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Hi, thank you for your help, I install the theme for Multilanguage, i don’t know where to changes the style text from left to right, also where to install the button which visitor can changes the English to Farsi or vise versa?

Originally Grimag supports LTR-languages.

Hi, I installed the network admin whish I can run standalone site, Still both are LTR, I don’t know what is the next step, is it OK if I send you the login and pw that you can check or helop me with this?

Originally WordPress Multisite do not allows to set RTL for certain sub-sites, thus you need to install two standard & standalone WordPress: first – LTR (default), and second – RTL.

Also Grimag supports LTR-languages only.

Regards, Igor

Hello, how do I center the adsense code on the blog page. For some reason they are aligning left. Also how do I set it for the thin line ad like in the demo. None of the ad sizes fit that.

Here is what I am using (slot code different): [adsense slot=12345678 sizes=728×90|468×60|580×400|300×250]

<center>[adsense slot=12345678 sizes=728×90|468×60|580×400|300×250]</center>

nothing is working

All the ads are left justified

Drop this line on Theme Panel > Style > Custom

.adsbygoogle { margin: 0 auto; }

Regards, Igor

I’ve just bought it, and have no idea to install logo.

Thank you for purchasing.

Drop image URL on the theme panel as shown on screenshot –

Make sure the logo image opens directly from browser.

Regards, Igor

Thank for your support. Is it possible to change the color and font of the Title font and the Body font separately? I dont want the Title all in Caps. T

It assumes customization. You have to change it through a custom CSS-styles using a Child theme or Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab.

Regards, Igor

Hi there, I’ve installed your Grimag theme and I’d like my homepage to look like the one in the demo: so that it would show a large post and then four small posts to its right. If I understand your documentation correctly, I need to add an empty page and use the Frontpage template. But there’s no such template. I tried to use the template called Blog, but it doesn’t look like the one used in the demo. Please advise, Maayan

Hi Maayan,

You should use the Blog page template. Create an empty page based on Blog page template and set it as frontpage –

And mark some posts as sticky –

Regards, Igor


Is there any way to configure the ad slots to use static images instead of adsense? Or perhaps a different ad provider all together?



Hello a432511,

You can use static images as well e.g.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

Drop this sample on Text widget or Theme Panel –

Regards, Igor


On the frontpage, on the fixed posts.. I have the word “More” with a chain icone..

I want translate this word “More” for portuguese… Also i want change the icon for a ”+” plus icon.. Its that possible? Thanks


The Grimag already comes with Portuguese translation files. You can make changes within ../Grimag/assets/lang/pt_BR.po file.

The changes of icons assumes customization. You have to set a new icon through a custom CSS-styles.

Regards, Igor


I am working with the Grimag theme and adapting it for a website, but I came across a problem with the widgets.

I would like to use a tag cloud, but I only want to show 8 randomly selected tags. I already have an idea for the solution, but it is difficult to find the correct file in your framework to editing it myself. Where is the array with tags looped through and outputted in the template?

I could only find the files, where you configure the query for the tags, but not the actual output-process.

Thanks in advance for your help!


The Tags widget is default feature, and it comes from WordPress by default. You can tweak it through an actions only.

Regards, Igor

What is new in the latest theme update ?

Please add me to the list of paid customers who would like to see WooCommerce added to your great theme.

Hi, and thank you for request :)

hi the theme uses timthumb or something else for image sizes on frontpage?


The thumbnails come from standard WordPress function.

timthumb script forbidden on themes created for selling on ThemeForest due security reasons.

Regards, Igor

Hello I’m having a hard time.

I use the lighter color theme to yellow. This makes it difficult to read when the letters are white.

I would like to change these letters in white for black, which is based on the yellow background.

And change the lyrics whose white background. These letters are yellow and I would like to change to black. Ie, change a color that already have the theme to another theme color.

To understand better see the site up and running.

Thanks in advance!


The color scheme assumes usage of dark colors within elements with white text color. Thus if you plan to change the concept of color scheme then you have to tweak it through custom CSS-styles.

