Discussion on Grotte - A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Grotte - A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme

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Hey, i really like your theme. I am based in germany. Is it compatible with the woocomerce germanized (https://vendidero.de/woocommerce-germanized) ?

Thx best wishes from germany

Hi there, happy to hear that you like our theme!

It’s not tested, but we can do it like that if you wish: You can buy our theme and try the plugin. If it doesn’t work for you, we can refund your money.


Hey Burnhambox, thx for your fast reply. I will give them a try :-)


Hi, I have installed the theme on my site and downloaded all the recommended plugins, but the theme isn’t displaying as it should be. kindly help

Hi there, downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our theme via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of support.

Once you do this, please let us know and we’d be happy to help. Thanks for your understanding!


Please update your theme. I am getting error on new wordpress update

“Your theme (Grotte Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:

Update your theme to the latest version. If no update is available contact your theme author asking about compatibility with the current WooCommerce version. If you copied over a template file to change something, then you will need to copy the new version of the template and apply your changes again.”

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi, how do I show the newsletter form in the footer section?

I have installed and activated the MC4WP plugin and connected with my MailChimp account, as well as copied the form id shortcode to the newsletter bar footer but nothing showed.

I also have tried to remove and re-install the plugin but was still unsuccessful. My website: https://peterdraw.studio/. Please help. Many Thanks.

I just added you as an administrator, please see the invitation on your email

Hi again, it’s OK now. It turned out that the Grotte Components plugin was not installed and activated.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards

Finally, it works! Thank you so much for your help! Really appreciate it :)

Hi, I need support for these issues on my website:

1. I tried to show the “Show All” button using viewall=true in the shortcodes, but it doesn’t work. I can’t see the View All button.

2. On the product page, when I open it for the first time, the main product image will leave some blank space at the bottom of the image or at the top of the thumbnails. How can we fix it? Seems like the default image size is not fit with my image.

3. The ‘price delete’ shown an error “aria-hidden=”true”>$16” as you can see on our website. How can we fix it?

4. Is it possible to add a Recent Product shortcode on the product page?

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support!

Hi, thanks for your reply. I will try 1 and 4.

But for number 2. Here is an example of how the page is loaded at the first time: https://prnt.sc/1s03c9c. As you can see in the red rectangle, there is a blank space between the image and the thumbnails.

But then when I click the slide (arrow icon), then the space would be gone like this https://prnt.sc/1s03ogj. This is what I want to see the first time the page loaded.

Is it a resolution issue? What is the actual image product size I can use?

3. I used a child-theme activated, it will be ok if I just upload and activate the updated theme?

You’re very welcome.

2. The first image is too wide, hence, the height becomes quite low. And the second image is thinner than the first one, hence, the height becomes higher than the first one. This height difference between images causes the blank space that you see. We suggest you to use same size images for the same product.

3. Yeah, it will be no problem.

Thanks for your support! Actually, issue number 2 is only happening on child theme, it works fine in the main theme. So I decided to activate the main theme and the issue is gone. Thanks again!


When I look at your checkout area, it is structured differently than on my website.

On the one hand, the shipping costs are shown 2 times. On the other hand, with me the first is the area with the payment methods and then the shipping costs, etc..

Structured as follows: - Payment method - shipping costs - product - Subtotal - Value Added Tax - Grand total

How to change the display?

Kind Regards Daniela

Hi Daniela, could you please tell which versions are you using of Grotte and WooCommerce?

Kind regards

Hello, WooCommerce Version is Version 5.3.0 and GROTTE Version is 8.0.1

Hi again Daniela,

We made some tests and tried to reproduce the issues you’ve mentioned but everything seems fine with our theme. We created a local site from scratch with Grotte v.9.0 and WooCommerce v5.3.0 and we can confirm that nothing seems wrong with Cart and Checkout processes.

Your issues are probably because of a 3rd party plugin or extension you’re currently using. You can try to deactivate all of the plugins except of the ones that come/recommended with our theme and see the issues persist.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards

Hi, I noticed that my ‘Quick View’ is not working – when I switched to default theme, the YITH Quick View works but not when I switched to your theme. It opens up to a blank pop up.

Hi there, which version of Grotte are you using?


