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Really nice work, GLWS ! :)

Thank you! :)


Really nice to hear! Thanks!

Beautiful work QuanticaLabs! Congrats! ;)

Thank you juanmita!


Congratulations! I love it!

I’m thinking on buying it but would Like to ask some questions…

How easy is to change black and Greenpeace colors? It is posible to add standard pages to talk about the gym and his methodology? It is possible to place a video in the front page?

Thanks in advance, Roberto


Thank you very much!

For now you can change colors from style file. I’m thinking of adding some colorpicker for that.
It is posible to add standard pages to talk about the gym and his methodology?
Yes, of course.
It is possible to place a video in the front page?
There are widget area on the top of the home page on the right side and in the footer, so you can use some widget to place there video. You can also use any video plugin.

niiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee theme! ;)

PERFECT and very professional! Bookmarked! GLWS

Thank you for your nice opinion!

Really stunning and creative!

I have questions:

Can the green boxes be changed to any html content or taken out?

Is there the ability for a normal text page with right sidebar and subpage menu?

Does it come with other shortcodes such as horizontal tabs and toggles?

How flexible is the homepage for modification, such as a shorter image slider and taking out the blog posts?


The search bar dropping down upon click bug is happening on Mac Firefox 14.0.1 (latest version). The bug is not showing on Mac Safari.

I’m sorry for my late response. I’ll fix that in the next update.

I’ve prepared an update for theme (current version is v2.0). It should be available soon for download. The update should fix some of your issue and there are also pack of new features.


Thanks team!

:) You’re welcome!

it is great,love it ;)

Many thanks :)

WOW ! Great Work!

All the best


Many thanks :)

This is amazing.

I can honestly think of a couple of sites I’d like to purchase this for, but neither is a gym and green won’t work for either of them. One would need a lighter background, too. So a color picker would be great.

After watching your videos, it looks like Classes is very nicely built into the features. How difficult would it be to change the name of that to something else, like Events or Calendar? I’d be using the theme for live theater sites. I wouldn’t need the trainer, either, but I think I saw where that can easily be changed or removed on the page itself by editing the HTML .


Thank you! You can change ‘Classes’ to anything else. Theme can be configured, so you’ll be able to set it how you would like to.

beautiful work! good luck!


Really nice to hear :)

It’s a beautiful theme to look at but unfortunately a lot of things I’d love to get fixed. I bought this with high hopes but now I’m a bit frustated.

The slider does not stretch across the entire screen on a bigger monitor. Should be fixed and fully wide. Not left justified.

Also, there should be an area to change the color theme.

Please help. Can we expect an update soon on this?

Thank you for your thoughs. I’ll prepare an update for the slider thing. I’ll also add colorpicker so you will be able to change colors. I will try to prepare an update in this week.

Wonderful work! :)

Good luck!


Nice to hear these words from an experienced designer. Thanks :)

A light and dark version would also be a huge addition. The black background is nice but some gyms like yoga studios need a lighter brighter feel.

Nice theme, great design and original work. Always love that!


Nice to hear.



Many thanks.