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Hello, My blog is really new. Installation went great. However, dark theme doesn’t appear. I change it to dark and save, but it stays light.

I find out where I need to set the location, it just doesn’t show… not sure what’s going on, maybe a reinstall? the site is if you don’t understand exactly what I mean…

Reinstalled, tried the default twentythirteen and everything worked fine on that theme. As soon as I go to switch back to this one, it’ll save but menu still doesn’t show as pictured and color of theme doesn’t change, frustrating.

Hi, sorry, just wanted to let you know I fixed this. I ended up uploading through the wordpress control panel, must have been a problem with the ftp

Hi, Loving the theme so far. I’m noticing that on some category pages, it’s pushing my sidebar widgets underneath the main column. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Scott

Hello Scott,

Try adding this in the Custom CSS textarea in the Theme Options.

.hentry {word-wrap: break-word;}

Thank you for the prompt response.

Unfortunately, that did not help.

I will reply to your email, Scott :)

Hi i’m really love this theme but i’ve got some questions before to buy it: - is it possible to resize the width of the main part and the lateral part? - is it possible to put a switching pictures next to the name or logo of the blog - is it possible to put another background picture (little more blue) thanks by advance


- It’s possible, but you need knowledge of CSS, and Photoshop. So it’s not easy for beginners :)

- Switching pictures?

- Yes, you can modify the backgrounds with Photoshop. Colors etc. can be changed easily. If you need help with this, let me know. :)

Guys – could you tell me how to hide tags from individual posts? Thanks.

Hello Jack,

Remove this line from the single.php:

<?php the_tags('<ul class="meta-tags"><li>','</li><li>','</li></ul>'); ?>

Does this come with demo content? How long will it take me to go from purchase -> looking like the demo, assuming i’ve installed tons of wordpress themes.


No there’s no demo content included.

It shouldn’t take too long to set up the blog however. Set up the menu, widgets, options, and start publishing the content.

Hello, very nice theme! I wanted to know if it was possible to change the Menu links to a different font or graphic.. As it is now the text is all grey and flows together, and once I add more Menu links it’ll be a grey wall.

Thanks for your time!

You can use the Custom CSS textarea in the Theme Options to add custom styling to the menu.

Something like this:

nav>ul>li>a {color:#888;font-family:'Oswald',Arial,sans-serif;}

Hello, I just bought this theme and since I´ve update my Wordpress to the version 3.8 it doesn’t work. I have to use other theme because even I can’t access to the admin site. Perhaps, compatibility issue? Are you working in a new version of the theme?

Thank you


There should be no problems with the 3.8 version. The demo, and my local development sites are running on it without problems.

Did you try to install the theme again?

OK. I’ll try it. Thank you

Having problems getting theme to show slideshows in sidebar. I have tried Gallery (jetpack) and RoyalSlider. Please test and see if you get same results. Thanks.

Hi, I’m trying to make the sidebar position fixed: it should follow you while you scroll the page. Any idea on how to do that? Thanks


Here are a couple of possibilities which I found with a quick Googling:

Hi, I googled it too and tried with your suggestion but I couldn’t obtain anything better than a normal, non fixed, sidebar. I was hoping, since you’re the creator of the theme, you had a more specific tip. Thanks for support!

Love the theme! I know you’ve answered this through emails before… I need to know how to change width on main content and sidebar. I don’t know enough about css to figure it out on my own.

Adjustable width settings would be a nice feature in the theme options maybe to add in future updates?



I haven’t given any specific instructions how to adjust the widths. Basically it requires knowledge of CSS, and Photoshop.

What’s wrong with the current widths? :)

You have the main page width set at 530px. I believe I’m understanding now. The css is built around the background image. Be nice if the left and right were separate and there were a width adjustment in the theme options… :)


I am using a plugin named Video Thumbnails to fetch a preview image for videos like youtube, vimeo etc, and set it as featured image for said video so that a thumbnail for the video is shown on the Custom Latest Posts widget (if not, then it shows only a grey square instead of a thumbnail).