I have the version from when this was a free download on themeforest. And now after all this time ( i know its been a while), I would like to install and use it for a new e-com website. Before I go ahead and start installing and customising the theme. can you pls advise if I would be required to do anything extra?


Yes, when you update both theme and WooCommerce, they will work OK. You can update WooCommerce but are you able to update the theme right now?

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Is it possible to disable the add to cart button? I want the customer to be directed to the product and not add to the cart.


Hi there :)

Our theme hasn’t got a feature to disable the “Add to Cart” button at the moment. But this can be done by adding some custom codes. On the other hand, downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our theme via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of help. Thanks for your understanding!

Is there something like a support group or chat for this theme? I bought it at envato elements and want to know where we can get support via text

Hi there :)

You can use this comments section for your help requests. But downloads from Elements do not include support service. You must buy our item via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of help. Thanks for your understanding!

I bought and install “GROTTE” from you, but is only the color of the site, no demo to install, how do I install the demos


I have this theme for more then 3 years and I love it! But I dont have update support for it, because I got the theme when It was free to download.

Because there are newer versions of Wordpress, Wocommerce and other plugins, I need theme updates too, for working properlly.

I would love to buy theme this time, but I have some questions. Can I just buy it and you to enable me updates on my current one, OR do I have to do a fresh install of a new theme?

The problem is that I have online shop active that has clients almost every minute, plus I am running Facebook/Instagram ads every day, and I have to be sure that It will work after updating.

I have planty of addition CSS-s too and code changing to make theme working perfectlly for my needs. For making it possible, I had a lot of help from my friend to do that, and now I am left to myself to do it, so I will have problem to make it all working perfect again, especially because I will update Wordpress, Wocommerce and all other 8+ plugins from versions 3-4 years ago. There has to be problems I know…

Sorry on my bad english, but I hope that you understand what I want.

Thank you!

Hi again,

1. Could you please install and activate all of the plugins that required/recommended with Grotte theme and check if the error is still there?

2. You can use “required” attribute to make an input required. Example:

<input type="text" id="username" name="username" required>

Just add the required word before ”>”.

3. All of the extra stuff like widgets have been moved into the “Grotte Components” plugin. Please install and activate that plugin and you’ll be fine.

Tank you on answer. I just didn’t understand 2. reply. Can you explain me exactly what to do and where to put code? I have to change “Grad” and “Poštanski broj” to required just like “Telefon” is. Picture for better understanding: https://ibb.co/M81kLYH Thank you and sorry for being boring.

Hi again, you’re welcome :)

Sorry, I thought you knew where to put it, so I directly told how to do it.

In fact, our theme doesn’t configure those fields and they should be marked as required by default. Since WooCommerce doesn’t produce these fields one by one in the core files, it requires additional customization to do it, which is beyond our support limits unfortunately.

Is there any specific reason to not to use a 3rd party plugin for that?

Hello, The search function no longer works. How can the problem be solved?

Kind Regards Daniela Winter

Hi Daniela, we prepared a test site for you: https://theburnhambox.com/grotte-test/?s=test&post_type=product

As you can see, the search function works.

By the way, this test site will be removed in 24 hours.

I have already told you that I have uninstalled all plugins that have nothing to do with your “GROTTE” theme or your “ByForMe” plugin. The fact that the function is from the ByForMe plugin does not change. Doesn’t she care that customers are happy with your product? If they are interested, they would be your support until the problem is resolved. For that you pay on top of that and get disrespectful confrontation because the problem is not solved. Aren’t you listening to me I also contacted my web host etc. and followed their instructions. But it can’t be that they assume that you only use your plugins and no other should be used so that they are fine! With all due respect, I had asked for a repayment, thereupon they give me again requests that I have already brought. Pay me back the money for the plugin.

Kind Regards Daniela Winter


As far as we understand, you bought Grotte and Buy For Me plugins separately. You didn’t need to buy Buy For Me plugin since Grotte already has a built-in one. So maybe all of your problems are related to that.

But your attitude is not acceptable. You keep saying the same things for months now, with a broken English or in German sometimes. It’s very hard to understand you and help you.

