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I could not borwse the site with IE 11?

Live-demo works fine with IE11 –

I cannot check your site because it’s not available for me at all. Probably it’s about Chinese hosting or something.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor,

Great them, loving it ;)

Just a couple of rookie questions:

1. How can I change colors of the links in the Recent Posts and Recent Comments widget box? 2. Not sure why, but each post belongs to some “Auto Draft” category. When you go to the post page, above the post there should be “Home / Post Name” instead there is “Home / AutoDraft / Post Name”

Thanks, Maschera

Use this one on Style > Custom tab.

#sidebar .widget a { color: #333; }

Regards, Igor

...and that worked just great!

Thanks again Igor!

Woo commerce? :) so that the buddypress users can sell things and each have their own store? is that possible?

No WooCommerce :)

BuddyPress do not comes with marketplace functionality.

Regards, Igor


when I include adsense add on the page (3) the function st_define_ad() is called 4 times, which leads to the following failure: “Uncaught Error: adsbygoogle.push(): All ins elements in the DOM with class=adsbygoogle already have ads in them.”

Also the share plugin does not work properly. The URLs which will be shared are random? I don’t get it :/


Thanks for your help :)

Update ST Kit plugin from Plugins page :)

Regards, Igor

I have a question regarding creating a child theme.

Everthing seems to work fine but I have to copy the directory ASSETS in the new child theme directory, is this really necessary?

How does a simple child theme look if you use one?


1 – Select the Classic layout.

2 – Include your own responsive.css file using import query from your style.css

@import url("assets/css/responsive.css");

Regards, Igor

Perfekt, your support is really awesome!

Thank you :)

Do not forget to rate the Grimag.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor,

I’ve scraped the other comments looking for a solution but I didn’t make it: sorry to bother you.

It’s a rather simple thing: how can I remove the background from the sidebar widget boxes (e.g. recent posts and recent comments)? I would like to set it to transparent – or white.

Many thanks!


Igor, no need for this anymore. I quite like the color code I came up with now.

Just ignore, thanks ;)

Hello Igor!

I have problems with setting up logo at my site Could you please tell what I should change in code so that there won’t be so much space below the logo?

Thank you.

Hello, and thank you for purchasing.

Because you’ve changed the size of logo, thus the Ad Sidebar #1 goes to the next line –

1. You’re using v.1.0.4, thus I recommend to update the theme up to v.1.0.5. Update it with one click from Appearance > Themes page or download updated version and re-install that by standard way.

2. I highly do not recommend to touch an original files for a many reasons. One of that you’ve already got. Also you’ll loose possibility for a future updates.

If you want to make a deep tweaks of layout you should use Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab or a Child Theme It will be safer.

Also make sure you’ve enough skills for advanced customization, otherwise a some third-party help is recommended.

Regards, Igor

Thank you. But nevertheless, could you please tell me what file I should edit and in what way?

Do you plan to eliminate the Ad Sidebar #1? Take a look screenshot and you’ll see the reason of problem after your changes – The extra space is Ad Sidebar #1.

Hi Igor,

How can I address the stickydiv element in the post sidebar in order to change it from position: static to relative?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

Drop this one on Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab.

#stickyDiv {
  top: 0 !important;
  position: relative !important;

Regards, Igor

Thank you Igor. This worked just perfect. And of course thank you for this great theme. It fulfills all my demands to a WP-theme.

Many thanks! I’m really happy to hear a nice feedback from customers :)

Do not forget to rate the Grimag.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor,

On the latest update the Primary Menu on responsive mode no longer works. I am impressed with the menu improvements that you made, however the functionality is glitchy now. The menu does not stay up long enough to make any choices from mobile device. Suggest fix?

Website for mobile viewing:




Samsung Galaxy S II running Jelly Bean in Chrome mobile browser.



It appears to be an issue with Chrome mobile browser. I switched to the default browser and it works flawlessly.



I’ve checked it with original Chrome 18.0.1025314 based on Android 4 and everything works fine.

Regards, Igor

Hi StrictThemes!

