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I´m sorry for my english, I’m spanish.

I have read that some of them the anunciones in the home disappear.The adsense for some reason it only appears on inner pages and not the home. Is this true?

it’s only for moments, enter now, no adsense in the front page.

I am afraid that the same thing happens if I buy the template, because mobile is the same

See screenshot above. As I said there is no differences between front page and single pages. If you will have a problems with Responsive AdSense installation let me know.

Regards, Igor

Hi, I bought the theme about a month ago and I am enjoying the experience. However, I just noticed that at the homepage when the feed posts are displayed… I always see the line below in all the posts:


Here’s the link to my site:

Kindly assist me on how to remove this…

Another thing, once a member (Buddypress) is logged in, a line at the top of the page came up where the username is showing, here’s a sample: ( streetlifebah”> ) You will see this at the top left corner of the page once logged in…



How can I upload screenshot here?

Hi Igor… here’s the screenshot… I hope you can finally help me on this. Regards.


Probably the source files have been modified. Restore original theme files.

Regards, Igor

Whay, i can’t install ST Kit? “403 – FORBIDDEN” My site use hostgator. Please help me

It’s about security settings on your server. You have to install ST Kit manually –

Regards, Igor

Hello, Igor Thanks for a theme. I just installed it and have few questions.

1) When i choose to show featured image inside the post i still can`t see it on the video-post. As a consequence when i post link to facebook it uploads another photo (from sidebar). How to fix this?

2) How can i add my own social sharing buttons code under the post header? When i am adding it through your theme options (wp-admin/admin.php?page=st-major-settings) it deletes part of the code?

3) I use theme for website in Russian. Everything is translated except post types. It still writes on main page video, gallery etc..

Thanks in advance!

Hello, and thank you for purchasing.

1) Featured image on a single post available for Standard and Image post formats.

For correct sharing with Facebook you have to add a meta data via some SEO plugin e.g. Yoast SEO – It will available for any post formats you want to share on FB.

2) You plan to add something below the post titles on a single post you have to hook it with some plugin or make a customization.

3) You have to use the Russian version of WordPress.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor ! I am blown away by your theme! TOTALLY what I was looking for! Thank you so much! For anyone reading. This is a great theme and really easy to customise,Well documented .It’s Just took one day for me to set up the site.Simple,Clean and Fast.

For reference, here’s a site i’m working on using Grimag


Hi, and many thanks for your feedback. I really happy to see satisfied customers. I’ve checked your site and (if you do not mind) will add to the future gallery of sites based on my themes :)

Thanks again and kind regards, Igor

Hello Igor,

I’m having an issue where my site doesn’t load due to an error on line 112 in the stkit.php file. Not sure why it’s doing this but I asked my host (bluehost) and they said it’s an error where the theme and the plugin aren’t talking. I only know a little bit of code so I need some help. Any idea what would cause that?

Line 112 is require_once ( get_template_directory() . ’/options.php’ );

Hello Igor,

Make sure you’re using original (non-edited) theme. It looks like a changes within theme.

Regards, Igor

Hello! I’ve purchased this template. I’m having a problem getting the same design that the Grimag theme has to show on my website. Here is my site . It isn’t live yet and I’m trying to go live now. I want the same display as the one in the theme homepage. How can I do this?

That is all I want. I want those tabs with those categories inside of it


1)How to keep our own profile pictures and an option to add a little bit bio of us and our social connections, like most of your sites have? 2)Towards our left you have Light/Dark style floating button, how to implement in our site? 3)How to allow other users to register and contribute articles for site and they have their own profile picture?

You have to post support requests from buyer’s account.

I’m having trouble. I want to have a relationship page that features only “relationship posts” but it won’t let me do it. I set up different pages as blog pages because I want them to be blog pages but they all feature the same blogs on the homepage. I want each page to feature a different category. “Relationships”, “Entertainment”, etc. How do I do this? Here is my page

Yes! Exactly, I would just like to move that entire category onto a page. For instance the live preview of the Grimag theme has the page “health” and then the category of “health” is the only thing on that page. I want to make a “relationship” page and the only thing on it will be the “relationship” category. It’s the same thing you have in you r theme. How do I do that?


Where can I find a changelog?

Thanks. When can I use Richsnippets?

You should enable meta data via Yoast SEO –


Is it possible to change the colour of the social counter icons, or at least, change them so that they are not overwritten with any new theme updates?



There is possible to replace the icons within own via custom CSS-styles. Drop CSS on Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor, how do I add an advertisement on the header, next to the logo? Thanks

got it, thank you :)

Ok, great :)

Hey Igor,

I’am using your theme for a while now, great product. Is there a way to make a “Top ten article” Template? (Top ten views)

Hi, and thank you for your feedback.

You can create it using the blog page template. Re-define the loop and you will get it. Due a lot of work at thin moment I cannot take another one project, thus I suggest you hire a freelancer.

Regards, Igor


I bought this theme and install it… How i put this Features posts(sticky) on my homepage? I already change on Theme Panel > Blog but not happen.. Still showing the lastest posts.

I want it shows like on

Can you help?

Thanks for attention.

got it! Thanks!

Ok, great :)

Friend, one more question..

After i set my homepage as Static, the button Older Posts is not working more.. Would you see it for me?

Thanks for attention.

I got it. Thanks. My last doubt is about the banner.. I am using this Ads widget. But its too much on the right. How i can put to the left a little?

Im using this line \\

Sorry, didnt was for show the image.. but the code.

I think you have to make a margin or padding for that element on all kind of responsive layouts.

Regards, Igor

Hi, great theme, very easy to use. I have a question.

When i create a Gallery Post, Is it possible to add text that only shows up in each of the images of the gallery?, i mean like in this example:

Thanks for your support.

Hi, and thank your purchasing.

The gallery comes with plain images only.

Regards, Igor

My post do not have the comments icons on the blog rolll… the link icon is next to the “more”... so non of the icons as displayed in the grimag theme is showing? What could be going wrong here… Please see website


Enable meta from within Theme Panel > Post tab –

Regards, Igor

Hi, Igor!

Thank you for nice theme! How can I change right sidebar width? I already check Width sidebar = Alternative checkbox, but nothing changed.

Oh, thank you! Great!

And the last thing, sorry :)

Can I use pagination at the bottom of the news feed, not “Old/Previous” button?

No, problem :)

Yes, you can. Use the WP-Pagenavi –

Regards, Igor

Hello, I can’t get the social media on the top menu to work. The links are wrong?


Fill the fields at Theme Panel > Layout > Social tab –

Disable redirect if so –

Regards, Igor

Hello, I can not change the sidebar as the demo version. I would like to delete the frame ( how do?


Not sure how you’ve set an orange background. Probably you’ve set a custom css-styles. Remove it.

Regards, Igor

“Houston we have a problem” I checked there is a plugin that was conflicting. Thank you.