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Skyline is the worst movie ive ever seen.

random! :D

Web design is my religion.

I met a drunk who lays carpets he was a re-covering alcoholic.

Hi, thank you for your great work

When someone is not logged ,it doesn’t work when i leave a reply on projects. Even on your demo online, there is the same problem. After clicked on “send”, i didn’t have alerts. the page reloaded and nothing appear.

Do you have any idea of what it could be ?

How can I modify the default 440×400 pixel dimensions that images are cropped to?

I want to able to make them any size I want.

Can you explain please? Thanks

Hi Wizylabs, I must say I have to agree with Spittal on hidding the project excerpt under a dropdown. I was waiting for you to post an answer but maybe you soved it with private mail. Please let me know how to remove this option.

I only have it with a Rockmelt/chrome browser.

Thx Again!

I still dint fix it yet on the main theme files, ill be doin that shortly. U can do that by changing the element it self in the php file.

I am wondering if anyone knows a way to stop the nivoslider from looping endlessly? I tried some js I found online that did not work:


$(window).load(function() { $(’#project_gallery_images’).nivoSlider({ startSlide:0, //Set starting Slide (0 index) slideshowEnd: function(){$(’#project_gallery_images’).data(‘nivo:vars’).stop = true;} }); });

original script used ”#slider” instead of #project_gallery_images…

Also, with the recent attacks of sites through the timthumb script, I am pondering a way to drop use of timthumb and simply size my images manually through the WP interface…but can’t figure out how to alter the core php files in this theme to not call parameters from timthumb. And it really is overkill to use it to resize flickr thumbs from 75×75 to 60×60, that could be done with css alone.

Hi Taha, been looking for the answer to my following quesiton in the forum but have not found it. How do I switch back from PROJECTS to POSTS ? I remember the plugin you provided to go the opposite way but I don’t find it anymore in my plugin folder..thought maybe it would do the trick. Thanks


Hi, thanks for the plugin…I may be hard headed but I re-installed the plugin (don’t know why it disappeared the first time) .. I see it, activated it but don’t find anywhere the function to convert PROJECTS back to POSTS .

Am I missing something? thanks

ok I got it… deactivated plugin and got what I needed. Thanks

Hey wizylabs, I’m just loving your theme.

I’ve got a strange error with the Flickr plugin.

It is activated and the RSS url is correct. It was correctly working for a little time, just after I added the widget, (images were being shown) and now the images are not loading anymore. I tried removing the plugin, adding it again, changing the number of images to display… But nothing changed. I also tried with another Flickr user, but it’s the same.

This is the website: http://www.carloslidon.es/portfolio/

Please, can you help me with that? There’s something I’m missing? Maybe a language issue? It’s not a permission issue, as all is set to 777.

Thank you,


email me through my profile page :)

Hi! I am wondering the same thing as “FA1LURE”. Look at my skitch screenshot: https://skitch.com/e-sommersethdesign/fw78g/sommerseth-design-great-gallery-function


Tom – Norway

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Dear author. As video content can get embeded within the page of projects, but without displaying the main page that video? My website is www.meddlemotion.com video reel, and I like to play these videos, not only from the main page, if not from the project page, without having to go back to the main page to play. Is it possible that I have to change single template-project.php? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi there,

Great theme! Got a question thou. My frontpage doesn’t show any text beneath the images on my projects. It only says details with a triangle sitting beside it. How can I change that?

Thank you!

Next update will fix the issue.

Please, someone I can clarify this question, basically I want to know if is possible or not thank you very much everyone.

Good morning. BUY this issue, I really like, ask a technical question before yesterday, basically to see if it was possible to make a change to me is vital to my business, but today I find that not only has not responded, but it is CLEARING me my question as being inappropriate. I do not understand this because my question was not offensive cuetion ANYONE normaly. I repeat my question and I hope at least not be excluded without justification: Is it possible to add embeded video (eg vimeo) within the project page, where is the carousel of pictures, but this video appears on the homepage where are the thumbnails of the projects? I honestly do not understand why I deleted my question, if I can clarify I’d appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance.

who deleted your question? and re-send the question through my profile page.

Chrome and Details Tag with your theme

Today I was in Chrome and noticed that the theme doesn’t display the project descriptions on the home page. Instead you get a details with a dropdown arrow, which is supposed to then reveal the text. It doesn’t when there’s projects under it.

I found out that details is an HTML5 tag and Chrome is one of the few to use it. I basically did a search in all the theme files to change this tag to a div so that it’ll display correctly in Chrome.

Just to let you and others know. Might be good to post in a FAQ or other theme documentation.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will add that info to the FAQ section certainly.

Hi! I have this in the head of my wordpress board.

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /homez.443/zanydud/www/wp-content/themes/gridnik/includes/framework/wizypanel/wizyp-loader.php on line 285

Warning: file_get_contents(http://demos.wizylabs.com/envato/check.php?item=gridnik_wp&ver=1.2.3) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /homez.443/zanydud/www/wp-content/themes/gridnik/includes/framework/wizypanel/wizyp-loader.php on line 285

How can I fix this ? Thx

First off.. great theme, it’s nice! :)

I’m trying to get the menu to highlight the current project category when I’m viewing a project. The menu is highlighted when viewing the project category overall but not the category project alone.

For example on this project: http://www.gigaevo.com/project/google-icons-and-sharing-icon-pack/

The project category is “Icons” but it’s not highlighted in the menu.

Please let me know which code and where to insert to have the category menu highlighted for the custom post type.

Thanks! Aaron

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I activated the theme, but neither the same project OR any project I add links through when clicking on it off the home page. Instead I receive a 404 Error page.

How can this be resolved?

Try re-saving the permalink structure. Do that couple or three times then try visiting ur projects. If the problem still stands, try clearing your browser’s cache and try again.

If none of the above worked. Email me through my profile page and ill assist you then.