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pay through a class template. Good afternoon. Can I do with this issue that classes can be paid by “clicking” for example on the table class schedule? Why ?, class pay a monthly class? muchas gracias!

Hello, unfortunately our theme doesn’t include any feature that would allow to collect fees from users. Regards

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Hi. Thank you very much for your reply. and you allow pilates class book, forexample by login or password?

Yes, as I’ve wrote in my last comment – theme doesn’t offer payments. So unfortunately I’m not able to help you with that.


The site has been working fine until now. I now am getting a HTTP ERROR 500

I disabled all the plugins and narrowed it down to WPBakery Visual Composer

Every time this plugin is enabled I get the error. Any solutions to this problem?

Please make sure that you’re using the newest version of theme and Visual Composer. Update instructions here: http://support.quanticalabs.com/forum/topic/6433/faq-frequently-asked-questions#question_4

Yes theme and plugin are most recent versions. Any other solutions?

It’s hard to say. Please create new topic on our Support Forum and our support team member will check this for you and provide a solution. Thank you!

Hello, unfortunately our theme doesn’t include any feature that would allow to collect fees from users. Regards

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Can I set up the timetable to be edited by authors in the backend? I’d like to make this site for somebody else but I dont want them to change any of the important settings.. so I wanted to create a username for them as an author and let them use the timetable.

Yes, you can change the capability parameter in source code. If you’ll have problems with that, please create new topic on our Support Forum after purchase and our support team will help you.

thinking about buying this theme, does it have to be always full screen or do you do a boxed version? and can you change the width, and also can you remove the side bars from each page?

The boxed version is not included. You can check our other theme with boxed version implemented: https://themeforest.net/item/medicenter-responsive-medical-wordpress-theme/4718613
You can change the width using custom css code. Yes, you can remove sidebars from pages, you can do that using visual editor.

Hi, did you have a lighter version of this wordpress template? with clean / white background? or just this dark version?

I saw in other answers, but the layout / style of this one is much better in my opinion (the ‘last news’ of medical template has a weird layout in my opinion and do not has the upcoming classes widget that is very cool to use in gym companys and I like the controls of carousel banner rotator of this theme instead of the medical one… did you think that if I buy the medical template I can change these things easy?

In GymBase theme options there are colors configurators (colopickers), so you can change all colors so they will suit your needs. If you like the GymBase more, then probably will be easier to configure colors for lighter ones within GymBase.

Other question, did you show in the features that example: Visual Composer Plugin (Value of $33) With 40+ Components Included. My question is if all components example “Timetable Responsive Schedule Plugin” will come with last version of codecanyon or these components that you talk about will come with a specific version without updates. Example: The last update of this timetable plugin was on 2 September 16, this update come with the project?

Do you mean in timetable? Yes, you can set different color for each class.

Yes I mean the build in timetable of Gymbase, thank you!

You’re welcome!

when is the next update? It looks like the last one was 15 July 16. Thx

You should be notified via email.

thx guys

You’re welcome!

Hello, i’m using WPML to add a French version to my website. I translated weekdays, but my timetable shows weekdays in both languages (En,Fr) ! Monday – Mundi – Tuesdays – Mardi – and so on Please can u help ?

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi. When there is an update?

We’ll release it in a couple of weeks.

Hello, I have a couple of questions.

1) is it possible to create 2 schedules? My client has a schedule A and B.

2)Can you edit the contact form? The website will be in Japanese and I have to change the “Name”, Email”,”message” text fields to Japanese.

1. Yes, you can create many schedules.

2. Yes, you can translate all contact form phrases with language files.

If you’ll have problems with above, please contact us after purchase and we’ll provide help.

Hi, its possible integrate the Timetable with google calendar?

No, unfortunately timetable doesn’t offer such a functionality.


I want to built my website by using your theme but I have a few questions about the theme to get to know if it fits to all my needs. I want that all my clients can make such steps on website as: • Log in and account registration • Log in to pay via invoice • Ability to use interactive calendar • Log in to see: – upcoming sessions scheduled – alert to schedule more sessions when second to last session is up – request a schedule change – book a session with a trainer – view available nutrition classes

As an admin of my website can I get such notification on my email by using the theme? • Verify/approve registered users within 24 hours • Alerts to first time users/clients accessing the site and applying for an account • Alerts to newly scheduled sessions • Alerts to requests to change session times • Alerts to social media mentions • Ability to invoice and receive payments online

So, does your theme include all necessary plugins to make all these steps?

Thanks for answers and help.

Theme doesn’t include booking, alerts, payments and account registration functionalities. You will need to use external plugins to archive that.