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Lovely theme. Could you answer a few pre-purchase questions please.

What is the maximum size of photos? Is it possible to use my own logo, if so, what max size can I use?

Thank you. M J

Hey M J,

thank you for taking interest in my work!

To answer your questions:

- Images in pages, posts, and portfolio projects have an auto width and height, limited only by the width of the main (pink-ish) content box. The latter scales with the browser size (fluid layout), but has a maximum width of 1680px. Images inside page/post/project content will have either their natural width, or the width of the content box, whichever is smaller. Thumbnails (featured images) are always stretched to 100% of the content box width.

- The dimensions of the logo are not limited, since the jQuery components automatically scale the entire upper part (menu, logo, sticks) depending on the size of the logo and other elements. It must be noted, however, that very large logos may make the header look clumsy.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask! You can also create topics on my support forum.

Best, Andrew | Satori Studio

Excellent work my friend!!!

Thank you AtomTech!

WOW! Beautiful clean design – congrats!

Thanks, Xepono :)

Beautiful work!!!! Awesome theme my friend!!! Wish you many sales…;)

Thank you Juanma!

I love the concept of this theme, but I’m a bit lost as to how it’s functional. It seems like it’s missing some key things, but maybe I’m just not understanding where to look?

1. Is there a gallery option? I’m not seeing one (which is confusing, given it’s a creative theme…?) Clicking on the portfolio doesn’t do anything except show a single image.

2. Is the homepage configurable? And if so, how?

3. How are the little banners determined? Are they customizable like a menu would be, or are they pulled from portfolio categories?

Dear Faith,

do you mean a portfolio with several columns, like e.g. my other theme Fuji, or a gallery post format? The former is not envisaged so far in Haiku, while the latter is already shown in the demo, you can see it as the last project on the front page.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori Studio

Ah, I see. Okay, I get it now. Lovely design.

So then my question becomes, how does the slideshow handle different sized images? Does it resize or can the size/dimensions be manually adjusted?

Dear Faith,

I plan to add automatic height scaling in the near future, so far the gallery only adjusts the width, i.e. it is recommended to have the same proportions for all images inside a particular gallery (e.g. 400×200 pixels and 600×300 pixels).

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori Studio

Refreshing, elegant work, congrats!

Thanks Bedros :)

Hi there, I could use this for a project we are working on. This does not appear to use a 960 grid, so are the css containers sized by percentages? The reason I ask is I need to use a plugin that can use a lot more space than the 960 grid offers.

It’s a purchased plugin but I’ll send you a copy for testing purposes if you can test it with the theme and let me know that would be great!

OK, I just sent you a download link. Please let me know if you received it.

Hey Tracy,

I’ve sent you an email ;)

Best, A. | Satori Studio

Still considering this theme. It’s so simple that it confuses me a bit (not a bad thing, just getting used to it.)

Can the homepage be a single gallery post with a slideshow that starts automatically? Or even a static image?

Also, can the lengths of the stick menu be adjusted or do they configure automatically? For nested menus, I’m guessing I’d have to use the more traditional menu, yes?

Really beautiful. I keep coming back to it…

Warmest, Faith

Dear Faith,

In WordPress, it is always possible to declare a static page as the front page, it can be done in the “Settings -> Reading” admin section. This page can contain any content you like, including images, text, embedded media, sliders, etc. You can also use any of the third-party slider plugins (e.g. Orbit Slider) in case you want some particular functionality for that page.

The stick menu item height can be set for each item individually, it is absolutely up to you which figure to choose. The sticks do not support submenus, for the sake of usability – yet the normal WordPress menu on the right does, as you can bee by clicking e.g. on the first item.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hey, I think this is a really great theme. I love the minimalism in it. But these sticky menu bars stretch over the whole screen in the mobile view: http://www.responsinator.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsatoristudio.net%2Fhaiku%2F

Is this intentional?

Hey Krrrks,

thank you for expressing interest in my work!

Yes, the stretched icon menu is intentional – I’ve tested several alternative mobile layouts with various amounts of icons and menu item sizes, and this one seems to be the most convenient for using with fingers on a touchscreen.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio