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I just updated the theme, but when I go to Grizzly > Settings, there is no content for the various items, and there’s no button. Here’s a screenshot:


I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the theme, but it still occurs. I also tried accessing from a different browser.

Hi there, I’m working on the update. For quick fix, please send me your wp-admin & FTP access via contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/LeafThemes and refer to this thread.

Really disappointing that this theme has not been updated since 2014. I cannot update my site anymore and when I asked for help I was pointed to pay extra for support, which is perfectly fine by me but where is the update? I feel that I will pay and then there will be no fix to the issues I see to my site and from all the comments here.

waiting for the update :)

I’m working on it, it take time because ThemeForest has new checking rule since last update.

the app icons on the app page are on the wrong height

Could you send me your wp-admin & FTP access via contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/LeafThemes and refer to this thread


Hi we will order, but a) no Update since 2014?? b) no amazon (and other stores) store for connect apps features? c) no compatible with wordpress 4.7x ? Whats up guys! Would you like explain please? Thanks!

I’m working on the update but I cannot give you specific release date. This theme compatible with WP 4.7.

For some reason, my slider section loads after the whole page. Is there any way to make sure that it at least loads the container before hand? It is not good UX

Same problem as cjdeheer and I am not able to update various settings anymore.

Could you please provide me with some instructions on how to fix this. I cannot provide you with admin / FTP access to my server.


Nevermind… I solved it myself. It is an issue with the PHP7 in “input-tool.php”

To solve it and to solve also the problem with the visual editor replace:




In file “base/admin/functions/input-tool.php” on line 66, 102 and 125

I don’t know if there are more incompatibilities with this theme and PHP7, but for now this seems to fix at least my problems. Gives me time to move to a better supported theme.

*NB… I have some quarrel with this editor. The first code line does not want to display properly. The second one (what is should look like) does.

That’s all, thank you very much for sharing.

Hi I am having issues with installation of Grizzly into wordpress, please help.


Grizzly is currently active, but looks nothing like the template i purchased.

Only pages I have access to is the current index page that is currently displayed?

Is this how the template is meant to look or should it look like the “preview” template?


Hi there, sorry for late response. You have to import demo content to get the look of sample site.

Thanks pinky2014 – great help.

@LeafThemes How about you get an update out already? The layout inside the settings menu is still broken and the theme only works with php 7 if you apply the fix from pinky2014. This is really not acceptable for a $44 theme.

Dear Author I bought this theme and Can you help me how to make the theme like this wedsite? http://tappsgames.com/ Thanks so much and waiting for your reply hotbabygames@gmail.com

Please try importing demo content following this instruction:

1. Navigate to Tools > Import.
2. Click on WordPress link to import from WordPress system.
3. Browse the file content.xml located in /demo/ and click on Upload file and import button
4. Check the option "Download and import file attachments" and click on Submit button
5. Navigate to Grizzly > Setting > Home > Home Page select "Home (...)" from drop down list and click save.
6. Navigate to Grizzly ? Setting > Blog > Blog Page select "Blog (...)" from drop down list and click save.

Yes thanks pinky2014 for sharing the workaround

You said you were working on an update 7 months ago. Where’s the update? Can you just at a bare minimum release one that’s PHP 7.1 compatible? When I try to edit a page, the page editor doesn’t even load. I assume it’s an incompatibility in the theme with either PHP 7.1 or the latest versions of WP. At least just fix things to work… please.

...or even all the files that were changed in the update that Envato rejected?

Replace “grizzly-theme/base/admin/functions/input-tool.php” with this file: https://pastebin.com/VdMu9EzM

Excellent! Thank you. That fixed it. Very helpful!

Can you please tell us what you actually updated with the code you posted a couple days ago? Does it have the new iPhone images?

Hopefully official apple store download buttons as well :)

From what I can tell, your theme appears to be adding the following open graph tags, which are causing me problems. I’m using the All In One SEO plugin, which I’d like to handle all the open graph tags. The following lines are redundant with the AIO SEO tags, and also the content=”20” property is not valid.

<meta property="og:image" content="20"/>
<meta property="og:title" content="Lose Weight"/>

How can I omit these?

Please replace “grizzly-theme/base/custom/custom-header.php” with https://pastebin.com/LjWdJpLN

Images are not responsive…I did almost everything and i can’t make them responsive no matter what. This has newer happened to me in like 6 years. Need support right now.

Please give me your website URL.

Hello, i bought grizzly theme for over several months and now i started to using it. When i see my site over a phone it’s all messy, images are not responsive and it look really bad. Can you please help me deal with that?

Please give me your website URL.

When I want to edit my app the theme throws an error – wp-admin/post.php?post=179&action=edit = Error thrown, Function name must be a string . How can I fix it?


LeafThemes Author Team

Please give me full error message.

I think that I have already fixed this bug.

When I try to upload multiple images and insert them (and save) it throws an error – media-upload.php?theme_upload=1&post_id=287&type=image&tab=nextgen:264 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘on’ of undefined at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (media-upload.php?theme_upload=1&post_id=287&type=image&tab=nextgen:264) at i (VM383 load-scripts.php:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (VM383 load-scripts.php:2) at Function.ready (VM383 load-scripts.php:2) at HTMLDocument.K (VM383 load-scripts.php:2) . Most likely related to jQuery after the update of WP because the template was not updated since 2014. How can I fix it?


Your current theme is not supporting to the Wordpress version 4.9.x Do you have any updates regarding new version?

Please do let us know as we have already purchased this.



LeafThemes Author Team

Could you send me a message via contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/LeafThemes and refer to this thread