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I’m having two issues with my site… and I’m now wondering if they are related.

The first is… I cannot change the default (purple and green) color on my site. I’ve gone into the Theme Panel, Style area and changed the colors and the only place it will update it is the header in the admin area of the Theme Panel. My site is still displaying the default colors.

I have uninstalled the theme, and reinstalled it (and it’s up to date, along with my Wordpress) so what could be preventing my site from making that change?

Second, I’m trying to remove the border around the images in the sidebar, and I’ve searched on here, and found a few people with the same questions and inserted the code into the Custom CSS in the admin area, and nothing changes. Now I’m wondering if the Theme Panel area isn’t updating my site at all.

If someone can please help me that would be appreciated. I’m planning on launching this week, and this is something that is holding me back.

The first issue might be due to your max_input_vars, check your server’s default and increase the value if needed. Have tried on a local enviroment? Did you check the error logs?

Second one, which border are you talking about? The background color ?


chathra Purchased

I cant activate my theme due to invalid purchase key error.

my purchase details—> Licensor’s Author Username: StrictThemes Licensee: chathusanke Item Title: Grimag – AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine WordPress Theme Item URL: Item ID: 6502965 Purchase Date: 2017-11-28 01:29:26 UTC

please help me with this.thank you

Hi, it should work… can you please send me an email to with your WP login credentials and your purchase code? I want to have a look at it.

Regards, Luis.

Hello, I purchased Grimag AD Optimized Magazine (ID:6502965) in 2014 and been using it until some issues in recent times. Do I need to renew my license to receive the latest version of wordpress theme as there are some conflicts especially with my events plugin? If so, how?

You don’t need to renew anything just to get the latest theme version. Just log-in into your themeforest account with the username that was used make the purchase and download the files from the downloads section.

Regards, Luis.


I purchased Grimag via my developer a while back. My events plugin is not currently working on my website and I don’t have access to the theme updates since it wasn’t bought directly from my account. I have the transaction ID though. Do I rectify the problem by buying another theme? Or is there somewhere else to access updates?

As I said you need to login with the account that was used to purchase the theme or to have several details like the purchase code that are only accessible using the other account. I’m afraid you’ll need to contact the one who bought the theme for you or get another license.

Regards, Luis.

I’m having a kind of “major” issue with my website. I run WishlistMemeber on my site and once I installed your theme all my form fields have disappeared. It’s a white box on a white background without a border. So any form (membership registration, AWeber, or contact) it doesn’t look like there is anything to fill out. You can see the form fields (Name, Email etc) but you have to click around to find the field box. To make it more interesting, you can see the boxes on Mozilla/ Firefox, but not on Safari, IE or Chrome.

So right now anyone who visits my page cannot see the aweber form, and they cannot register for my site. I contacted WishlistMember and they said it’s something in the theme that need to be changed.

Hi, please give me a url to check. If there is something in our hand we will post an update for the theme asap.

Regards, Luis.

That’s one of my registration URL’s. It also happens on the Awber forms at well.

Hi, add this to your custom css via Theme Panel:

.wlm_regform_container .fld { -webkit-appearance: inherit; }

Regards, Luis.

Hello guys! I’ve recently made another language variation of my site (using WPML). All seems to work well. I only have an issue with Sticky posts. I’d like e.g. a post in English to not be sticky while the Czech version of the same post would be. The thing is, the Czech post keeps copying the English stickiness setting. Do you know of a way how to ‘separate’ the two? Thank you, Veronika

Hi, you can choose whether to synchronize the sticky flag or not in WPML -> Translation Management -> Multilingual Content Setup -> Posts and pages synchronization

That should let you have different sticky states for the different languages.

If that does not do the trick I suggest you to ask on the WPML forums as they will know better than us.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, I purchase this theme couple years ago and updated recently and I have some issues with it like some setting is missing now. please advise

Hi, can you please tell me what’s missing? are you getting any errors? have you downloaded the last version from ?

Regards, Luis.

Can I use another ads network without adsense?

Hi it is optimized for adsense but you can use any system you want, just place the widgets or the short codes where you want the ads to appear.

Regards, Luis.

Hola Igor, Supongo que hablas español sino intentaré escribirte en inglés. Enhorabuena por la plantilla. Quiero eliminar la barra del menú 2. La he quitado de apariencia – menú pero aún me aparece la barra con los iconos sociales. Después he ido a Theme Panel – Header y he desmarcado los iconos para ver si así desaparece la barra pero me ha salido el siguiente error al darle a “save changes”: “You do not have permission to access this document.”. ¿Alguna idea?

Hola si que hablo español pero el foro se mantiene en inglés así todos pueden entender las respuestas ;) For hiding the whole bar you should add this to your custom css via theme panel:

#header-holder-2 { display: none; }

About the error I’m not sure why you got it, can you check with the error_log to see if there are any hints?

Regards, Luis.

Hello from Spain, I need to translate the word “search..” on the menu bar and the ”type here”, “name” “email” and “website” on comments in the post page. Where do i translate those? I’m driving me crazy looking for the files.

Hi, you need to create a Spanish translation file

Tools like are very helpful on this task.

Regards, Luis.

Hi guys,

I need to remove the Post Sidebar and let my content fill the blank space, while keeping the normal 300px Sidebar.

I disabled all meta info, removed an ad from the Post Sidebar and dropped a previously suggested piece of code into the Custom CSS (see the code below). But there’s still blank space in the place of the Post Sidebar. Can you advise how I can solve this?

Thank you, Veronika { width: 100% !important; } .hentry { max-width: 100%; }

Add this to hide the sidebar:

.sidebar-position-right div.sidebar-post,
.sidebar-position-none div.sidebar-post {
display: none;

Regards, Luis.

Thank you Luis. I inserted the code, cleared all cache and let it sit for a week, but nothing has changed and the sidebar is still there. Any other code ideas? :) Thank you, Veronika

Sure, please reach me on email and we will take it from there, support @

Regards, Luis.

I have enabled Adsense using the ST widgets and shortcodes but my Adsense page views are only 10% of my blog page view count. What am i doing wrong?

I can’t really tell you but think that people with adblockers may count as a page view but the ads won’t as they are not displayed. The ads are coming up correctly for me though..


Sambuno Purchased

Does this have google snippets built in?

What do you mean with google snippets?

Rich Snippets

Sorry, for doing that you’ll have to use a plugin like Yoast SEO.

Regards, Luis.

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