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Love the simplicity of the theme, but am looking for something with a featured posts slider. Would I have any trouble installing something like LayerSlider WP or Slider Revolution with your theme?

You can edit the PSD file for the background images. Body.psd file can be found at the PSD folder.

What’s the deal with the theme and compatibility with Alpine Instagram plugin? I’m having serious issues.

There should be no problems using plugins with the theme as it is developed following the WordPress standards.

Plugin seems to be compatible up to version 3.5.2. Is your WordPress installation the latest 3.6.0 version? This could cause some problems.

Here’s the support page for the plugin:


Loving this theme! Quick question. I really like to keep the homepage as a blog but would like to add some static content above it. Any way of doing this with this theme?


Hello Michele,

You can edit the index.php file. Go to Appearance > Editor. Add the content after this line:

<?php get_header(); ?>

That worked perfectly! Thank you!! :D


Sorry to bother again but I have another quick question. My web form that I created through Aweber looks great in a pc or Mac but it doesn’t resize on a smartphone (see here:

I resized the image to 520px before uploading when creating my web form so not sure why it’s showing too big on a smartphone.

Any ideas on how I can correct this issue? Thanks!

Michele P.S. Although I don’t think this has anything to do with it, I added this code to my css sheet so the input forms are on the same line.

} #af-form-1637516811 .af-element { float: left; } #af-form-1637516811 .af-clear { display:none; } #af-form-1637516811 .af-body input.text { width: 150px!important; margin-right:15px!important; } #af-form-1637516811 .buttonContainer { margin-left:125px!important; }


I guess the form/image has a fixed width in pixels defined in the code. It prevents the CSS to resize the form/image according to the screen size.

Hmm, I guess that makes sense. It’s sized at 520px to fit within the width of the page but not resizing for smaller screens. I will reach out to them. Thanks!

I love the look of this theme. However, if I were to purchase it, I would want to use larger fonts both in the main navigation, post body, etc. With that, I would like the main column area to be wider as well. Is this possible/easily doable?


You can add custom CSS in the Theme Options to adjust font sizes.

I wouldn’t recommend changing the width of the main column. It affects the width of the sidebar, background image structure, how the theme looks on smaller screens etc. But if you have knowledge of CSS and Photoshop it’s not that hard to do.

Wanted to say I love the theme! It’s been extremely simple and easy to use. Check out what I did with it at my site, Overworked Golfer.

Again, thanks for your work!!!

Thanks! Good luck with your site :)


When I add a “head image” to any post, I can fill in the boxes “Title”, “Description”... But, once the image is loaded, these texts do not appear. Nevertheless, if I put an image using “insert object”, then everything is OK (Title, Legend…)

Am I making something wrong, or it is imposible to put the photo credit on the head photo of each post?


Ah, I’ve purchased the theme, but I don’t know how to appear as “Purchased”, sorry.

I love this theme. But is there any way I can reduce the sidebar, so that it only occupies a third of the page? It’s a bit too imposing for me at the moment.

Also, how can I get thumbnails to appear next to links in my menus, such as ‘Top Posts’? Thanks!

If you have knowledge of CSS and Photoshop, then it’s pretty easy to do. The current widths are optimized for legibility on different screen sizes.

‘Top Posts’ is a custom widget included with the theme, and it makes it possible to display thumbnails. It’s not possible to include thumbnails in menus.

I am having a bit of an issue. I recently updated Wordpress and I am creating my own personal blog now with the theme and on Google Chrome it is cutting off half of the post titles and sidebar titles but your preview on Themeforest seems to look perfect. is the link to where it’s happening.

Just in case it doesn’t show up the same for you I am including a image link.

Hello Tyler!

I replied to your email :)

Thanks I got it. I uninstalled the fonts as you asked and that worked. Odd how having those fonts causes the issue but regardless it is working okay now.


I would like to have a page where the sidebar doesn’t show at all and allow the main content area to extend to the full width of the page. I mailed about this – not sure if you have had it.

Also, I can’t seem to get thumbnails to work in the “latest post” widget. I’ve used featured images but the images don’t show (see: Have I missed something? :)


Hello again. Could you confirm if the full width without sidebar layout is possible and what might be preventing the thumbnails from showing? Thanks :)

Full width page is not possible. For some reason I have the template included, so it looks like it could be possible. But it’s not, sorry :)

You are using the built-in Recent Posts widget, not the Custom Latest Posts widget included in the theme. Change the widget in Appearance > Widgets.

PS. Do you have any idea why you aren’t showing as “Purchased” here in ThemeForest?

Thanks for getting back to me!

Shame about the full width but hey ho, not to worry as it doesn’t cause any major problems. It’s such a good theme in any case.

I don’t show as purchased as my colleague bought the theme on his account and I installed it :)

Hi, really nice template! I was wondering if there’s an option to reduce the sidebar size and increase the main area.


Hello! No there’s not an option for that.

Love this theme sooo much. Simple and neat. Only problem I am having is with the blog posts on the landing page showing full posts even when WP settings are set to summary of posts. Any ideas?

Hello, and thanks!

Are you using the more tag in the post editor? Take a look at this article:

I am at the moment, but was hoping there was enquiring if there was anything I could change in theme to produce summary view on landing page. All good if not, still an awesome theme! :)


When I add a “head image” to any post, I can fill in the boxes “Title”, “Description”... But, once the image is loaded, these texts do not appear. Nevertheless, if I put an image using “insert object”, then everything is OK (Title, Legend…)

Am I making something wrong, or it is imposible to put the photo credit on the head photo of each post?



The featured image doesn’t support title, or description. It’s possible that I’ll add the feature in the next version of the theme :)

Thank you!

Hey guys, cool theme – really. One question – how do I embed a video as seen in the demo site? (

Thank you!


The video is embedded using the embed code from Vimeo.

Hi. Thanks for an excellent subject! Prompt how to add the menu as in an example on the main page: Home Features Archives Contact Buy Now!


Go to Appearance > Menus and set up the navigation.

It was succeeded to add one button of the menu, it doesn’t turn out any more, writes such message:”Your subject supports 1 menu. Choose, what menu you want to use.” How to add some buttons in the menu as in an initial subject at you?

I made it, thanks.

Prompt, please, where it is possible to remove “Proudly powered by WordPress” inscription.

Edit sidebar.php.

Hello. Prompt how to change favicon?

In the theme folder, favicon.ico.

Hello! Prompt how to make, please, that the miniature of a post wouldn’t be duplicated before a post on the main page, and was only at the left on announcements of the previous records? Example here:

Appearance > Theme Options > Settings > Show featured image

thanks, friends! this subject the best! ! !

Hi there, thanks for a reliable and gorgeous theme. I installed it, it works beautifully, all customization works as well.

I have only one glitch: when I add Google Analytics account to the relevant area, it is shown on the main page of the website. What went wrong, how do I fix it?


Please send me the address of your site via my profiles page’s contact form :)