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Hi, I am considering on buying this theme very soon but I have a couple of questions:

1. Can I change the color of the theme, I am talking about the green stuff? It’s not in accord with the website I am building. 2. Are there any other homepage designs or is that the only one I can use? 3. How big of a logo can I put on top of the page without ruining the design?

And also, gallery posts, how many images can a gallery host? Can I upload say 40 images in a gallery?

Hi, and thank you for your interest.

1. The color scheme based on two colors: Primary and Secondary. It’s easy to tweak a color scheme from within Theme Panel –

2. By default the theme comes with a one page-template.

3. There is not strong requirements for logo. You can use any size of logo. It will be re-sized by browser in accordance with max available space (262px by width).

4. There is no limits about number of images in a galleries.

Regards, Igor

I have tried many external plugins but all I create a fund or a frame, I can not render the sidebar as the demo version “ST on Facebook” how is it possible? thanks

Let me URL. I’ll check the styles on your site.

Regards, Igor

Download the recent version of theme – – and re-install it. Also update styles settings from Theme Panel.

Regards, Igor

can the background be changed to custom image ?

Yes, the site might comes with custom background image using standard WordPress controls –

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor,

My site in Currently the site is being suspensed by HostGator because its resources are too big How do I optimize the template so that its resorce so small?


You have to optimize a site. Originally the shared hosting isn’t good solution for a serious sites. Thus you have to reduce a source usage as much as possible or use VPS.

For reducing a source usage you have to use a right installed cache e.g. –

Also enable cache for posts on widgets –

Avoid to use a heavy plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress etc. on cheap hosting.

Also there are third-party usage of your site resources.

Regards, Igor

Thank you

hello, is there any other color combo’s?


Do you mean a color schemes? Nope, only one. The styles controls allow to set any own color scheme with few clicks –

Regards, Igor

ok that works, it looks like the link color changes too using that.

your truemag looks very nice as well.


I have a website and my older post pagination is not working. Dunno what to do… pls help!


Update permalink settings from within Settings > Permalinks page.

Also disable plugins which might make changes within pagination function or within $paged the global variable.

Regards, Igor

I have permalink settings set on: / postname / and even when I change it in any other way the problem is the same.

I have this plugins active: AddThis Smart Layers AddThisSocialBookmarking widget MailChimp Facebook Google Analytics Jetpack Pretty Link SmartYoutube PROG ST Kit Twitter Facebook Social Share Wordpress SEO WP Wunderground

This plugins are the same as was on previous themes and everything was working fine…

PS: the pagination is working on categories but no on homepage…

Disable plugins one by one and check after each step.

Regards, Igor

Hi, here is my website: I would like to merge logo and sidebar ad a into one space so I could upload there side header that would be centered. Can you please instruct me how to change it? I cannot find anything in the CSS files. Thanks, Ewa

Hi Ewa,

It’s about two standalone DIVs, thus I’m not sure how you plan to merge it. Take a look #logo and #hcustom. It assumes customization of source files thus maybe you should to hire a freelancer for a custom project –

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor, Thanks for your answer. Well, I know I can hire an expert, but for now I will try to do that myself. Don’t feel very happy spendin $100 for just adjusting header. Writing here I more hoped for some direction rearding place I should be looking for. Regards, Ewa


Can you please tell me how to put the below button in nofollow ? bla[/button]



Hi JG,

You can add custom attributes using html for creating button e.g.
<a rel="nofollow" style="background-image: url(;" href="" class="button button-with-icon button-with-icon-16">Button</a>

Regards, Igor


Is it possible to sort the tag page by the meta key “post_views_count”? I mean that the category list page sort posts by date, and the tag page sort by views. Thanks!

Regards, Tina

Hi Tina,

You can drop me a line through the contact form – and I’ll reply by email.

Regards, Igor

Hi, I’ve send the message to you. Did you got it?

Yes. I see your message in my inbox. I’ll email you.

