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Hi Themelovin!

I purchased the nice theme a couple of month ago, now I am having small issues with error reporting, can you please have a look?

1.) W3C says: No space between attributes: class=”widget static-content”style=”background-color: #f9f9f9; 2.) I like to change all h4 in widget_static_content.php in h2, it works, but then I am also receiving error messages, that theres still an ending… do you kno which file i have to change?

Thanks you!

Hi niikolaa,

Wordpress doesn’t output a well-formed code, so you’ll always get error on validator. You can try removing all content and checking again with the validator.

However if you like to edit our code you’ve to open the shortcodes generator file (/wp-content/plugins/themelovin-shortcodes/shortcodes.php).

Please, create a backup before editing these files.



Hello, thanks for your answer, but I could not find the exact file? I really like to erase this (small) error-message, because its duplicated several times.. maybe one more tip? Sorry for being like this..

Hi niikolaa,

you’ve to open /wp-content/plugins/themelovin-shortcodes/shortcodes.php here you could find all the code generated by the shortcodes, so you could find every string code where you could act to solve the issue :)



Hi Themelovin,

if I want to create a slide-gallery do I have to use the rev-slider or is there a another option?

Kind Regards…

The WordPress Post Formats are only for the post (blog and portfolio).

ok, thanks! Do you also have an idea whats the best way to make all images in the slide-show the same height, but still responsive?

Hi niikolaa, our gallery it’s responsive.

For best results, you’ll want to use images of the same size … but this is independent of the responsive!

Regards, Themelovin

Hi I am evaluating this theme that a fiend is using and before I purchase I wonder if you could tell me You can select “excerpt” as what to display but I don’t see anywhere in a new post/post edit screen for adding an excerpt. Right now it’s displaying too much text from the post where does one set the length to display?


Hi BovineDesign,

thanks for your question, unfortunatelly we can’t answer to any not-customer user. We’re happy to help you if you write us using your friend account, so we can check the purchase.

Thanks a lot


Hi Themelovin, I’m playing around with your lovely theme but I have 3 issues that I hope to sort out with you: 1. I modified the silver.CSS style to have it in white; I changed the menu text colour to grey but the mobile and tablet version still display it in white (so it’s invisible). 2. I would like to scale down the headline font size, but cannot find which line in the Editor CSS. 3. When I view the site on my mobile, Title words get randomly cut (weird hyphenation) and the first or last letter of a word get shuffled on a different line. I hope you can help me with these 3 issues, Cheers, Gab.

Hi gabygab,

thanks for your purchase :)

1) you can find the link color into responsive.css (.thmlv-menu-mobile .thmlv-header-menu li a)

2) You can edit the font-size property into style.css at line 809

3) Into responsive.css you’ve to delete these lines:

h1, h2, h3, h4 { word-break: break-all; }



Sorry for the late feedback. Everything seems to work perfectly, thanks to your tips. I really appreciated your super quick reply!

Hi, Grido is a great theme and I love it! However, it seems to initially load slow. I’m trying to optimize all the images, etc., but I’m wondering if you or anyone else, for a fee of course, be able to take a look at it and offer suggestions on how to speed things up. Here’s the link:


Maybe you were wrong, is not our theme!

Cheers! Themelovin

Oops, you’re right-it’s another Grido I have!

Hi, I installed the theme, but any pictures that are uploaded don’t show on the website (including the demo’s ones, but can be seen in the media part of wp-admin) also the default font has changed to Times New Roman? Very strange. I installed the theme twice to make sure it wasn’t just a bad installation. My site is Please tell me what I need to do.

Hi, write to us in private, send us access and we verify your installation!

Regards, Themelovin

Can I implement woocommerce?

Hi Awi70,

we’re sorry for the delay, currelty we’re on holiday :)

Currently Woocommerce is not compatible



Is there a way to get rid of the heart counters on the portfolio pages on the Grido theme? Also I can’t find a way to update the gallery on the portfolio page. Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi Perran,

what is the “gallery on the portfolio page”?

Regards, Themelovin

Hi the gallery is just some images that are display in gallery mode on a portfolio page. The instructions say ‘Once you create the gallery, to change the order, add or delete images simply click again on “Add Media” and select “Uploaded to this post.” Here you can change the order of images with drag & drop, delete, or add new images to the gallery’ – But I can’t find this option when I go to ‘add media’. Thanks, Perran

This is the Gallery post format, like this

Follow these instructions:

1. Select Format “Gallery”

2. Click “Add Media”

3. Drop files to upload or Select Files

4. Click “x” top right to close the panel

5. Update or publish your post

Regards, Themelovin


gabygab Purchased

Hi there, I know that you’re not supporting this theme anymore, but if you could help me it would be awesome: Why are the wrong pictogram displaying?My code is different from your live preview source codes: span class=pictogram><img draggable=”false” class=”emoji” alt=”src= cheers, gab” />