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Wow, this is really nice! Excellent job with textures and placement of elements. This definitely stands out among many WP blog themes on TF!

Thank you! :)

Great Job.,:D GLWS mate,.

Thanks :)

Looks great!

Thank you :)

What a beautiful theme !!! I like this style. GLWS.

Thanks :)

Good work buddy :)

Thanks! :)

I love how elegantly simple your theme is. I’d like to customize the look of it though, would I be able to add my own backgrounds and/or header art?

Thanks! :)

There are no other background options at the moment. You could use any background image, but it requires some customizing. I will help you with that, if needed :)

Perhaps you could use header art as a logo. Logo can be sized freely, so it can be as large as you wish.

Thanks, I have no problem creating images, I’m a graphic designer. I just want to avoid putting any time into coding the site and I’m looking for a site which I’ll be able to customize visually with as little coding as possible. Your wordpress theme seems to have everything I need, a responsive clean layout without the big flashy sliders and galleries or extra fluff. The widgets are also quite useful and look far better than most.

My client is mostly posting text, such as horoscopes and pages that outline other services he offers.

Then you could easily customize the PSD file for the background images. No need to customize the code at all :)

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’ll be glad to help you.

Is there a way to set the size of the sidebar? I would like a better main section and a smaller fixed width sidebar.

ok, thanks!

What is the optimum size for a header image?

You mean the featured image at the beginning of the post? 530 pixels wide.

Dito. I think also, that more content and a small sidebar looks better. And: when I view it on full screen (2560 px) the theme background does not fill out the whole surface … :(

The new version is now available.

Thank you very much – it looks fine now. :)

No problem. Thanks for your feedback :)

Is there a way (plug in or otherwise) to get 2 150×150 ads (affiliate codes) in the sidebar? Thanks!

I’m sure there are many plugins:

You could also use a text widget.

Hey man, this theme is gorgeous.

My main desire would be to add a bit of code to make the first post big like it is now, but then make the rest of them on the frontpage more of a blurb with a smaller image. I assume that’s not part of the theme? How hard would it be to do that?

I have some other blogs where it’s been done, I could copy over their code I guess!

Hello Mike!

No, there’s not that functionality currently. It shouldn’t be too hard accomplish however. Especially when you have done it before :)

Yes, basically you would just copy the code, and make the required changes to the CSS file.

Wow! Exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately I recently bought another theme, but this one looks like it’s worth changing! :P

Will you be adding some other backgrounds (like the dark linnen from float)?


Adding backgrounds is possible, but I can’t promise anything :) If you want the linen especially, I can make it for you.

REALLY digging this theme, especially the Post it Note widget. Thanks for the great work!

Thank you, Steve!

How do I get the featured image thumbnail to show up in the Latest Posts in the sidebar?

Thumbnail is displayed automatically if the post has featured image.

Are you using the Custom Latest Post widget? The Recent Posts widget, which is built-in in WordPress doesn’t display thumbnails.

ok, thanks. I was using the wrong widget

Hello, I just bought this theme.

I need a page template withouth sidebar, because I will use inside a bbpress plugin and I need size. So it will be a normal blog but with a forum integration.

I am a developer but a Wordpress newbie. I know that it exceeds support, but could you tell me more or les How can I (where I have to touch) achieve a page withouth sidebar with this theme?



Send me a mail via my profile page :)

The Custom Twitter Widget doesn’t appear to work for me. I can’t imagine why, there are only a few options for it. It doesn’t work with the company twitter feed and it doesn’t work with other well known feeds either. Everything else is great.

Our site:

That’s really strange. You’re the first one having problems with it. Try to upload the theme again. Just in case something was corrupted when you installed the theme first time.

Please remember to backup the changes you have made to the theme files!

This is a really sharp theme. I’m assuming there’s no way to see a live preview with the sidebar on the right? The difference makes it hard to compare it directly to say, Float.


I just changed the demo to display the sidebar on the right, so you can take a look at it :)

Thanks a bunch! Definitely a fan of both Float and Grunge.

Hey, just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to reverse the scheme for me awhile back. After a couple of months of window shopping, I finally pulled the trigger on this theme. Thanks again.

Hi, will you tell me how well optimized grunge is for seo?


It’s optimized for SEO. You may want to use a plugin to get the descriptions, titles etc. just the way you want. Here’s one of the most popular SEO plugins:

I can’t get the excerpts to work for some reason. I put text in the Excerpt section, but it still displays the whole post. Is there some other checkbox? Also, where is the shortcode manager? Thanks URL:

In case anyone else had that problem with exceprts, I had to make the following edit to index.php: Replace <?php the_content(); ?> with <?php the_excerpt() ?>


Nice to see you got it sorted :)

I’m considering purchasing this theme for my portfolio/blog. Would I be able to add a gallery and whatnot without jacking up the look?


I’m sure you won’t have problems with galleries etc. If you will use a plugin for the gallery, just make sure that the plugin is well coded. You should be safe with using one of the most popular gallery plugins. :)

Purchased. I’ll begin looking into gallery plugins. Is a demo content install option available?

I sent you the demo content via email. Thanks for purchasing my theme :)