Discussion on PrestaShop Email Templates

Discussion on PrestaShop Email Templates

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Nice initial release. How can the background color change?

At the line of code 707. Change the number #FAFAFA (bgcolor=”#FAFAFA” style=” background-color:#FAFAFA;)

for your prefered color.


I have never purchased a email template before. We are using a new software provider for our emails, Adestra. Is it a simple process to upload this theme and start using.

Hello, yes, of course, our email templates works with every provider. There is no reason why will not work. Best Regards.

What commerce payment gateway does it work with?

Hello, with Paypal. Regards


can you tell me how to code so that background and main image don’t disappear on mobile device?


Hello, on the line of code 585, just remove the row.

#preview { display:none; } / Hide the template Heading Image to save space */

Best Regards

For some reason when I put new code with inline styling in for the add to cart buttons it doesn’t work. The right column always overrides it with a blue link. Do you know how to solve this?

Hello, please send me the pictures, how it looks with your code, – info@ivycommerce.eu

I will try help you. Regards

It’s ok, for others looking the answer was to add !important; on the end of my css rule. Thanks Jopin


How do I configure Mailchimp drag and drop with this template?

When I follow the instructions, it only creates a new template using the html and is using whatever functionality exists.

I’d like to drag and drop and modify within Mailchimp.


please send me an email at info@ivycommerce.eu I will try to help you

Hi ,

It seems that the template display double header img in the .heading section on Firefox.

Is there a way to correct this issue ?


please send me the picture. Because i think there is no issue. Regards

Here is the Picture :

please insert your own image, you will see. That’s no image. img missing there, that’s the reason. Regards.

Hi. This templates are only translate in English?

Hello, yes. But I would not use the word “translated”. It is like a website. Is enough to fill your own texts. They can be in any language.

Yes, but default the templates are only in english and you have translate to other language manually one by one…

Yes, sure. Take it like a dummy text. Are you asking how to localize the email templates?