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Superb! All the best, mate! :)

Thank you :grin: wow, your profile banner is awesome!

Haha, thank you mate. :D

Great Work, GLWS ;)

Thanks Cafe, nice avatar :)


I’ve installed the theme (I love it) but I see that the avatar image didn’t appear rounded in Safari. In Chrome and Mozilla works and look perfect (rounded). It’s not a problem with the size of the avatar image. I’ve tested with different sized images and always looks badly on Safari. Please, test it with a non white or transparent image.

Go on ThemeArtisan!!! This is a superb work!!!

Thank you for purchasing and feedback.

The bug has been fixed and will be apart of 1.0.1 version, which is coming in the next 24-48 hours.

Quick-fix solution: Please contact me via email(allen@themeartisan.com), then I can sent you new css file immediately.

Good job!Good luck :)

Hello again!

What about a pagination partial .hbs file? I find that when the blog has more post than the number megafolio holds by settings… these post are unavailable for the visitor!

Do you consider a adding a method to get old posts readable?

Thanks again!

Hi Jornet, thanks for your feedback.

We have tested the infinite scrolling performance by a bunch of posts, and it is very smooth so far.

We would love to give pagination options a try. maybe next update. :)

OK… I’ll go on with the infinite scrolling. I’m testing it and it’s smooth and works really fine!

Thank you!!!

Dear jornet, please consider giving a positive score, which for us to improve the theme of great help. Thanks!

3 Questions

  • Can it have have a Side Menu?
  • Can it have have Categories?
  • Can it have have Pages?

  • :-) By the way. It’s a beautiful theme!

    Hello VFX, that is depend on Ghost platform roadmap. maybe we can have these features in the near future

    Hello again!

    I would like to recommend two new social buttons that could be useful for the users of this great theme.

    1.- Email button 2.- PayPal donations button for happy readers of our content

    Is this possible for future versions?

    Thanks again Artisan! ;-)

    Hello jornet, Thank you for feedback.

    Do you mean the sharing buttons under each post content, or the social accounts buttons in the blog header?

    Best Regards

    I mean the social accounts buttons in the blog header.

    Hi jornet, Gridy 1.1 is available now, please update it :) we have added email, donation buttons in theme-options.

    Looks funky on iOS — any ideas?


    Hi Joel, I have replied your email 2 days ago, I got an error message 9 hours ago: “The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect”. Seems a temporary failure.

    Anyway, we are working on 1.1 version, which can fix this problem. This version will be released before this weekend.

    Best regards

    Hi Joel, Gridy 1.1 is available now, please update it :)

    Just a heads up the copyright in the footer was hardcoded to 2013. It should be dynamically generated to being this year. thanks for the great theme

    Hi pltaylor, Thank you for purchasing and feedback.

    The footer time is generated by ghost template tag. Seems a ghost bug. We have recorded this bug in our to-do list.

    Best regards

    Thanks for the improvements ThemeArtisan!

    Using the new email button I had to enter this line ” ‘email’ : ‘mailto:mymail@domain.com’ ”. Maybe this button would be more setup friendly if the user only has to enter this: ” ‘email’ : ‘mymail@domain.com’ ” (without the mailto instruction).

    Another question is to update one line of Google Analytics. There is a new feature in Google Analytics that report data about interests and demographic. The site suggest to update one line of code to get this rich data:

    “ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://' : ‘http://') + ‘stats.g.doubleclick.net/dc.js’;”

    Could you improve the Google Analytics base code on the theme to bring the users of the theme this full reports on GA???

    Thanks a lot for your work!!!

    Hi Jornet, Thanks for your great feedback :)

    We would love to give them a try in next update.

    Best regards

    Thanks a lot Artisan!

    I was hoping you could tell me how to make sure an image is generated on the homepage for each post.

    Thank you for purchasing and feedback.

    You need to insert image at top of the post content.

    Best Regards.

    First of all: It is a great design, thank you very much.

    When i upload a blog logo, it is not displayed centered. It seems that there is a part of the logo (right and bottom) cut out? (I uploaded the logo in square format) Is there an optimal resolution and format for the blog logo?

    Another question: Am i able to change the link color? Would like to have blue instead of the red. Where can i find the settings for this?

    Best regards, Stefan.

    I also have problems installing disqus. I put the shortname in, but it does not appear?

    Hi stefanbrummel, Thank you for purchasing and feedback.

    1 blog logo: could you send your website url to me?

    2 link color:

    yes, but it is not easy as wordpress settings. We need modify “assets/css/style.css” file. If you want change link color, please try to add this “a{color:blue}” code to end of “style.css” file.

    3 disqus:

    Please try in this way: 1. switch theme to ‘casper’(default ghost theme) in general settings, then click save; 2. modify ‘hardcover’ theme-options.hbs file according to the documentation; 3. switch theme to ‘hardcover’, then click save.

    Best Regards :)

    Hi, i have another question: ;) Am i able to add an individual “social account”? I could not find the place where the icons for the social accounts are saved? I would like to add an imprint, and handle it with a static page and a social icon that shows an “i” and links to that page.

    Will there be an update soon? Because ghost has been updated few days ago? :)

    Greetings from Germany!

    hello, I would be interested to purchase the template, but I want to know one thing first. I landscape images to include in my blog, they will be cut? or you will see whole?


    Hi! I love your theme, but it seems not really responsive for iphone/ipad. On iphone : the bottom of left part (with your face) is hidden under images (i can send a screenshot if you want). On ipad, the left part again is much too big, can i make a child theme to resize it easily ? :) Thank you very much! Max


    Great theme. I’ve been using it for a while now but some of the social icons seem to have gone off (even on your Live Preview demo). This includes the Facebook and Twitter ones.

    Any possible fix/workaround?