Regards, Igor


I have a problem that my comments section doesnt show.

But, if i add a comment inside wordpress at least i can see it, but not add a reply or new one.

Comments are enable in the theme and in wordpress.


Check also –

If you still have a problem then drop me access details to WP admin through the contact form – And I’ll take a look.

Regards, Igor

Cool, that option didnt show by default but now it works :) Any way to enable this sitewide instead of doing it per post?

It’s default WordPress controls. And probably that function has been disabled manually on all posts, thus you have only one way to enable it again. Or maybe there is a plugin which allows to switch on\off comment on whole site.

Regards, Igor

Hi, Igor. I’ve sent a message to you, but have not got an answer. I have few problems on both 3.9.1 and 3.8.3 versions of WP: 1. Have no template of page “Projects” 2. Have no “Projects” at Theme Panel 3. Have no sticky posts at all. At properties 5 sticky posts are set. I do not want to disclose the site on public. Thank you.

Hi Ivan,

I’ve replied to your message. Check your inbox.

Regards, Igor

Hi there,

The only page templates that exists in my installation is either Blog or Redirect. There’s not template for Full-width, for example, or anything else.


Correct. No other page template requires for creating website like shown on live-preview. If you need to have a full width page then you can disable sidebar from within meta box –

Regards, Igor

Hi there and thanks for your reply! Here’s the problem: I’ve made that selection and the page is still not full-width :( it makes space for a right-side sidebar, but it’s just blank there. So the “N/A” option doesn’t work.


Here is examples:

The Post sidebar (narrow) always exists.

Regards, Igor

Hi, I would like to buy this template, I was wondering if I can use it as bi-lingual site in English and Farsi? Thanks.


There are two ways for creating multilingual sites:
  • Multisite WordPress installation.
  • Some kinds of plugins which emulate a multilingual sites.

The first way is more preferable for a many technical reasons, and the theme can be used in this case. Create a site on any language without any restrictions.

Regarding the second way I didn’t get any info about problems with multilingual plugins, however anyway I prefer do not use that and no warranty about multilingual plugins. High server loading, and database messing isn’t well at all.

Regards, Igor

Hello Igor.

I have this problem.

When i post a article in my blog, and want to share it on facebook. The post i share the link on facebook, don’t show the image. What is wrong?


I need showing the picture what is on the post, not this. Can you help me? Thanks igor


You have to enable metadata e.g. via Yoast SEO –

Regards, Igor

Hi, Nice theme, I just bought it, as you advised, I install the multilingual WP, but I dont know how to switch from one language to other? would you please help me with this? if you don’t mind, I will send you my login info via email address.

Hi, and thank you for purchasing.

You should to create a sub-site for alternative version of main site e.g.
  • – English
  • – Farsi

Add cross links (En->Fs, Fs->En) to the menus of both sites.

Regards, Igor

Whats up with it jacking up my woocommerce? I love the theme but it adds a side bar under all my products. I just installed because I was looking forward to the way the ads are set up. But then all my products are messed up. Woocommerce gives an easy fix, can’t you just fix it real quick?

Originally Grimag do not supports WooCommerce.

Regards, Igor

How do you add the subtitles to the menus like in the demo? Like in the demo it says Title: FORMAT then Subtitle: Post Types.

I don’t see where to edit this in the theme.

Fill the title attribute field –

Regards, Igor

thank you

Hello, I also do not have a “projects” folder. I want to set up a portfolio.

How do I do that given there is no projects template available.


Grimag is magazine theme. Projects available for portfolio themes such as StrictOne or Recital.

Regards, Igor

ok thanks

Hello, Igor.

We bought Grimag theme. It’s beautiful! We would really appreciate if we can remove post sidebar (narrow one) and put all the information about author etc. under the post.

Thank you.

You can disable Meta from within Theme Panel > Post tab – And remove widgets from the Post sidebar –

Regards, Igor

Thank you, Igor.

You’re welcome :)