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Hi, thanks for this great theme. I have a favor to ask, I wonder if you’d do it or not

The photo bar works great on touch devices, so, is it possible that we have the same effect for the app dock please? (sliding not touching)

Thank you for this suggestion, we will surely improve it.

I downloaded the theme and had the same issue Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/healthya/public_html/wp-content/themes/grizzly-theme/base/theme.php on line 70

Please update your WP to the latest version.

Hello all, How to display blog articles the newest in 1st in the home page?

Go to “WP-Admin > Grizzly > Setting > Home > Set home type to blog”

Hello & Thx for the answer but it is what I have done but the oldest post are in 1st and the newest in latest… dev.thivinfo.com

Could you give me your wp-admin access via contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/wegrass

just wanted to ask if Grizzly is friendly to Bbpress

also is there a way to remove the author from the blog post? and to make the blogpost post the full article not an excerpt? I have been trying to fix it but there are no controls for it.

http://www.indiehex.com/ in case you need to look at what I mean, i would like you to tell me here, not do it for me please.

Hi, I want to buy this theme and have a question: I have only 1 app, not a portfolio. I like the app showcase module. Can I make that module the default website homepage and then have some extra pages like contact and about?

I have purchased your Theme a few weeks ago. Just wanted to leave a feedback, in this case excellent work, excellent theme, very easy to work with. Well done! Money well spent!

Thank you :D

This theme is awesome! It really rocks!

I would like to suggest a few improvements: 1. App Icon shortcode when on App page (with different sizes) 2. Improve the Share Buttons (use App Icon as image and custom message on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) maybe add the Facebook Share Option

Does it make sense?

Agree, we will add this suggestion to our to-do list. Thank you :D

Another suggestion is the option to auto-detect devices on the App Page and redirect to the correct App Stores directly. This would work almost like Distimo AppLinks (e.g. http://app.lk/AAF). These 3 features would help us a lot! Is there a way to get it implemented? Regards

Thank you reneretz, we will consider all your suggestion :)

I found that grizzly is injecting parragraphs and some brs in the html… I’m trying to integrate an e-commernce plugin and when i modify their templates to march with grizzly theme it injects

tags on it. I’m pretty sure that is the grizzly theme because I disabled it and enabled the default wp theme and that is not happening. There is a solution for this?

Could you give us more detail at: http://support.wegrass.com/


since the new updates I can’t navigation through my blog. If I wan’t to access http://www.tsjdev.de/page/10/ (for example) it displays still the first page of my blog.

How can I fix that problem?

Hi sebjensen, thank you for reporting this issue. We are working on it and will submit the patch as soon as possible.

I like this theme but I have a question.

Can I create categories like game, music, business on the theme so every app is well organized?


great theme, but I have a problem with apps module, I am able to show the icon, but not the big picture, as shown in te example page.

I mean this:



Hello! :)

Fantastic theme, absolutely love it. Well worth every single penny (and honestly) would have paid more for it!

However, this is annoying the kitty out of me: http://marketingene.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Looksee.png

You recommend 120px by 120px are mine is but it stills aligns improperly.

Any suggestions? :) Thanks again! Rawk on!

Hi, there should be some issue related to your hosting PHP setting. Could you provide me your wp-admin and ftp access via the contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/wegrass

Hi I purchased the theme last week and trying to configure it. I am not able to create a slide (uploading image is not working)

Hi could you provide me your wp-admin and ftp access via contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/wegrass

i did clean install, now its working.

But i want add some assets into Pre-Footer. Is there any way to do it?

Can anybody help me to add content to the pre-footer area? i want to add the flickr widget and twitter updates there.

Also, how to use the 7custom widgets? where could i found in the theme settings?

thanks, bala

I love this theme! So much support & high quality options.

I have one question: how can I make images responsive on the theme, so that they resize with the rest of the theme?

I tried making my own shortcode, but it did not operate.


Could you give me more detail on your requirement or give me the url of page that this issue occured.

The site is http://lawschooldojo.com

I have images on the home page, but they do not scale with the rest of the page….

Can anybody help me to add content to the pre-footer area? i want to add the flickr widget and twitter updates there.

Also, how to use the 7custom widgets? where could i found in the theme settings?

thanks, bala

i am not asking that how to enable the pre footer. i want to add content to the pre footer. how can i add the widget/shortcode into the pre footer ?

I am wondering on buying the Grizzly theme, but I have a quetion regarding supported app platforms. Are the Symbian and nokia store supported? Or can I modify theme source code by myself to add such support on my site?

Hi, I would like to buy that awesome template. Is it possible to use it togheter with a multilanguage plugin (e.g. WMLP) ?

Thanks :)

Thanks for reply. I bought this theme, but, using qtranslate, i’m not able to translate the app info (e.g. short description). Any idea ?

Thanks :)

Hi zeroc87, since we haven’t tested Grizzly with qTranslate. So, please follow:

  • for any field that does not have ui translate, you have to use tag like this
    <!--:en-->english text<!--:--><!--:de-->german text<!--:-->
  • then you have change the template file, for example edit single-app.php line 293 change
    <?php echo $info_short_desc; ?>
    <?php echo __($info_short_desc); ?>
  • more info: http://www.qianqin.de/qtranslate/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3#p14

However, we recommend WPML.


Thanks a lot for your reply! :) I’ll make a test. I don’t like WPML because is too invasive.

there is no information to add contents in the pre-footer area. I asked manytimes in the forum but havent get any information / reply for this.

instead the forum admin giving the link that point to the online documentation to enable or disable pre-footer.

its frustrating actually….

Thanks a lot for the theme. But I cant understand how to make blocks like this on the main page?


Please check: http://grizzly.wegrass.com/pages/services/ you can click on the code bar to reveal the backend code.