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I download your theme for test. WPML does’ not work in some categories such as Gallery, Trainers, Weekdays, Classes. I can’t create more than one menu, it’s write to me that this theme support only one menu. I need website with 3 languages: English, Russian, Latvian, is it possible to create with your theme and WPML? I want to buy your theme, but, can you give me a guaranty, that all works fine? At this time I can get any support because I don’t buy this theme, but if theme can’t work with WMPL, can’t support these tree languages and more than one menu – I don’t need this!

I’ve just replied to your email.

When may I expect the next update for Gymbase? The timetable doesn’t seem to be updated whereas the medicare theme has the timetable updated.

Timetables in MediCenter and GymBase themes are similar, there are only little differences in layout and I’m not planning to update timetable in GymBase theme.

I see, but this theme will have updates coming up right?

Yes, the next planned update is integration with Visual Composer.


Before purchasing, want to ask you about the calendering features. How if I have more than 1 studio, can I have any customization for customer to pick to view timetable for more than one studio?

Additionally, can I know if I can schedule more than one class at the same time? and how will it display in the calender?

Please see this example:


Yes, with categories or with hour category. If you’ll have problems with setting this up, then use our Support Forum to get help. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Dear Quantica, I managed to do it after read some article from your support forum, thanks!!!

Great! You’re welcome!

I have few questions to ask before buying this beautiful theme:

> Is it possible to integrate a subscription-client management software with this? > Which one do you recommend? Need to have the same look and feel with the GymBase theme and to be easy to customize. > Is it possible to have client’s area? > Is it possible to have personalized content (and full control of it) for each client? > Is it possible each client-member to see in which classes he/she has attended to the past in his/her client area? > Is it possible to create a “book now – last minute” entry for let’s say a Kung Fu class? > If any of the above not supported, is it possible to create them as WP plugins? (cost?)

Many thanks in advance.

Those functionalities aren’t build in. You may find some plugin which will provide that but I don’t know any. I’m also not available to create such a functionalities for you.

Thank you for your reply. One last question: Does this theme support Greek language?

Yes, theme is using utf-8, so any characters should be displayed without issues.

I can have boxed style of the theme?

Only with css code modifications. There is a topic on our Support Forum where you can find some advices how to set boxed layout: http://support.quanticalabs.com/forum/topic/2972/boxed-layout-with-background we can also will help you with that in case you’ll have any problems.

Hi there,

First of all, just wanted to say this is a great theme. :-)

I have three issues, which I need some help with please as I can’t figure out what to do.

1) All of my main body copy throughout the site is condensed between each line of text. Could you help me with this please?

2) On the timetable the times disappear when two times overlap. Could you help me with this please?

3) The classes and the timetable do not link when you either click on the relevant class in the timetable (I get a 404 – Page Not Found) some when I click the timetable in the class accordion.

Hope all that makes sense. Sorry my skills are a little limited. ;-)

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks, I’ve created a new topic. I’d like to get these 3 problems sorted asap if possible? ;-)

Thanks again

Sure, you’re right now 1st in the topic queue, so you should receive the answers soon. But please post on the forum your site url, so we’ll be able to debug your issues.

Great, I’ve taken the coming soon holding page off and the site is now live. I’d like to turn it off again asap please as the client hasn’t seen it yet. url posted to forum too. ;-)

Thanks again for the quick response.

Fingers crossed. ;-)

First of all.. a nice theme, looks very clear.

Before purchase i am want to know or it is possible to use the “classes” as “events”.. what means that it need to be possible to use and show dates. (in listing and widgets).

Or is it possible to use a event registration plugin, but then use also the widget styles on homepage and sidebars

Thank you! Only week view is available and you can’t assign classes to dates. You can of course use some external plugin but if you will need the same styles as theme have, then you’ll need to write some custom css code.

Can this theme be transformed into a matchmaking service for people who wants to find a fitness partner/buddy?

You can do that but if you would like to add any custom functionalities above available ones you’ll need to code them on your own.


Trying to setup your theme and modify it to my needs but can’t seem to get the slider and menu to work. Can you help me figure out what I have done wrong?

Tried to use the supportpage but it says that my purchase code is for another item,



If you already have an account on our support forum, please verify your other purchase here: http://support.quanticalabs.com/account/verify_purchase/ to get access to its category on the forum.

