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i’m not like :( Sorry :( respect for labor. :)

Its nice… nice, clean, straight to the point! good job!

Thanks. :)

nice work…

Just so you know, I tried out the live demo, and trying to switch the background had no effect (on Google Chrome.)

Otherwise, looks sharp

Thanks, will fix it.

Hello I’m trying to install but getting this error

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

It’s ok I thought it was a wordpress theme

Just bought this and i can’t edit this theme with wp. i am suck. Please help

to be honest, I changed it hoping to get this process started – but i need help setting it up. Thanks

can you set this up for me if possible – i want it set for a 45 day count down.

Yes, please send me an FTP access via my profile page and the exact date for it. Thanks.