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I have pasted the google analytics code within the proper field but for some reason it is not reading my traffic data. Any solutions?

I’ve checked your site. You’re using ST Kit 1.2.6

Update it with one click from Plugins page.

Regards, Igor

I made the translations in .po files.

In .po files I can see the english and german translation. How can I activate the german language?

It will automatically in case you’re using German version of WordPress. Otherwise you have to open wp-config.php file and find this line:

define('WPLANG', '');

and enable German language:

define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

Make sure your files called as de_DE.po and

Regards, Igor

Hi, I’ve bought your theme and I like a lot. I just have a question: how can I reduce the height of the main MENU bar? I see that is 68x and I would like to reduce it to 50px. But I don’t see an option on the CSS to change this. Could please tell me where/how can I change this?

Thanks for your help. Alex

Hi Alex, and thank you for purchasing! The rate of Grimag will be appreciated :)

You have to reduce a padding of menu items e.g. > li > a {
  padding-top: 14px;
  padding-bottom: 14px;
} > li > .ico-menu-top {
  top: 8px;

.chrome > li > .ico-menu-top {
  top: 7px;

Drop it on Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab.

Regards, Igor

hi, thanks for great theme…I could not figure out how to creat sticky posts at front page..Could you help me?

Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

You have to mark some posts as Sticky –

And create a page based on Blog page template –

Do not forget to set the Blog page as front page –

Regards, Igor

Hi, I want to put the Author Photo like you did on your demo site, How can I do that ?

Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

It’s about Gravatar – standard solution for WordPress sites.

Regards, Igor

Hello, have you implemented, microdata to markup? Theme looks nice.


Yoast (most popular solution) makes all required micro data. I do not see any reason to duplicate functionality.

Regards, Igor

Hi, a quick question, im using Jetpack and i want to highlight post author comments, but adding this code to ThemePanel/Style is not working. What i’m doing wrong?

.bypostauthor { background:#d5faff; }

Thank you!


Originally there is no special class for post author, but I think it’s really nice idea to highlight author’s comments.

I’ve added that already into the theme and it will comes with new version of Grimag.

It’s about #21 line in ../Grimag/includes/comments/comment.php file.

It has been replaced within these lines:

$comment_author = get_the_author_meta( 'user_email' ) == $comment->comment_author_email ? ' bypostauthor' : '';
$comment_level = '0' == $comment->comment_parent ? ' class="comment-holder comment-top-level' . $comment_author . '"' : ' class="comment-holder comment-low-level' . $comment_author . '"';

Thank you for good suggestion.

Regards, Igor

Great work Igor, thank you again

When you plan to upgrade the theme? And how can I ask a question in Russian?

I plan to release the new version within week.

You can drop a message through the contact form.

Regards, Igor

Is it 100% responsive? I checked on tablet. doesnt look like.

It has been tested many times.

What is the brand\model of your tablet? What is resolution?

On my iPad everything ok with responsiveness.

Regards, Igor

i Saw it in micromax … for you and everybody.. Kidnly Recheck, ... In 240 Size content is going beyond the width and and is not readable ….. it is an awesome theme … pls. work on the responsiveness of the code …

Provide screenshot from your device or I will consider your comment as spam.

I need to put some links in the place where the ”#copyrights-developer” div is but don’t want to hack the template. Is there a preferred way to do it?



Hi Lux,

A Child theme is the short way in this case.

Copy footer.php file to the Child theme and replace #44..#45 lines within:

<div id="copyrights-developer"><a href="#">You Link</a></div>

It will be safer.

Regards, Igor

Fantastic support as usual Igor… thanks!

Hi, I am very interested in this theme, I need it to work with Events Calendar by Modern Tribe. Do you know if this would be an issue?

Is there a way I can preview the admin side? Thanks!

Hi, and thank you for your interest.

I’ve made a quick test of Events Calendar and I see that some additional styles required.

Online-documentation comes with many screenshots of Theme Panel –

Regards, Igor

I am having trouble updating ST Kit plugin to the latest version.