Hi there. Can you tell me why al the additional days are listing underneath the timetable? What can I do to remove them? Thanks.


Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi there, Is timetable in this theme the same as your plugin “Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress”? Thanks.

Thanks for reply. But does it have the same options? Can I choose a visual styles and layouts. Class filter as dropdown or show start-end time directly in blocks with class titles.

There is only one layout available: http://quanticalabs.com/wp_themes/gymbase/timetable/ You can have filter as dropdown but it’s in default html style (filter_style=’dropdown_list’ parameter). Timetable integrated with theme has less options than plugin. If you need extended config for timetable, then you can purchase plugin separately and use it in theme.

I see. Thanks!

Hi I’ve just updated to the latest version but I get this message “Hola! Please activate your copy of Visual Composer to receive automatic updates.”

As our version of Visual Composer is bundled with the theme, I’m guessing we can’t activate it – so how can we remove this message?


Yes, you can simply ignore that message. I’m sorry – that’s my fault, I should disable it in the code (and will do in next theme version). If you would like to do that on your own, please open admin/style.css file and add below code to it:

    display: none;

Great thank you!

You’re welcome!

I’m trying to use your .PO file to translate the theme to French. This is the first time I’m doing this but it seems that you have omitted MANY of the themes elements from the .PO file.

Examples include the following:

-Top -Latest Tweets -Archives -Categories -Comment -Most Commented -Most Viewed

etc, etc, etc.

Am I doing this wrong or did you really omit all of these strings from the file?

Also the bread crumb trail, is not translatable.

I’ve created a second theme folder named “gymbase-english”. I’m going to run that on the English part of my multi-site and I will edit the code files in the original theme folder to address the needs of my French version. Wish there was an easier way but I’ve been searching for days and I still do not see a way to translate the search box, breadcrumb trail, some of the blog features, “top” button, etc

Please try to get help on that on our Support Forum. You can create new topic there and our support team member will help you to solve that.

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this. I’d just like to know if the home page is a page in its own right, or if we control the content for it through the theme options. Many thanks Vicky

Yes – it’s the page as any other, so you can control it’s content using WP editor or Visual Composer (there is switch available).

Brilliant – thank you – I’ll be buying it today!

Great! You’re welcome!

Hi I’ve just updated to the latest version but I get this message “Hola! Please activate your copy of Visual Composer to receive automatic updates.”

As our version of Visual Composer is bundled with the theme, I’m guessing we can’t activate it – so how can we remove this message?


PS : Hello, I manipulation (admin style.css I copy the code) but nothing happens. Can you give me the manipulation. thank you in advance

Yes, this message shouldn’t be displayed – you don’t need to activate Visual Composer. Please send me your admin area login details via contact form and I’ll check why it has been displayed and fix that for you.

Hi great theme! One question on timetable: You can change the interval between hours. passing from 1 hour to 30 minutes or 10 minutes? So to have the column of the hours from 10:00 10:30 11:00 etc… or 10:00 10:15 10:20 etc

I need this because my client schedules that are displayed really bad … http://onegym.it/timetable/

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you!
Please contact me via contact form. I’ll send you in response modified version of timetable, which you can try.

Hi, Having a problem with the demo data not being imported- have left a message on the support forums. Never had this problem before with 50+ wp sites. Nothing beats the good old .xml import IMO.

Error during import: [object Object] error Not Found

We’ve answered on the forum. Let’s continue conversation there. I hope that we’ll be able to find the solution very soon.

Hi guys,

before I purchase I want to ask you one quick question: I think it might be really helpful if people could book a training by putting in a contact form or having something like woo commerce in the backend that allows people to book for a training until no slot is available anymore.

Would you mind to provide me with an information about this?

Thanks all!

Such a functionality isn’t implemented. You can of course use some plugin and implement it on your own. You can put a shortcode or html code into each class box in timetable, so you will be able to put there some button for example.

Hi there! I would like to purchase your theme, it’s really nice! One question: Can I buy the theme with the regular license and then upload it to subdomain of mine (develop.mydomain.com) to make the development and then finally migrate it to the real target domain (finaldomain.com) and delete it from the initial development place (develop.mydomain.com)?

Thank u!!

Yes, you can do that.