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is there a way to add more menus and to add a clickable phone number at the top of this theme

Yes, you can create multiple menus in this theme. Just follow the following path => Appearance => Menus => Create new menu. You can add phone# to be clickable by adding HTML code in the Header text area.

When I upgraded Wordpress, the slider disappeared. I can’t seem to get it back. Can you help with this issue?

Hello @ scottbork. Could you please create a ticket at, explain your issue in detail and provide your login details and url. Your issue will be seen and sorted.

how can i make this template work for mini sites like lets say i have a gym corporate site n 5 mini sites for each locations

Do you want to have one url for all locations? Say you want to have website address and add locations/sites on it? Or there is any different idea?

Have you guys fixed the slider issue with the latest wordpress update? I created a ticket and never heard anything more about you guys working on it.

Slider has been updated already. Are you still having the older one? If yes, then please then ask support teqm to provide you latest version of theme and slider.

I’ll try and contact support again.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Many issues with this theme, it seems. The slider doesn’t work properly and the home page widgets do not show up in the proper places. Quite disappointed. I have created a ticket and still do not get the answers I’m looking for.

The theme is 2 years old, still we are giving full support of it. We have updated the theme to the latest wordpress, you just need to get the files form Themeforest Downloads section and update it with latest files. Issue will be sorted.

I did what you said, still issues.

Do it once again as I have updated the theme with new modifications to resolve the issues.

Hi Chimp,

Your live preview is not working.

Just thought I’d let you know.

Cheers, David

Demo has been restored, please have a look now. There was server issue that has been resolved.

Hi I’m doing this on behalf of a client I’m working with. I’m working with a company to do some seo and website stuff and I was given access to the wp-admin area. Anyway I log in and I saw it needed a wordpress update so I did that (automatically using the update feature) and it went fine, however I notice the slider was blank, I looked on the ‘manage slider>edit’ and nothing seem to be working, the pictures is blank and I tried rearranging them and deleting then adding. Nothing seem to be working. I have attached a diagram on what I mean.

My current version of wordpress is 4.2.2. I have done this a million time before with other clients/works website and never had a problem before. How do I fix this? Please answer me back ASAP. The website is: Thank you.

Kind Regards Anna Nuttall

Hai @ annanuttall. Thank you for your feed back. Please login to account that was used to purchase the theme and get the latest files from Themeforest > Downloads section > Gym Extreme and update your theme. The compatibility with latest wordpress version has been given already and theme would work fine.

slider on my website is not working can you help me ?

Can you email me using email address given on my profile page of themeforest and describe issue you are facing with ticket system and theme? I would resolve both issues for you.

Two days ago I sent a request via your profile but still have not received an answer?

Your ticket ID is 812836 and your email address there is mario.b-- [at] Use these credentials to access the ticket. Your ticket status is open and ticket can be accessed now.

I upgraded to version 1.6. Everything is working again (slider, gallery) except for the contact page. I have sent several test message and it goes nowhere.

Hi@morentz1194: Thank you for your purchase & interest in one of our theme. Please create a ticket to our support system, write in detail about your issue with screen shot. Along your WP-admin site and FTP credentials. Your issue will be diagnosed and resolved. Thank you

Love the theme. Any plans to support WP 4.3?

Hi@Matt_S: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, Yes,we do have plans and when Theme updated version will be available on themeforest for clients to download ,You will be informed through email.Thank you

Four months later and we are now at Word Press 4.4. Once again, are there any plans to update this theme to work with WP 4.4? If there will be no further development on this theme please let us know.

Our developers are working on latest theme updates, you can see our portfolio, we often update our themes.

I’ve just installed Wordpress 4.4. I’d like to buy this theme but can you please confirm if it is compatible? Cheers

The update has not yet been released and theme is not compatible with WordPress 4.4.

How do i remove the leave a reply sections?

Please see following tutorials for you understanding and to have detailed help on the question asked above;

On my blog/news page their is a big image at the top that is not being found. ( ) Can you tell me how i change/remove this.

Glade to see things good at your end. Good day :-)

One more problem, on pages like tags, archives and catergory pages the footer goes to the left?

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Main slider control is bad

And the responsive me on puts the menu


Hi @ramoscastiglione , Could you please create a ticket on our dedicated Chimp Support Portal along with admin login details to be checked and assisted accordingly.


Hi, why can we not change some colours in the settings? for example for slider arrows are pink and the 3 boxes on the page “read more” , “our classes” , “contact us” they are pink titles too?

How do we change please see the link:

Hi @bezziebb , Could you please create a ticket on our dedicated Chimp Support Portal along with admin login details to be checked and assisted accordingly.


Hi, I tried to create a ticket on Chimp Support platform but the it does not confirm my ticket saying that my purchase code is not valid. I’m sure it is correct. Can you help me to solve this please?

Hi @ ylmazilkan ,

Can you email from our profile page of themeforest and describe issue along with purchase code and email address, we will create ticket for you.


Should we just assume there will be no more updates to this theme? Last update was in 2015. Sliders have issues, responsive still doesn’t work right. Support tickets don’t do anything at this point. Very frustrating.

Hi @ tfetting,

You can request latest theme’s pakage along with latest Wordpress compatibility on Chimp Support Portal by follwoing your Ticket #404980!