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hello Igor.

I have a question how can I center featured image in post ?.



Probably some padding can be reduced. > li > a { padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 20px; }

Regards, Igor

Nice, thanks for help :) I had not thought about it


I have a question regarding the sticky posts on the front page. Is there any way of changing the content that displays on each? Right now, the big post (a) on the left shows the title + summary. The smaller ones (b) shows only the title. Any way of adding the author name and date for both?


Yes, it’s possible through a Child theme and customized ../includes/posts/featured.php file. If you really need that I can create a Child theme in accordance with your needs, but for a some extra.

Regards, Igor


is it possible to add Vkontakte social network to ST Share widget?

not sticky

i found it. Widget question is actual.

The number of posts is under control at Settings > Reading page –

Each icon on ST Sharrre widget assumes a lot of scripts for working with social networks, thus if you want to add new icon you have to have a new functionality for that.

Regards, Igor

and how to add those icons?

It’s about Theme Panel > Layout > Social –

Hello Igor How do I turn off the display Featured Image only on post page. ?

Select the Standard post format –

Regards, Igor

I chose Theme Panel->post->Featured image off and it does not work.

Select the Standard post format –

Regards, Igor

A few quesitons:

What does the update to 1.0.6 change? The changelog only goes up to 1.0.5.

What does the buddypress support look like? Got any screenshots or a working demo?

Your documentation has no upgrade instructions so I am guessing its the standard “replace all files in the themes directory with new ones.” Is this correct or does your theme require anything special?

Correct. Good point. I’ve updated the changelog. It was about minor changes with styles.

The demo comes with BuddyPress pages e.g.

All my themes come with update function, thus you can update it (like a plugins) with one click from the Themes page. ThemeForest API key required –

Or by standard way: replace all files in the themes directory with new ones. Nothing special required.

Regards, Igor

Thanks for the quick responses. You are awesome and so is your theme :)

Thank you :) Do not forget to rate the Grimag if you like it.

Regards, Igor

Will be getting this theme soon but I want little information…

1. Can i move the author bio box to the bottom? The name should be clickable and with social profile links.

2. How can I use my scripts? There are codes we need to add into our header and body for verification

1. The concept of layout assumes the position of author bio box by left (or right) side only. If you want to make the name clickable it’s possible through a Child theme + customized single.php file.

2. e.g. via

Regards, Igor

I created my menu but it wont appear on the published site. Only published pages appear on the menu.

Make sure you’re selected menu location –

I think the adense function is still broken if you use more than one ad. I send you a mail with details.

Update ST Kit plugin from Plugins page.

Regards, Igor

Thanks for the quick fix!


I have a problem with featured image

The picture are cut off. You can do something about these pictures that were visible in their entirety, somehow increase the size of the page ?.

In accordance with the concept of layout grid all thumbnails must have the same sizes and proportions, thus if thumb has a vertical view the extra part will be hidden.

Regards, Igor

ok thanks.

Hi there i am having some problems with your Grimag theme. I have installed it exactly as described in your guide and my themepanel > misc > adsense page is completely blank. I have the most up to date version of ST Kit (1.3.4) and am using Grimag version 1.0.6

Replied by email.

I’ve checked Theme Panel on your site and I see AdSense page. For me that works fine. Probably some plugins on your browser cut a part of page.

Regards, Igor

Ahh Adblocker was blocking it. Now i feel silly. Thanks for the fast help!

Hi, the theme is awesome!

I’m not able to translate the post types (e.g. Status, Gallery, Quote etc.) though. I have installed the newest version of the theme and translated the terms. Other terms are translated, but not the post types. I really don’t want to translare it in the theme files manualy.

And also, is it possible to translate also the URL strings (e.g./type/gallery/ into /typ/galeria/)?

The web is at

Thanks for your help. Keep up the good work ;)

Hi, and thank you for purchasing. Special thanks for your feedback :)

1 – No need to translate source files. Also not always the terms on the theme side. Especially post formats. It might comes from WordPress core, thus you have to have a localized (SK) version of WordPress. Let me URL of screenshot. I’ll take a look and let you know.

2 – As well as names of post formats the URL structure comes from WordPress core, thus it cannot be translated by default. Or you have to use some hacks (plugins or rewrite rules) for making a custom structure.

Regards, Igor

If I choose the media type audio, I don’t have the option to show the feature image in the article, is there a way to show, first the image in the article and underneath the audio player?

Yes, it’s possible through a Child theme and customized audio.php file. If you really need that I can create a Child theme in accordance with your needs, but for a some extra. Originally the featured image available on Standard and Image post formats.

Regards, Igor

thanks to your excellent theme, i was able to make the changes my self

Hell – i can’t login admin panel – /wp-content/themes/Grimag/framework/functions/classes/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 344 – what’s the problem?

Envato servers had a temporary problems within last 24 hours, thus you should to try it again. Also, check the API key and username you’ve putted on Theme Panel > Update page. It must be valid and without white spaces.

Regards, Igor


1. Do you support Chinese language? I plan to use “Polylang” plugin on this theme, any suggestions?

2. Can I have some of the pages no sidebar and some left sidebar, some right sidebar, both exist at the same time?

Thank you.


3. I don’t think I’ll use Buddypress, can I turn this off?

Hi Dao,

1. Grimag translation ready. It comes with .po/.mo files already. If you want to create a multilingual content you can use some third-party solutions or just use a sub-site for each language.

2. Yes. Sidebar position and sidebar name is under control – You can set sidebar by left, or by right, or disable at all. Also you can apply an unique sidebar for each post.

3. BuddyPress is optional. Just do not install BuddyPress if won’t use it.

Regards, Igor

hello, excellent theme. Something I’m doing wrong, but I can not create the frontpage as does your example.


I’m doing wrong?.


Hello, and thank you for purchasing.

You have to create a page based on Blog page template –

And to set the Blog page as front page –

Do not forget to mark some posts as Sticky –

Regards, Igor


Hi there,

I am busy setting up my static front page but am struggling. I wanted it to look the same as on the demo but don’t know how to load the XML file. I looked in the dummy folder but there is more than one XML file and don’t know which one to use. So I tried setting it up without the XML. Now, when I post something for eg. a gallery it’s not showing up as one. Please help – . Thanks

Hi Igor, do you have an email address so I can contact you about customization?


You can drop me a line through the contact form and I’ll email you back.

Regards, Igor

Hello Igor,

Thanks again for your previous help. I just have another quick question for you. Do you know why my contact form is looking like this?

I have not made any changes to the form code. Any idea?



I’ve tried to open your site, however it closed for visitors at this moment.

Regards, Igor

Really sorry Igor, that totally slipped my mind. It is open to view now. Thanks again.

No problem. Do not forget to install some contact form e.g.

Regards, Igor

Is there a tutorial on how to integrtate buddypress in the theme ? I have downloaded bp but integration is the issue , you have group pages but am guessing they are supposed to be integrated with bp? Is there a tutorial for this , video will be useful ??

No integration required. Grimag is BuddyPress ready. You just have to install BuddyPress by the right way. Groups must be enabled from BP panel.

Regards, Igor