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This is a great theme. Do you have an example of what the category pages look like? I’m wondering if when you select a category, the category page will have the same layout as displayed on the home page but with a category title.

Also, do you have an example of what the URLs would like like once a category is selected? I know some URLs have the word “portfolio” in them. I did not want to display that.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.


I’ve purchased this a while back, cannot remember original user name and no email was ever sent so this is a new login. I cannot seem to get the projects to work anymore. I can get the feature image showing on the original post, but I cannot get the portfolio image to work anymore once you click in. It shows the name of the post in the place of the project image on the project image page. Please let me know if there has been an update that has effected this.

I unwisely purchased this BEFORE reading the comments and unfortunately now have a $35 defunct theme.

Everything seems to be functional, except for the ability to upload images. When creating a new project the images will upload, but will not display at all.

For anyone who has solved this issue your input would be greatly appreciated, seems like this roadblock has halted a lot of people.

Can you email me through my profile page? Ill sure assit u :)

is there anyway to make this vertical scrolling instead of hori ?

how can i turn the image cropping off? or at least adjust the default sizes

awesome theme btw

Its not possible via the theme options im afraid, it can be done through digging into the code the though. Email me through my profile page and I will assist you :)

Hello, I searched the discussion and didn’t find a solution. How can I remove the “Details” link with arrow and show the text?

Please email me from my profile page and I will assist you :)

Hi good morning. I have a serious problem on my site, was working fine and suddenly when I try to enter the site returns me the following error:

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_theme_data () in / homepages/38/d365833656/htdocs/wp/wp-content/themes/gridnik/functions.php on line 17”

I have not touched anything and I have not updated either, which is why I am surprised this error so I have no way to fix it. Please help me I would like since it depends on my website for my business. Thank you very much in advance and best regards.

I think that you updated by mistake to the latest WP update and by this is broke my site. There any solution for this problem without writing my work? Please, help. Thank very much.

I have not updated the theme yet, will do so very soon. Email me through my profile page if you want me to notify you when it is released. Sorry for any inconvenience .


The theme is fine, however I am facing to problems 1. when i click on the next page its giving error 404. 2. the main menu is showing list

Email me through my profile page WITH your wordpress site login details so I can debug the issue. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks :)

I have exactly the same problem with 404 error when hit the “older” (posts, page 2) button… :(

Email me through my profile page WITH your wordpress site login details so I can debug the issue. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks :)

After install on WP 3 .4.1 image uploads fail. How do I solve this problem?

hi, is there a fix for the 404 error on older entries? My site has started showing this problem: http://runway-fashion-images.com/

Update is now pushed

Hello, I have a question about the theme. Where can I find the RSS feed??? Thanks

Hi! There is a similar problem with a 404 online http://redays.ru/. You wrote the post, but more than two weeks is not a solution.

Can you please help me. When I go to view older projects on our website, it gives a 404 cant be found. any ideas? http://mysicksubaru.com/wall/

Update is now pushed

You say update is now pushed? Im not sure what you mean, I still get the 404

Sorry for the confusion,

You got to re-download the theme and replace the following files to solve the issue:

I just bought Gridnik and it installed fine and is working reasonably well, but I think there are problems within this theme and Internet Explorer – images are not showing in IE9 .

Also, is there a theme tutorial or user guide somewhere? I’d like to make some customisations, especially to how it displays the project text on the index page. Would prefer just to have a snippet, not the whole text.

How can I add “Pin This” to my image gallery? Given that this is a “pinterest style” theme, I’m surprised that pinning images on Pinterest is not built into the theme.

No response to my first two questions, which is a bit sad given this is a premium theme. Buy here goes a third question….

Given that Gridnik is intended as a photo “sharing” theme like Pinterest, where is the functionality that allows other users to easily share their photos to the website? It should have a simplified submission page for contributors. But I can’t see it.

wizylabs, please help! I get erros when I open my site: Warning: require_once(//wp-content/themes/gridnik/includes/framework/wizy-loader.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/themes/gridnik/functions.php on line 26

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’//wp-content/themes/gridnik/includes/framework/wizy-loader.php’ (include_path=’.:/:/usr/local/php/pear5’) in /wp-content/themes/gridnik/functions.php on line 26

I didn’t change anything, it happens by itself…

Hi, can you email me through my profile page. This is quite unusual, maybe you renamed the theme folder?