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Nice theme dude. You want to ask support to transfer it over to the WordPress section though!

- Ed

Thank you Ed.

We are very new here (seller role) and we are really excite to think of what we will face in the coming day. Wether it is good or bad we will fight and try our best :D

Thank you again for informing us about incorrect category :D

Thank you Edcousins, I am sending the message to support :D

WHOOOAAAA !!!!!!!! Amazing job!!! You have outdone yourself!!!!!

Thank you very much !!!!!, if you have any suggestion for Grizzly, please feel free to let me know :)

Hi, I really love the way your app slide works. I have a few questions.

1) I would like to be able to use the app slide for things other than apps. Is this possible? Using my own images?

2) I would like to use image slider on the home page and the app slide on another page at the same time? Is this option built into the theme?

3) This theme would be perfect if there was a filterable portfoliio option. Is it possible you can include this in an update?

Thanks! 3)

Hi magicmermaid,

Ans 1 : currently the app slide automatically get icon image from the “App” custom post, you can use any image for this but please keep in mind that it represent “App” (when you click on it, it will navigate to single App page, if you want it to link to other page, you can use “page link to” plugin).

Ans 2 : in current version, it couldn’t. However I think it would be greate too, I will implement this feature in next patch (it maybe a page template).

Ans 3 : we also think about portfolio module too, we think that if there are some request, we will add it to our plan.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me :)

Hi Grizzly 1.1.0 has been released. Please check it out. If you have any issue, please feel free to let me know :)

  • We are sorry that Portfolio Module has not been implemented yet, however we plan to implement it in next major release :)

Great looking theme.

1. Can the front page slider be used with the iphone image template?

2. Is the theme mobile responsive?

Thanks! :)

Hi Grizzly 1.1.0 has been released. Please check it out. If you have any issue, please feel free to let me know :)

  • Grizzly is already Responsive, however the Q#1 is in consideration process.

Great!! Thank you – the Download link is updated with 1.1?? How should I update the theme?

Hi oxscott, you can find update detail here : http://grizzly.wegrass.com/documentation/update-logs/

Hope this helps :)

Hi Just Purchased this Theme and trying to post a new app but not able to set icon for my App..can you please help with this issue

Hi vishnu_ece, thank you for purchasing our theme.

You can set the icon of your app at “App Edit > App Info > Icon” https://skitch.com/zeally7/8y5dj/edit-app-grizzly-wordpress

If you have issue about uploading the image, please let me know.

Hope this help :)

Any chance for portfolio section with item detailed page besides apps showcase?

Nice work!

Hi Kopyov,

“Portfolio” module are in our plan, we commit to update this feature on next week.

Thank you! :)

Great, you’ll have a buyer then ;)

Thank you :)

Yes i am trying the same but i dont see icon set for my app posting….Something wrong with thumbnail conversion or uploading…

PLease help me to get tis fixed

Hi vishnu_ece,

It would be great if you could send me your server info that I can consider the issue online.

However, if you feel uncomfortable or you work locally, please answer these question:

1. icon image file name 2. the issue occur in backend (wp-admin) or frontend 3. could you give me some screenshot

Thank you :)

http://coolmobileapp.com/ is the domain where i am testing my application now.

Please provie me your email id so i can provide you the admin user/pass

please send it to dev@wegrass.com

Holy bajeezus. What an excellent theme!

I am so looking forward to see more of your work.


Thank you ! :)

this could be perfect, do you think this could be used as an app rating / discussion theme?

Hi sobrilliant, we are implementing the App Archive page that may suit your requirement. So, please stay tune for the next release :)

Hi Grizzly 1.1.0 has been released. Please check it out. If you have any issue, please feel free to let me know :)

Hey Wegrass! This is an awesome theme well done, it hits the nail on the head not just for App developers!! Great support too!

Thank you navaho, if you have any issue or suggestion, please feel free to let me know :)

Thank you for purchasing Grizzly !

I love this theme so far. I just updated my website with it at http://www.cidersoftware.com/ and it was really easy to add my apps. A couple of questions/issues that came up:

1) I was not able to add the Last Update date to the App description, since I got this error:

Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /wp-content/themes/grizzly-theme/base/admin/functions/input-tool.php on line 407

Can you fix this?

