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Just a quick question: how can I get the sender email address of the “Comment, Request & Bug Report” form? So that I can also reply to these inquiries.

Hi there, we are going re-work on this area and will release it on next update.


looking to purchase your theme. Want to know can I embed an iframe video into to device display not the app.

Many Thnaks

Hi, where can we get the changelog for 3.1.0 ? Thanks

Hi wegrass: I have a problem when viewing my app page with iphone 5s the screenshots of the app don’t show but instead the app icons shows up at the top of the app post. can you fix it?

Hi, i’m using your theme on my company website. It’s a great theme! I’ve a problem with w3c validation. A lot of element on the page are not w3c compliant, such as the img tag that does not include the alt attribute (even if I add it into WP media properties). Or error like this “Attribute g:plusone:size not allowed on element a at this point”. Can you make your template W3C FUll Compliant please?

Thanks in advance

Hi. there is another issue with microformat information. If you analize with Google structured data testing tool this is the result: “Item: http://data-vocabulary.org/review Error: This information will not appear as a rich snippet in search results, because it is contained in a hidden HTML element. Except in special circumstances, Google won’t display content that is not visible to the user. You should mark up the text that actually appears to your users when they visit your web pages.”

Answered :)

Where? :)

Can you please tell me your email address as contact@ does not work, it says invalid and no one answers your support forum!

http://support.wegrass.com/discussion/824/wording-behind-app-when-responsive#Item_1 http://support.wegrass.com/discussion/827/page-with-apps-from-categories#Item_1

Hi, thinking about getting this.

Just wondering first though, can we add custom device displays? If not, can you add some Windows Phone 8 devices (the Nokia Lumia 920 or 1020, multi-colors, in particular)?


Hi, I’m afraid that doesn’t really answer my question, I was wondering if I could add a new phone/device image to display the app’s screenshots against.

Also, I see from the support forum you are working on the new version of Grizzly? Any ETA on that?

Hi there, we are sorry that our plan has changed and we cannot give you any ETA yet.


I was wondering if you are planning on adding BBPress support to your theme.


Hi there, we are sorry that we don’t have plan about BBPress yet.

Is it possible to give more options to the phone model shown? An option for the Nexus devices really should be there versus a rather old model. It sucks to have to manually go in and make those updates myself….and then reapply them every time there is an update.

Just copy “header.php” and place it in “stack-child” then use child theme instead.

that doesn’t solve the problem…at all.

Does the app dock no longer auto scroll? I’m also having issues with the settings for the theme resetting in certain areas. I have a background image set for the dock area in the header and whenever I save the settings in a different area it removes the set image.

This should be occur by some JS issue, please give us your website URL. So we can help.

This isn’t a JS error. It isn’t even an option. To get it to work I had to manually add a bit of code to the script.

I’ve used this theme for about two years now and how come none of the updates ever adds a way insert shortcodes easily? It really is a hassle to have to go to your website to see the examples every time I want to add something. You’re an “elite” developer here…come on…that’s a simple and basic feature anymore in all themes that use them.

Sorry…with all the little issues and design flaws that keeps popping up…I’m starting to wonder if I should request a refund. :/

This should be a priority for you guys. It isn’t a difficult thing to do. It is a standard part of themes with shortcodes anymore. It is ridiculous that a user has to load up your website just to figure out the shortcodes. It’s a waste of time. I have no choice but to request a refund. The concept of this theme is great, but the execution is sloppy.

Sorry, please request a refund then.

Can you add this to the next update? It is dreadfully simple to add.

Hi there,

Great theme! I just wander how can I add excerpt or short description under apps listed on home page. I am calling apps with shortcode [app count=’-1’]

Thanks in advance

Hello wegrass,

I have a quick question. I’ve been trying to add Smart App banners for iOS app pages. Is there a way to do this? I’ve tried half a dozen Plugins without any luck.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Justin, we will consider this feature and let you know the update soon.

Hello. I imported demo content, but site dosnt look like on your demo. There is no “Latest apps” block, and dont see slider samle. What shoud i do for having same content (like on demo) for my site? Im add new request in support forum, but you didnt answer

Can you help me autoscroll the apps dock? my client bought this theme for her website and I am the developer. The website is http://www.appsociety.com.au

Hi there, could you post support request with user that had purchased our theme.

Hello this is the user that purchased your theme grizzly for he website is http://www.appsociety.com.au. I need to autoscroll appsdock every 15 seconds

Sorry, could you clarify the issue please.

please take a look at the slider now on http://www.appsociety.com.au, its scrolling but it is not scrolling correctly, it starts slow, then it picks up then fast then you can only see 1 icon with fast animations on the slider

Please resend me your FTP access :)

Hi. I use your theme on my website. Great theme. Some of the pages have just a bit of content right now and the footer area gets streched to fill in the screen. I would like the content area (white color) to strech and fill the screen, keeping the footer fixed on the botton of the screen. I tried some CSS modifications without sucess. Do you have any suggestion? An example can be seen here: http://adoca.com.br/clientes/

I appreciate your support.

Hi there, in this case I think we should extend the white area by filling them with space:

<div style="height: 200px;" />


Not a good solution as it will generate an unecessary scroolbar.

Couldn’t sign up to your help center (did not get confirmation mail), so I’m trying here. First of all I I really do like your theme – it’s flexible, works out of the box and has infinite customization options. I just would like you to look into the lightbox/bgpos code – somehow it throws errors all the time and infinite times. The problem is not just visible on my page, but also on your own demonstration page. Could you please tell me how to fix this? It prevents my lightbox from working properly, which is quite annoying.. Cheers

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function jquery.bgpos.js?ver=3.1.0:47

http://grizzly.wegrass.com/shortcodes/images/ http://mediavrog.net/apps/suikakeibo/

Hi there,

Sorry for late response, it is 2 A.M. here when you post the issue. Please update “theme/libs/jquery.bgpos” with https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nelsonwellswku/jquery.bgpos/master/lib/jquery.bgpos.js

I will apply this fix with next release (hot fix) as well.

Thank you for your support. Cheers.

Thanks for the hotfix. Another small issue: In Portfolios, the datepicker is not showing up onclick in my Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131(http://imgur.com/JoftnUP), so I cannot set a date. Any help is appreciated! Cheers

Thank you for reporting this issue, I will fix it and submit the new version in this weekend.


nice theme! Anyway i have a requirement, can you take a look at this web? http://www.tianjiao.cc/

please see at the left and there’s a moving image picture that describe each of their product, and once we click one of the image, it will go directly into the product page clicked before.

Can we do that on this theme?

I’m trying to make a home page which can show all my product withhout even have to scrolldown, and one of the way is moving and looping image as the button link.

Please advice Many thanks!

Hi there, after consider your requirement. I think http://themeforest.net/item/basement-responsive-multipurpose-theme/7458543 should suit yours. You can use “portfolio” module to represent “product” and use “Portfolio Slider” stack to achieve your requirement. Please consider: http://basement.wegrass.com/features/stack-builder/portfolio/ :)

Hi buddy!

Thanks a lot for your reference! I’m wondering if there’s a limitation on how many item that i can put in the slider? because i have a bucket things to put in there :)


You can show all of them. You can also filter them by “category”. Please consider backend configuration: http://goo.gl/4N9G7S :)


Default it is taking only 300 px ( croping my image) i need more on height please help me on this


*I am not getting any reply from support from 3 day…**

and from settings i can increase only 400px but i need 800px to 1200px of height