You already asked for a refund for Buy For Me plugin but now you’re writing it under our Grotte theme’s comments section. It sounds like spamming now. Sorry but we just can’t allow this anymore.

Hope we can work together again in more healthy conditions.

Kind regards


Since the beginning I have tried to describe it as understandably as possible and give all possible details relevant for solutions. Even with the plugin and so far nobody has mentioned it. I even sent screenshots for better understanding.

Certainly resentment has spread. Some things could be fixed. However, if certain functions do not work properly, I contact support (you pay for that too). Certainly, and I agree with you, the cross-border situation also leads to misunderstandings. Even if the language communication brings its hurdles, your attitude is also not acceptable in some correspondence on your part.

Commenting on the wrong product was my mistake and I apologize for it.

Recently, the “Add to Cart and Wishlist button” (I am very happy to send a screenshot) can no longer be seen on the shop overview. Does it have to do with the fact that I deactivated and deleted the Buy For Me plugin? Where can I post these items.

Can we please communicate in a solution-oriented manner?

Kind Regards Daniela Winter

Hi Daniela,

Let’s make a fresh start.

Could you please send an e-mail to burnhambox@gmail.com including your WordPress login address, username and password? Once we login, here’s the things we’ll do:

1. We’ll re-install your WordPress and upgrade it to the latest version.

2. We’ll re-install our Grotte theme and upgrade it to the latest version.

3. We’ll deactivate all of the plugins and activate only the ones come with our Grotte theme. And update them to the latest versions.

4. We’ll setup a temporary e-mail SMTP service, to check if Buy For Me works fine.

Your data, content, settings etc. all will be kept.

Is this OK for you? Please note that all of these are beyond our support limits but we’ll do it for once, just for your particular situation.

Kind regards, Kerem

Hola, compre el tema por Envato. No me funciona el Hover en los productos de la tienda. No me funciona el buscador de la lupa ni puedo ver los productos agregados al carrito en el Header. Porque puede ser? Gracias.

Hi, please buy our item to get 6 or 12 months of support service.

ok but, tell me at least which are the Minimum server requirements, specifically the max_execution_time for install the demo content. Thanks

Hi, please buy our item to get 6 or 12 months of support service.

Hello! I have Grotte theme installed on my website https://ultimatebabybags.ca/. When I try to update plugins the website crushes. There is also a message from WooCommerce: “Your theme (Grotte) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files…” It suggests to update the theme, but there are no updates available for the theme. The theme version installed on my website is 7.0.2 . How can I update it to the latest version? Please help.

Hi, the latest version of Grotte is 7.1. If you downloaded our theme from Elements, just re-download it. By the way, downloads from Elements do not include support service. If you need further help, you should buy our theme via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of support. Thanks for your understanding!

Yes, that’s right. I downloaded it from Elements. Thank you for your help. If have issues I will buy the theme and ask for support

Hello, since the last correspondence about the non-working “Buy for me” plug-in and the refund, you have not contacted us. I finally ask for a final regulation. Because I also sent them the answer from the web host.

In addition, the search function no longer works with GROTTE Theme and please need your support.

Kind Regards

Hi, please deactivate recently activated plugins.

Hello, I had done this several times before, but nothing has changed. Kind Regards

Just replied your other comment.

I cannot import the demo content, I make every step on your documentation, but does not import properly,

Please try to use the files in “Grotte\Demo Content\partial” folder one by one. And ensure that you’ve followed these steps: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fuChXDZ5hDCY9qA4Tx-VWLvnsR7ToXPrgOUkFFSvGUo

Hi, its a nice theme but its not compatible with the new Woo Comerce Update,

Hi, you can safely ignore the WooCommerce status warnings. We’ll launch an update soonish to fix them.


I have an issue with the theme. When i go to my account>Order and i click to the order number to see details. Code appear on the page under the subtotal section. Thanks in advance for your answer.

See below :

Sous-total : span class=”woocommerce-Price-amount amount”>78,00 €

Hi, we tested our theme with the latest version of WooCommerce and couldn’t reproduce the issue. It’s probably because of a 3rd party plugin.

Please deactivate all of the plugins except the ones come/recommended with the theme and check if the issue persists. Let us know about the result.


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