2) The Support section of the Documentation refers to a forum but there is no link or even an e-mail contact address. This discussion forum is the closest I found to support. You should at a minimum provide an e-mail contact in that section.

3) A lot of apps these days for the iPhone are Universal where both the iPhone and iPad are supported. I didn’t see any way to show an app as a universal app with screenshots (like this: http://www.premiumstuff.net/demo/deviceready/iphone-ipad/index.html). Please add this feature in your next update!

Hi Grizzly 1.1.0 has been released. Please check it out. If you have any issue, please feel free to let me know :)

  • Your issue #1 has been fixed, please check and if it still exist, please let me know :)

Issues #1 and #2 are fixed in the updated version of this theme (1.1). Thanks wegrass!

Thank you Jaime :)

i am trying to use a link in my icon code but this doesnt seem to be working:

[icon id=’40’ title=’Home Page Icon Feature’ link=’#’]
[icon id=’167’ title=’Blog Review & Post’ link=’#’]
[icon id=’94’ title=’Top 10 Weekly Newsletter’ link=’#’]

Sorry sobrillian, I push a wrong button. :mad:

I try to response to your answer but I push on “report” link, wish envato staff will reveal it soon.

TF have removed the spam flag from my post now :)

Hi Sobrilliant,

We are really appreciate to see Grizzly on our customer site :)

as you can see i have setup a few pages like ‘top 100 apps’ is there a way you could make a sort function, so sort by ‘ipad’ ‘ipod’ ‘android’ etc etc ?

Currently, I decide to use http://isotope.metafizzy.co/ for App archive page, I will try to make it support & organized enought for 100+ Apps.

and would really look forward to the option of ‘available on both ipad and iphone’ maybe even if you could use a little + box like apple does? people would recognise it

Thank you for this solution, it has been noted in our list.

Thank you :)

Do you include a HTML version?

Hi scott45, the HTML version does not included. We may publish the HTML version, but not very soon.

Thank you :)

Got it and installed it. Got a BLANK SCREEN . Removed the blog entirely and reinstalled the blog again. Reinstalled the theme and got the BLANK SCREEN again. Anyone knows what is going on??? Cannot access the blog at all, even the dashboard. Would appreciate it if anyone got any solution. Thanks :)

Hi Pohtzeyun,

Could you send your server infomation (WP-Admin access) to support@wegrass.com I will help you setup Grizzly.

Thank you for purchasing :)


Thanks for your fast reply. Decided to use another theme instead. Thanks for your help. :)

Hi pohtzeyun,

When you decide to start using Grizzly please let me know, I will help you set it up. I am happy when someone purchase Grizzly and I will be more happy if they use and like it :)

Thank you :)

Great theme for my mobile company MobiGeni http://mediageni.com/mobigeni.com

Hi is it possible to have this shortcode to only list the iphone apps or ipad apps?

[apps_list type=”iPhone”] list only iphone apps [apps_list type=”iPad”] list only ipad apps

Though this should be a default option guys @ Wegrass ;-))

Hi Vidal,

Thank you for suggest, I will implement and add this feature in next release :)

Thank you for purchasing Grizzly !

Awesome, but is there anyway way to achieve this now..hacky :D? http://mediageni.com/mobigeni.com/portfolio/iphone/ When is the next release?

I want to launch my site asap….some pages to go. :D

Hi Vidal, I will finish next release and submit it in this weekend. So, please stay tune :)

Perfect, please consider to have short_code the render in the widgets Add text Widget [share_buttons]


Universal IOS Apps? 2 Download links? and 2 labels on the detail page?

Hi Vidal,

Perfect, please consider to have short_code the render in the widgets Add text Widget [share_buttons]

Thank you ! I will do this.

Universal IOS Apps? 2 Download links? and 2 labels on the detail page?

These features have been added to wishlist, we will plan about them after next release. Now, we give priority to “responsive” and “App archive” :)

Thank you for suggestion :)