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Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.3? In theme information you write: compatible with WooCommerce 3.1.x.

WooCommerce 3.1.x, is very outdated and unsecure! Do not use this theme with this WooCommerce Version! We are worried to do this woocommerce update to 3.4.3.

So if we do a update for wordpress and woocommerce to version 3.4.3 and have a technical or styling issue with your theme, we have to wait up to 5 days to get a the first feedback from you. And if your first feedback will not help, we wait again 5 days for next feedback…

With your working time we can not handle problems, questions, bugs in a manageable time. Please share a solution.

You don’t have to be worried about compatibilities between minor releases because they mostly fix bugs and improve performance, there’s no need for the theme to be updated on every others update. The theme is tested with all the latest versions of everything and unless we find a bug or any customer reports it (because NO ONE’s code is bugfree) we do not make an “empty update”.

It is just safe to keep your plugins updated and only have extra care when updating between major releases (for example from 3.x.x to 4.x.x).

Also making a backup before updating your stuff is a good practice (even better is to have a staging area) because the technical problems that a theme can cause are nothing compared to a corrupt wp core update or woocomerce in this case… problems can come from anywhere.

Latest changes from our records for Gurublog: (2018-03-29) - Fixed sidebar position value on woocommerce pages

- Fixed responsive styles

- Fixed styles for woocommerce 3.0+

Affected files:

M /gurublog/assets/css/responsive.css

M /gurublog/assets/css/woocommerce.css

M /gurublog/options.php

M /gurublog/style.css

M /gurublog/woocommerce.php

The Theme Support team’s commitment is to handle compatibility issues, bug fixing, check new version of plugins are looking and working as they should, etc. any desired customizations/changes fall into the user’s responsibility, even though we try to help on that as much as we can. Maybe our response time is not the greatest but we answer back every single request either from supported or unsupported customers.

Please be clear on your questions and you will get clearer responses.

The blog is shown on frontpage. This is okay.

But we add the blog also to an extra menu “Blog”. See screenshot:

After this: 1. In Wordpress we select this page for blogpost and select checkbox for “show only short text”. See screenshot:

2. We are missing a template for a blog page in page settings. The wordpress core function will not work correct with your theme. Because this extra blog page show not correct the blog posts. The complete content of each blog post is shown. And it’s not possible to style the grid or list view. Only on the frontpage show the blog posts correct in list view. But also here not possible to change styling of list (for example from list view to grid mode).

Each blog page need a seperate blog menu, which all categories and blog posts are shown and in most of them user can select diffrent styles for grid and list.

How to add a extra blog page and style it like front page (without slideshow for sure).

Next question: Do you write us some months before you will add new functions to add extra content to startpage and to handle slidershow. Same for visual editor. Because a bloger is not a script kiddy which wanna work with shortcodes… We are still waiting for any update in this case.

Thank you.

Screen 1 https://ibb.co/fGJ589 Screen 2 https://ibb.co/egTGFp

Please download this file https://cl.ly/0100422N1I1M and place it in your child theme folder if you are using it, otherwise it is safe to put into your parent theme folder as this file will become part of the theme in the next update.

After that set your Settings -> Reading back to https://cl.ly/2w001U1O2X37 Set the page template https://cl.ly/0840082j0h3t on your desired Blog page.

Try it and let me know.

About the editor we are still working on the gutenberg integration. We will post the update as soon as we feel it’s stable enough to release, think that gutenberg is still in beta and many things can break from one day to another.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, I need to do several things that I’m not being able to:

1) Eliminate the StrictThemes upper sidebar with your personal links on it. 2) Eliminate my site name in the upper banner. 3) Change colors for menu and it’s text.

Hi, can you please post back from the account that was used to make the theme purchase?. Thanks, Luis.

Couldn’t install this theme , see massage below….

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-19082155-gurublog-responsive-blog-shop-wordpress-theme-for-experts.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

You are uploading the wrong zip file, you need to extract that one and follow the documentation, it describes which zip you need to upload.

Regards, Luis.

my demo site doesn’t look like it shows on theme forest you have

Hi, Did the demo data import failed or..? I would need to have a url for me to see what can be wrong or at least some screenshots describing the problem.

Did you follow these steps https://cl.ly/939a849dc59f from the documentation?

Regards, Luis.


lauhoff Purchased

Hi, how can i deactivate the sticky sidebar?

Regards, Oliver

Go to Theme Panel > Layout and at the bottom you have the option https://cl.ly/ba046f5b1455 to disable it.

Regards, Luis.


hbowley Purchased

Hi there, I’m trying to edit the link on the social media icons top right. However, I can’t find where to do this?

Thank you!

Go to Theme Panel > Header there you will be able to set your links.

Regards, Luis.


hbowley Purchased

Hi Luis, I can’t see the section you’re referring to, see screenshot: https://ibb.co/d31GFf

Sorry I meant Theme Panel > Layout > Header https://cl.ly/11b649b8cc66

can’t find summery content on main page post, can’t change post content

Hi, the slider is managed via sticky posts, the logos and shop products are placed in widgets (Appearance>Widets>Ad Sidebar 2), the blogroll is automatically created based on your wordpress settings and the sidebar is managed via Appearance>Widgets>Default Sidebar.

how to change content of these post , when I open edit post I can’t see any of these content written in post


I can’t see anything but this https://cl.ly/492441a80973


how to remove or replace ADS on main page side bar

As I said the sidebar is managed via Appearance>Widgets>Default Sidebar.

Hola, poseo conocimientos básicos de wordpress. Quiero saber si debería contratar un soporte técnico adicional para configuar el tema. Aguardo respuesta pronta. Gracias

Hi, Igor! Will you update your themes to use with latest bbPress and BuddyPress, it seems to be some CSS issues? I will make a fresh WP + bb + BP install to check again. I will come back to you later with more info.