatible with 3.1. Instead, you have spent much more time complaining about people being unhappy. As I indicated on more than one occasion, I modified some of the theme’s php files: options.appearance.php, template-tags.php, functions.php, and index.php to my liking (in fact, you told people to add to functions.php to allow projects to appear in an RSS feed). I also modified many of the default images to work with my custom color scheme.

Naturally, I do not want to overwrite my modifications by simply installing a new Gridnik over the old. Yet every time I or anyone else has asked you, nicely, to tell us what php files you changed to make the theme compatible with WP 3 .1, even emailing you as you suggested, we cannot seem to get a response. Just the opposite, you get mad at us for asking you! Why? Did you not do the work? Is it a state secret? And yet, the wizypanel says “Updates will always include notes on what’s new” or something to that effect, which is not the case. And you have admitted that “you haven’t bothered” to change the version number in the css file, leading to more user confusion.

I attempted last night to upload Gridnik 1.2.3 to my Wordpress themes folder, deactivate 1.2.1, and activate 1.2.3, reimport my wizypanel settings, and it seems to refuse to use my some of my css files. Perhaps that is because you can’t have two Gridnik themes in your install at the same time.

After looking through your php files in 1.2.3, it looks like you rewrote functions to add jQuery in front of them, so I am guessing that is the entire change you made to make the theme compatible with WP 3 .1.

But again, it gets back to why you seem to refuse to just tell us which php files you changed to make the theme compatible with 3.1. If we had that knowledge, we could easily update our theme and not overwrite our own work. Other theme creators, such as the creator of Flex, offer that info to buyers so they know what has changed and in what files.

You have spent MUCH more time complaining about angry buyers than you would have expended simply telling us what files changed, so that leads me, and probably others, to wonder what the heck is going on.

Hi Designdiva57,

I appreciate your comment and understand your situation. I tried to remember as much as I can what files are changed and they are below.

To wrap everything up, change the version in the style.css to 1.2.3 instead 1.2.1 or whatever you have on there.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by me!

- Taha

Thank you. I appreciate finally getting the info. Not so hard, was it?

lol it wasn’t but I didnt actually get the time to get it done, I always had something to do which makes me forget about it!

Hi I am trying to switch my theme. I have used your plugin “Posts to Projects” but when I deactivate it doesn’t return back to “Posts”. What do I do? :(


Nice Work!

I have this massage, when I try to upload an image “mac.jpg 22.9kB Failed”

How can I fix it?


Very well done, I’m really loving this theme.

I do mostly audio, and I love the fact that I can use the video embed portion to actually embed soundcloud right on the home page, looks very slick.

The ease of use here is unprecedented.

five stars!

Hey Wizy, I love this theme and I have purchased it for this site http://www.saturdaysound.com

but I have a question, just recently my theme started hiding the “project excerpt” under a heading called “details” and you are forced to click the “details” button to show the excerpt. Not that this isn’t cool, but I’d rather just force the showing of the excerpt always, without having to click an extra button.

Strangely this is only happening in Chrome, and not in Firefox or Safari. Any suggestions?