The problem is that the full feautred image (not the thumbnail on the sidebar) is shown on the frontpage along with the video itself. How can I make it so that the featured images for videos are shown only in the widgets on the sidebar and not in the main content of the page? In the main content I would like to have only the video itself.

Thank you for your time,


Hello again. I installed the updated version but now at the top right of the main content is says “color” and at the end of the page says:

Dark/Light x Sidebar x Social Icons x Collapse

The source says something about “Demo styling”. Could you look into it?


Oh, I forgot to remove the demo styling from the footer.php file. I just uploaded the fixed version. Should be available soon :)

You can also manually remove the content between “DEMO ONLY” comments in footer.php. You can edit the file in Appearance > Editor.

Thanks again! :)

Hi, with recently updated Wordpress 3.8 I’m not able to show Custom Social Links Widget on the sidebar. Additionaly, in Theme Options under Social Links tab now, there’s nothing except Restore Defaults and Save Options buttons. Any Idea on how to fix this?

Thank you


Hello Dario,

That’s strange. There are no problems in my local development site, or on the demo site. You are the only one reporting this issue, so I’m pretty sure it’s not caused by the theme itself.

Have you tried to re-install the theme?

Hi, regardind translation, one quick doubt:

I’ve downloaded poedit and found two files ( and default.po). Should I translate them both?

Besides, should I ‘Save As’ the translated file with a different name, e.g. ( and is there any other place (like a PHP file) to tell WP which language to use?



Open the default.po file, translate, and save the file as the language code of the translation. For example, if the language is German, save the file as de_DE.po.

If you aren’t using a translated version of WordPress, you should set the language in wp-config.php. For example:

define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

Great, thanks a lot! Piece of cake. I’d suggest you add these instructions to the readme file, might be useful for other users.

No problem :)

Yes, you’re right. Instructions will be added to the documentation.

Hey, just a quick question. I’ve noticed that I’m currently unable to resize Youtube videos below a certain size – so 300×169 results in a video which is much bigger than that. Is this something the theme does and, if so, how can I rectify it?

Thanks, J


Theme uses to resize videos. I think there should be no limitations how small the video can be.

Is that 300×169 the size set for the embed code from YouTube?

Hi there,

Suddenly the theme shows “FATAL ERROR out of memory (allocated 52953088) (tried to allocated 1024 bites) in homepages74/d501881702/htdocs/wordpress1/wp-includes.

The theme has only ran for 2 months, and there is more than enough space on the hosting packages. The images are under 2 Mb each.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I’m sure this is not caused by the theme. Sounds more like a problem on your hosting service. Maybe you should contact them?


I was wondering if it is possible to exclude specifed categories from the latest posts widget?

I know there are other widgets which will do the same but I would rather use the Grunge widget if possible.

Thanks for your help and for creating the theme


Could you send me a message via my profile page, so I can reply you with the instructions :)


I have used this theme in a site since last summer and all perfect, but now I have saw that with new versión of Google Chrome (v.33) it doesn’t look fine. Initially the text doesn’t see, it’s hidden and only when you put the mouse over the links you can see it. Only when you click on one link the page looks complete. In other browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari) the site works perfect, in Chrome v.31 too but not in v.33.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance


I tested the theme with the latest version, and it’s working perfectly. That issue doesn’t sound like it’s caused by the theme.

Do you have any idea why you aren’t showing as “purchased”?

I’ve been investigating and it looks it’s a bug on Chrome v33 with google fonts. I think I solved it adding a temporary fix script. I hope :-)


How Can i set up the author in each blog post, so, the picture appears?


You need an account at

Use the same email for your WordPress profile, and Gravatar.

Hello, the theme looks amazing. Just a thought before buying. Can I have the site in fullwidth instead of the sidebar?


No, this theme doesn’t have a full width layout.

My website that features Grunge has been running extremely slow since Wordpress’ update to 3.8.2. Do you know of any issues with the theme and the update? I’m not currently having any issues with my other websites.


I made some tests with the demo site, and didn’t have any problems. I’m not sure how the slowness could be caused by the theme anyway.

Are you using plugins on your site? They could be the reason.