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Removed question… I figured it out

Love this theme. I implemented it last night on my site.

However, I’m having an issue with the app dock (slider thing) on the homepage. With no changes to the code, I put it on my homepage with a few apps and the apps never show up. I realized that I could change the width of the dock based on this comment from a year ago that you advised someone to try. So I can get the app icons to show up, but when resizing the browser, the icons lose their placement and simply don’t show up on smaller screens.

I’m running the latest wordpress and Grizzly 3.0.9. Help please? :)

There should be something wrong with you setup, please send me your wp-admin access and ftp access via contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/wegrass

Thanks for the help. For people reading this in the future, it turns out I had a css collision with another plugin.

Thank you :)

Hi, This should be in your documentation but i can’t find it anywhere. When i add a new app and fill in the app info: where do i add an app image that can be displayed within the phone bounds?? Also, what should be the dimensions of the image? I want to use the ‘zoom’ effect but i can’t find where i should add the original image or what the dimensions should be. All i can find is a place to upload a ‘zoom image; 2x recommended’. 2x of what original size??

I visited the docs at least 10 times and never saw the link. Thank you.

I just bought and installed, however, I can’t find the images and settings as the LIVE PREVIEW. please help. This shouldn’t be so hard.

I found the folder, but don’t understand why they didn’t upload.

Sorry, if you import the demo content, you will get the same site as: http://grizzly-dev.wegrass.com/

Can you help with the Twitter feed? Despite all the proper coding/keys – the tweets do not show. thanks

Could you give me your site url to check on it :)

Oh, I was able to fix my error. but come look, although not finished yet www.PsychicCrush.com

Great to hear that :)

Is there any way to have alternating section background colors? Where we can add a full width gray background behind certain sections?

I appreciate any help or guidence

Hi, I’m sorry that it is not possible yet because the main content is wrapped by #body-content which does not have 100% width.

To do this, you need to change a lot of markup and CSS. So, please wait for the next version which we will rework on overall markup.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hey there,

How can I modify the contact form for the shortcode [contact_form mail_to=’...’]?

I want to change the fields and also add a list.



Hey thanks for the reply! I actually did edit that file and it worked but when I click on the submit button I get an error. The mail still goes through but the confirmation message doesn’t come up. The page goes white with a generic error message. I tried just adding a new field for “phone” but I don’t think it’s validating.

Could you show me the code that you add :)

Thanks again for the reply. I actually figured out where I went wrong, I had copied the code for the email input and renamed it for phone but it was still looking for email:true. Once I changed that the error went away. Only problem now is that it’s not being delivered to the email address I specified. It shows that it’s been submitted successfully but I’m not getting the emails like I was before. I even put everything back to the default code but no luck.

Having trouble setting up the theme options? Everytime I attempt to load the logo and the phone no, etc it says SUCCESS but then when I check nothing? Please help!

Could you post support request with the user that purchase our Grizzly theme.

It´s an awesome theme! Congratz! I have a simple question: At the App Page, can i choose the size os the buttons? (Apple Store, Google Play buttons)

Hi there, you mean “small / medium / big”?

We really really love the theme. The code is so clean, well organized and easy to customize. 5/5 !

Here’s our website: http://balooki.com

Thanks a lot! :-)

You site look really nice!


In app page, how I can put the currency and link to the app as the country of user (ex. $2.99; £1.99 )?


If a menu is assigned to the footer and you shrink the width to “mobile”, the menu is no longer displayed in the footer at all. The main menu (at the top) becomes a drop down box, which is what I presumed would happen with the footer menu. Is there any way to enable this functionality?

Thank you for this suggestion, we will fix this on next release.


I have two questions I hope you can help me with:

1) The images on the app page’s descriptions don’t work, the images in the actual code, under the top bar and above the reviews. How do I get them to display? At the moment they just show a loading circle.

2) The big button on the home page does not have a link attached to it and leads to ’/#’. I’ve tried everywhere but can’t see where I add a URL for it to link to.

Thanks so much in advance!

Sorry for late response, could you give me your site URL :)

That’s okay! the url is: http://twyvel.com Thanks!

Wp Logo gets all distorted no matter what image I upload. Some people got this same issue on the support forum. How to fix?

Could you give me your site URL :)

Does this theme support retina displays?

Hi there, we are sorry that it does not.

Any chance I could remove the slider from the homepage? Alternately, could there be YouTube and Vimeo support to put a video in the slider? Thanks! :)

great theme. i am using the lightbox video embed. anyone figure out how to embed a widescreen video?? I embed it but it shows up in a 4:3 box with black bars above and below the video with is SUPER annoying.

Please share if you figured out a way to fix that. Thanks!

Hi there, could you post a support request with user account that you use to purchase this theme.

Excellent theme for app developers!

Thank you :D


I was wondering if you could have a different url for the apps page for websites. I wanted to show off websites that I’ve done, but it’s not really an “app” and don’t want the url of the page to be [domain].com/app/[website-page]. I would like to change the app part of the url to say “website”. But I would like to also keep the app url. Is this possible?

Sorry kind of hard to explain what I’d like it to do.


When I click the button to download an app, in an app page, can I open the link in a new tab or new window?

Please try this custom JS

$('.application-market-link a').attr('target', '_blank');

Thank you very much!