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Ondra6 Purchased

Is there any easy way how to make Search filed always open? (i mean that it will not be hidden)

Add this via theme panel -> custom css:

#search-form-header input { position:relative; }

Regards, Luis.

it been a year you have not updated the theme? I was looking for more options in the theme. I regret buying this theme because of fewer options. I was thinking you might update and get some new features that all are looking for in comments. The support not good at all. I have posted some comment long back till no there is no response. The theme support is worst.

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been assisting you in your previous comments. We tried to explain what the theme has to offer on the item description.

If you don’t mind, can you tell us which features would you like to see implemented to the theme? Constructive critiques are a must for us to get better.

Think that the theme support aims to make the theme look and work great during his lifetime and even offering solutions to our customers on custom modifications we can’t get all the sites customized for the price of a template.

P.S.: Just answered your email.

Regards, Luis.

Hi love your theme! Will Gri Mag be compatable with the new Guttenberg WordPress update?

Thanks, C

Hi, thanks for the kind words. We are working on it so sooner than later we will be rolling out an update to give support for Gutenberg in Grimag.

Regards, Luis.

Helo, im about to purchase this theme but i need to know its average pagespeed score, gtmetrix score and seo power… i’m buying a few though for a project, the best is selected, i just need basically, speed, seo and adsense information of the theme

Hi, I don’t know if this is enough for you

https://cl.ly/41193T2p0P0G https://cl.ly/40200c2r1R3G https://cl.ly/2R0y0u2W1L0C https://cl.ly/1g0Z1V2X2A1t

For the AdSense we use a custom solution where you choose the spot and desired size for the ad.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

How to increase the font size of image captions? Thank you.

Add this to your custom css via Theme Panel:

.wp-caption-text { font-size: 11px; }

11px is the actual size so set it to anything bigger till you like it.

Regards, Luis.


cwebguy Purchased

Hello, Can you tell me if GRIMAG supports the latest version of PHP (PHP 7.2)? Also, Will upgrading to the latest PHP version cause any issues with the theme?

Thanks, Cary

Hi, safe to update. Our code is php 7 ready.


kborgas Purchased

I just bought this theme, uploaded and installed it on Wordpress but I do not see all the “goodies” mentioned that come with it. All I see is the frontpage (or homepage). Also, how do I edit this theme directly (move blocks, make text smaller, put ad boxes, etc? Do I need to use the wordpress editor because that is the only option other then Gutenberg. Please advise. Thank you!


kborgas Purchased

To be clear…I cannot figure out how to edit the homepage (I do see there are other pages at the end of the homepage that is not my issue). But I did think I would have more than one homepage to choose from?? Anyway, I am trying to move blocks, pics, text, sidebars, etc. basically easily edit objects and text on Wordpress but can’t figure out how to do so?? What editor am I suppose to use with this theme?


kborgas Purchased

Hello??!! Why have I not received a response already?!?

Hi, sorry about the delay, we are working on the guttenberg integration these days. We do not incorporate any page builder to “move things around” but we tested elementor with pretty good results out of the box. By creating your own page you will be able to set where do you want your sidebars to appear and how many of them. Note that we can’t guarantee a 100% compatibility with elementor or any other page builder as we don’t support them officially. They should work fine though as the templates are made following the wordpress standards.

Regards, Luis.


Ondra6 Purchased

Hi there, Why is template with wrong SEO pagination? There is in this theme:

div id=”but-prev-next” a href=”https://www.xxx.cz/page/4/”Older/a a href=”https://www.xxx.cz/3”Newer/a /div

But it should be correctly:

div id=”but-prev-next” a rel=”next” href=”https://www.xxx.cz/page/4/”Older/a a rel=”prev” href=”https://www.xxx.cz/3”Newer/a /div

Is your plan to repair this thing soon? Thanks for answering :)

(I had to delete all ”<” because of editor…


Ondra6 Purchased

I mean: why there is not involved rel=next rel=prev

It should be very easy, isn´t it?


Ondra6 Purchased

Should I pay for help? :) no problem with that but I would really needed help

1) how to add REL NEXT and REL PREV to pagination

2) How to show/disappear adsense widget on specific page or post (i mean leave the place blank. For example on Homepage…

3) Is Grimag ok with Wordpress 5.0?

Thanks a lot for helping..

Hi StrictThemes… Where do i edit the text “More” on the featured and category posts ??

Also… How do i disable the [st-hover] function on thumbnail images ??


I notice from the demo that you have listed some of the social media icon on the top, but I don’t see Instagram icon. Do you have it too?

Even though I only have support for 6 months, how about the update? Do I still get the update of the theme?

I am currently using other theme for my blog, what will happen to the featured image of each blog, when I used Grimag theme? Will it change adapting to Grimag’s format or what?

What is the maximum categories, that I can put on the menu? Is it eight? ~~ just guessing based on what I see from the demo.

Do you have any samples of website that have using Grimag? Just want to see it first :)

Looking forward to your reply.


Can I do adaptive mobile tables with your theme like this? https://bootsgeek.com/best-mountain-hunting-boots/


I purchased the theme and I am trying to customize Child theme.

I would like to show the view count and comment count in the home page in the post snippets meta, right beside the “post date” and “more” labels.

I have tried to override the php file global.php and set variable $views = true, but this is not working.

Could you please give a hint with this? Thank you.

Hello I was able to figure it out. Thank you.

Hello Luis and everyone, how does it look with the update of the theme so as to be compatible with Guttenberg? I’m not going forward with Guttenberg just because of the theme :) Thank you!


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