It worked just fine until I tried to update it to the latest version. Now it seems that Wordpress won’t install it. After 30 minutes Wordpress still says that it is installing ST Kit.

Other plugins are updating just fine, so I doubt that it has something to do with the hosting. Anyone any thoughts on this?

I have also tried manually uploading the file as described here, but that did not work:

It still freezes at “unpacking the package”. I’ll contact my hoster. Should anyone have any thoughts on this, please let me know.

I have worked around it by manually uploading the ST kit files via FTP. Now it works. :)

Really glad you’ve solved it :) And thank you for purchasing.

Regards, Igor

Hi, I have purchased your theme and my website runs on WP3.8 but the sticky posts doesn’t work at all.. HELP!

When I mark them as sticky post they dont show up pat all in the sticky part on the site, they only show up in the index like blog.

You have to create a Blog page –

Then set the Blog page as frontpage –

Regards, Igor

Great work Igor, thank you again

Appreciated :)

Hi, I would like to add post from one ore more category into the page, it is possible?


Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

It’s not clear. Provide more info about your needs.

Regards, Igor

Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

What I need: Create a page “Tips & Triks”, in this page I want to show all post from category “tips&triks” and category “News”.


There are two ways for that:

1. Simple: Use a some tag for posts from both categories. And use the tag page e.g.

2. Hard: Create a Child theme with additional page template for that needs.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor,

I’m interested in your theme. One of the questions I have is whether you can add more than one advertisement on the sidebar, and if they can be of different sizes.



Hi Christophe, and thank you for your interest.

There is no limits about number ads as well as sizes of ads. The theme comes with ST AdSense widget – which is easy way for responsive AdSense ad units.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor, I bought your theme and absolutely love it! There’s only one thing I don’t seem to do/get right. My images on my front page are all blurry. What sizes (height, width and file size) do they have to be? Many thanks!

Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

No need to worry about image sizes. An images will be re-sized automatically. Just keep the proportions of images. It might be portrait format, or standard landscape format. Just not a wide format.

Drop me the URL of your site through contact form. I’ll take a look.

Regards, Igor

It is possible to exclude categories from blogroll?

Yes, but through a Child theme and customized template-blog.php file.

Regards, Igor

Hi,Thank you for the great theme. I am enjoying and using it!

There are one questions. When I display Adsense on a widget using “ST Adsense”, the following error occurs in large quantities.

“error: adsbygoogle.push(): All ins elements in the DOM with class=adsbygoogle already have ads in them.”

Even when Adsense is displayed only one in a site, such an error comes out. Are there any measures?


Hi, and thank you for purchasing. Special thanks for your feedback.

Update ST Kit from Plugins page with one click.

Regards, Igor

Hi, thank you for the quick reply! All were solved after updating ST Kit(ver.1.3). Fantastic support…many thanks!!

Your support will be appreciated is you’ll rate the theme :)

Regards, Igor


I am having troubles with Responsive ads and mobile version overall.

When I integrate Responsive ads they are showing random sizes that not always fit in the preset sizes and often don’t show up at all. Sometimes they show up and show Leaderboards in 300×250 slots.

Due to the above I wanted to turn off responsiveness. When I did so, on my iPhone it shows only a section of the page and I can’t scroll and see anything else.

Because I have 50% mobile visitors this issue needs to be fixed so I can use the theme.

Could you help please?

Check the site out at geeknaut dot com

Regards, Tadas

I’ve checked your site again, but I see original AdSense code. Not ST AdSense widgets.

You have to flush the cache, or disable it temporary.

Regards, Igor


Cache flushed!

I’ve checked your site again. Now I see two ST AdSense widgets.

Header – 728×90 ad unit on full layout, and 468×60 on laptop layout.

Sidebar – 250×250 ad unit on full layout, and 200×200 on laptop layout.

If you want to display 300px ad on sidebar, check box –

I’ve re-freshed the page a few times and each time I saw ads.

Everything works fine as must.

Note the AdSense ad units re-fresh after each re-size of browser’s window too, thus because each unit comes with limited number of ads (from 2 to 4 in reserve), it might stops after few re-sizes.

Regards, Igor