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Can the form be used with MailChimp or be replaced by mailchimp forms for capturing contact information via another HTML form process? I am looking for a simple theme to promote a free fit club and just provide a form that sends data to an email responder.

Hi @StitchTek. We can help you with that in our Forum.

Where are the +300 icon sets? I purchased the file but I cannot find them – I did look into the PSD file as well.

Hey! Icons from here: You can change them easily! Example: Change -user with -clock and refresh the page! If you need more help add your question at the forum and the support team will help you there. Regards!

Hi, are all images in this template included ? If my client wanted to use the template ‘as is’ with all the images would that be OK ?

Hello @nic8711, photos are only exemplary. Envato authors are not authorized to distribute. Your client may have free photographs in various image databases. Many buyers use their own photographs. Regards

OK that makes sense. Thanks

Hi ! (i’m french sorry for my bad english) I like this theme, but can we change the colors ? i see you write it have 4 colors but can i put my own colors ? THX !

Hi @Mikajack, yes, you can.

Change the css color name. If you need help please add your question into our support forum. Regards.

Hi, Where the form store data ?

It is send by email.

hello. I bought this thinking it was a wordpress theme. I thought it was a one pager. I tried to upload it to wordpress and it failed as its missing the css file and a documentation/css file? how can this be fixed? am I also right in thinking this comes with no images? Thanks

Hi @gwjcampbell, Gym Guide is an html template, is in that category. That is why you can not climb a wordpress installation, you can upload it via ftp.

Regards, MustacheThemes

Good day! Can I use russian fonts with your template

Hi, I’d like to add more maps, as I need to show several branch locations. Can you tell me how to add extra locations? Will it just be in the script.js? I would obviously need to use different ID’s for each map.

Thank you :-)

Don’t worry, I figured it out :-) #SmarterThanILook

Well, I THOUGHT I’d figured it out :-) Works find on normal screen, but on mobile it breaks … The first maps become thin strips, and only the last map displays fully. Take a look here: on mobile, and navigate to “Locations”. Any assistance appreciated!!!

Hey, it looks great! :)

Hi, please send your question in the forum. Support team help here.

MustacheThemes Team

Hi, where i can edit this theme ? Is there some webiste like with wordpress ? I am new in html. Thanks

Hi 1990Dipa, you can edit it with any text editor and upload it via ftp like any other language, a wp version is available yet. Regards

MustacheThemes Team

Hi just bought the template, the first thing in the documentation was change a scryot.js, cant be found, what is the link to your forum anyways and thanks in advanced

Hi @Q5, plase you can make your query in the forum. We respond from Monday to Friday during office hours.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team


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and what’s the link to your forum?

Support system:

Regards, MustacheThemes Team

the demo not working