Regards, Igor

Hello I just had to redo all my site for hosting problem issues, I reinstalled the Theme but the Theme Panel option wont show at the interface… Ay thoughts on why that might be happening? Ty, Jorge

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Hello Jorge,

For a some reasons some files not available. Probably it has been removed or renamed. Remove /stkit/ directory using FTP-client and re-install it.

Regards, Igor

Hello I would like some information. But before saying that the theme is very good. I need the code to eliminate the things below the picture of the author, draw date, media, tag, so that it is only the aor img, name and information on it. Thank you


Originally you can disable meta from within Theme Panel > Post tab.

For disappearing a post meta only you should use the
.post-short-info { display: none; }

Regards, Igor

Hello Igor,


1- How i move the logodesign on the header more for right? It’s totally to left right now.

2- How I modify for get a bigger logodesign? I’m already using 2x on the themepanel.


Thanks for your attention.


1 – It’s about customization. You have to set a new alignment and new sizes for logo image and logo placeholders. Also it assumes changes within related elements such as Ad Sidebar 1 and sticky menu. Do not forget to make it on all kind of responsive layouts.

The 2x logo for HiDPI screens.

Regards, Igor

Okay, but how i set new alignment and new sizes for logo image and logo placeholders?

It assumes customization and work with code. I can do it for you as freelance project. You can drop me a line through the contact form –

Regards, Igor

Im using your theme on my blog under “Popular Articles” its not in order, any ideas why? How do I get it to sort most viewed to oldest viewed? Thanks!

I’ve checked your site. At this moment the posts ordered as must (by number of views). Also you can select a period from within widget controls –

Also the cache holds a query result while 12 hours –

Regards, Igor

Hello, my author social info isn’t showing up on the post (under the left side bar) like in the demo. I want to link to my Facebook, Twitter, etc under the author image. How do I do this?



You have to fill required fields at Users > Your Profile page. Do not forget to install Yoast SEO –

Regards, Igor

Igor, please could pass the information on removing the homepage the date of each post. Thank you very much. Big hug.

Drop me a line through the contact form –

Regards, Igor

Hi, I like the theme a lot. So far it works like a charm. Except for the sticky menu which is not actually sticky. The Disable sticky menu option is unchecked. Any ideas what would be causing the problem?


Hi, and thank you for your feedback.

The pages on your site are short (empty). Sticky menu start works after scrolling for a certain height.

Regards, Igor

Thanks for your reply. Despite the short content I can still make the menu disappear by shrinking the screen size and scrolling down. It appears again only when I scroll down to the footer, which is not exactly the expected behavior of a ‘sticky’ menu. It’d be good if we had the menu visible all the time. Maybe you could fix that in a future release. Thanks!

The sticky menu resets after window re-size. It makes for a correct calculation required values.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor, I have a problem with my wp-navi pagination bar when i try to access to another page label from the front page.

I already try to fix it by deactivate one by one all the plugins in my page and also updating the permalinks page but it doesn´t resolve the problem.

My site is and i really appreciate if you can give me a solution.

Thank you!


The pagination works with default permalinks structure – Disable plugins one-by-one and check.

Regards, Igor

Hi, I like your theme and I’ll be using it for my blog about Ubuntu and Linux, but I’ve one problem, It works perfectly on 1366px screen resolution on Windows, but on Ubuntu/Linux due to the native left sidebar, it decrease the browser screen resolution to ~1301px, so due to the responsiveness of theme it will automatically changed theme layout, and it’s not look as good as 1366px, width of sidebar also change. Most of the Linux or Ubuntu Users are using Left/right sidebars and also 1366*768px is most common resolution.

So, I want to have same theme layout at ~1300px as 1366px. If you give me instruction about changing the range of responsiveness, so I will restrict changing at ~1300px, it’s very useful for my blog.

I do not want to use classic layout(non-responsiveness) on my blog.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, and thank you for your feedback.

In your case you can try to re-define the max values for responsive layout within ../Grimag/assets/css/responsive.css file.

See screenshot –

Regards, Igor

Thanks Igor, It works perfectly