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Absolutely love your design style – one of the best on here by far! Good luck

Thank you for so kind words :)

bookmarked. well done!

You’re welcome!

Great job!Best of luck :)

Is this theme child theme ready? I love what I see so far and just want to know if customizing via a Child theme will work well.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’s works fine with child themes. Moreover, I highly recommend to use a child themes for theme customization. In case you plan it.

Then you have a new customer! :)

Thank you for purchasing sir :)

Drop me a line via contact form if you’ll need a help.

Wow, I really love this design. GLWS

Love the theme! Just a few questions before moving forward:

1) Do the items at the top of the home page actually show a title/excerpt? It looks like they do in the screenshot, but not in the demo. Here’s what the demo looks like for me:

2) Is it possible to “sticky” one post as the large post at the top of the home page?

3) I’m not seeing a gallery on any of the gallery page samples (this one, for example: When you correct this, can you please use a combination of portrait and landscape oriented images?


My pleasure. Please let me know if you need any further testing. Also, when you have an ETA on this bug fix, please let me know. I’d like to start planning my theme update.

Also, could you clarify on the “sticky post” question I asked before? Basically, I’d just like to choose a specific post to be shown as the one big post at the top of the home page.

Another question: Is it possible to disable the navigation effect that happens when you scroll down the page? I’d like it to stay where it is when the page first loads.

Because you’ve helped me a lot I will be glad to add these options (sticky post and sticky menu) as soon as possible.

Drop me a line via contact form and I will inform you personally.

Thanks again and kind regards!

nice work .. Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you :)

Amazing theme, but why didn’t you use more standard ad sizes?

Thank you. 120×240, 768×90, 970×90 are standard sizes. Or drop any others if it less than ad area width.

Good news! The new version comes with 300px sidebar option.

Also it comes with built-in solution for Responsive AdSense ad units. Easy & Nice.

See also –

Very nice theme :)

Thank you.

Very great work! :)

Thank you :)

i just bought it but i have no idea how to put the ads not on side bars but in the header and before the footer. I just installes the content.xlm and it failed to import a lot of things… . It does not look like your demo.

Also how do I make the first posts one to appear big and the others as your demo looks…

and the image blank that your ad spaces has, how do i change that?

I cant find the widget to put the footer as your demo, speifically the most viewed posts and the about part.

It’s ST Posts widget with selected option the Most Viewed Posts

Nice style, nice theme!
Good luck :)

Thank you :)

We are big fan of your theme colorings!

Appreciated :)

Lovely theme! Any chance this works with WooCommerce?

Thank you! Not now, but I never say never. It’s a matter of number of the same requests in future.

Very clean design bro. GLWS :)

Cool theme. I didn’t see a 300×250 ad slot. Is the sidebar at least 300 pixels width?

The guess the most popular banner size 300×250 does not apply then. I will pass on purchasing your theme, until an adjustment has been made. Best of luck with sales.

Thank you for your interest.

Good news! The new version comes with 300px sidebar option.

Also it comes with built-in solution for Responsive AdSense ad units. Easy & Nice.

See also –

Congratulations on your theme! Wonderful template;)

Thank you.

Hi, great theme! One question: i’ve created the homepage but i can choose between BLOG and REDIRECT in the page attributes.. not “frontpage” so i’ve my homepage not like yours.. can you help me? Thanks!

That’s good! :)

Redirect is the page template for making a SEO-friendly redirects. It can be used in case you want to set an external link some where on your website.

ok, thanks! ;)

Hi, very nice theme, exactly what I was looking for..

I just have an error when installing ST KIT : “Cette extension ne dispose pas d’un en-tête valide.”

Something like INVALID HEADER..

Any help ? Thanks!

Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

In this case you should to follow alternative way of installation –

Fixed! Thank you!