Is there a way to turn off breadcrumbs by default?

Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

Drop it on Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab.

.breadcrumbs { display: none; }

Regards, Igor

Got it!

You’re welcome Igor and thank you for your quick reply!

Very nice work – thank you for making Grimag available! I’d like to embed a video on the front page without resizing to 100%. Can you point me in the right direction for embedding an iframe code that does not post at 100% width?

Appreciate your help!

Thank you for purchasing.

You can set a custom size from Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab e.g.

iframe.didide {
   width: 500px !important;
   height: 270px !important;

And add didide class to iframe e.g.

<iframe class="didide" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Regards, Igor

I thought it might be that simple – THANK YOU! Terrific theme.

I really appreciate a kind feedback from customers :) Thank you!

Regards, Igor


How can I add St Sharrre and ad widget before Meta sidebar ?


If you mean this one thus it’s possible through a Child theme with customized single.php file.

Regards, Igor

Nevermind – everything is clear :)

Why has the demo a Pagespeed of 89 and my Site a Pagspeed of 68? My Site is resource-packs(.)de

Follow all instructions.

Hum, I have updated it, with the newest Version (I deleted the Theme and uploaded the newest version). After that, I have installed the Plugin Hyper Cache.

The server side optimization is most important part and also required. You have to have an optimized server as well. Page compression, browser side caching and other server side settings are also required.

Is there a way to set the max width of the theme’s main section, with that same blackish/grey background behind the rest that you would see if you viewed the mobile version of the theme on a desktop PC?

For instance, when looking at your demo if I click the icon to preview the theme for a 15” monitor on my 27” monitor it achieves the look I’m going for, seen here:

How can I make the theme look like that typically, while still scaling down as normal for smaller screens (IE filling the whole screen on a phone, tablet, etc)

Essentially I still want the theme responsive, but only up to a maximum width like, say, 1000px.

Yes, it’s possible through a Child theme, and customized media queries, and additional styles of layout. If you really need that I create a Child theme in accordance with your needs, but for a some extra.

Regards, Igor

What would the cost be for something like that?

Drop me a line through contact form.

Regards, Igor


how to set sidebar style by default?


There is right-side position by default only.

Regards, Igor

Can I put single icon using shortcode?

There is possible to insert icon as standard image e.g.

<img src="" alt="" />

There is no short code for that.

Regards, Igor


You mean theme Compatible with IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11,but I test with Ie8,ie9,ie10 and ie11,can not see the site!

Yes, Grimag compatible with IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11 and Live-demo work fine with Internet Explorer.

For me China based sites a partly-available or not available at all, thus I cannot not check your site in any browser.

Regards, Igor

I see? Thank·you ?

Dear Igor, I apologize for my English, I have bought and installed the “Grimag magzine” theme on WordPress 3.8.1 and I have a problem with the creation of “project pages” because the theme panel don’t show me the project option and idon’t understand why. I I’ve installed the ST kit plugin, I have to install additional plugin? Thank you and best regards Francesco

Dear Francesco, thank you for purchasing.

No other plugins needed. All required controls already included into the ST Kit. The Grimag is magazine theme. Projects available for portfolio themes such as Recital, Attitude, StrictOne. Thus in accordance the concept of Grimag theme that part of controls not available, because it’s not needed.

Regards, Igor

Ok thank you!

can you give a link to your event calendar mock up page? I’d like to see how it looks with the theme. thanks.

What do you mean event calendar mock up page? Event Calendar is out of list of compatible plugins.

Hello there, I was hoping I would be able to get help with an issue I am having. I apologize if it has already been answered. I checked previous comments and couldn’t find anything related. Anyways, I have imported the .xml content file and I am currently playing around with AdSense. However, when I go to Theme Panel>Misc. Settings>AdSense, the page is blank. Is there something I am missing? There is no content there at all. Thank you.

Probably it’s about AdBlock (or similar) plugin on your browser. It cuts a part of page.

Regards, Igor

Thanks so much Igor! You’re the best!