Discussion on Hair Care - Responsive Salon WordPress Theme

Discussion on Hair Care - Responsive Salon WordPress Theme

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Just making sure you saw my last reply, hope is well. :)

are still planning to update this theme? having a problem with the appointment button now too.

Sorry, we are working on the urgent themes, we will work on this after completion of other themes.

thank you :)

theme seems to have broken recently is there a plan for an updates soon?

How do I change the opening times? I see no way to customize this option.

I couldn’t find the contact form on your profile. Here is my site url: https://www.gabriellas-salon.com/

Try this.

Add the below css code in “Customize > Addtional CSS”

#mid_container {
    opacity: 1!important;

This solved the problem for me. Thank you very much!

hi, for some front page of the site is not working: https://1stchoicebarbershop.com/site/

could you please take a look and tell me what happened

Go to “Settings > Reading” where you need to select Home page as Static front page.

If you face any issue, please email me your wp admin access I will check it out.

Or create query at our support forum http://support.kayapati.com/

After Installing the theme it is missing some features, When preview it is showing a blog instead of a full demo. Please assist.

then go to “Settings > Reading” where you have an options to set static front page.

Hello .. I hope you have professional sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

this is mobile friendly? From my iPhone Is see it’s broken?

It works fine from 320 and above.

Does this work with latest version?

after upgrade i am getting the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function rwmb_meta() in /home/roshel/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/haircare/slider/fullscreen-bg-slider.php on line 27

here is my site: http://1stchoicebarbershop.com/site/

Please help!!!

We just fixed the bug, you can re download theme and update it.

kayapati -

i receive this error when accessing my site. Does this have to do with Wordpress updates? Thank you so much

“Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home1/blair4hair/public_html/build/wp-content/plugins/testimonials-widget/includes/class-testimonials-widget.php on line 394”

Testimonials plugin, can you tell me is this coming from theme?

OR is it from out sider plugin?

Kayapati – Thanks again for the great theme!

One question that i cannot resolve.

How do I edit code so the website menu will stretch across the entire page no matter what size the browser is? Right now it will only stretch so far and will stay at that size.

Here is my site: http://thermalreconditioningsf.com/

Any help is graealy appreciated.

Thank you! - JB

If you would like to make the menu down then open the style.css and go to line number 180 and find below code:

.header_right_section { float: right; } and replace with this.

.header_right_section { float: right; clear: both; width: 100%; margin-top: 30px; }

If you want fluid width to stretch the window then you need to place nav menu our side container class, so you need to edit the core files which we do not suggest you.

demos isnt working fyi

Now its working.

Hi Kayapati,

I’m trying to use contact form 7 within your theme and I am running into errors when dealing with the input field.

If you take a look at my site, the input field defaults to a dark gray. I need this to be white.

What can I change in the stylesheet so the gray is overridden?


Thank you!

Navigate to “Globle Settings > input fields Color Settings” where you can find options for input field bg, border and text colors.

how does the appointment scheduler work?

This is the form the data is sent to email. If you need dynamic data then try using any third party appointment plugins.

how do i add a top footer section? I see there is an option for updating bottom footer section but i cannot see an option for adding content to the top footer section. How do i do this?

I have done this but the procedure but the widgets i add still do not display in the footer

Have you any other ideas?

You mean the Top footer the widgets are not showing?

Go to my profile page and provide us wp admin access to check it out.

How do you add the google maps on home page like on the demo? Also would like to add on contact page.

We fixed the testimonial issue.

The footer tell number should be added like this.

<a href="" style="text-decoration:none;border:none;color:#000000;">8002346000</a>
let me know if you still face the issue.

That code didn’t work. i used this code (203) 854-9828 but still doesn’t work on mobile. Also the testimonials on mobile site look same, do I need to do something to see change? Site is live now http://creativehairnorwalk.com/

We updated theme yesterday, so you need to re-download theme and update it.

I would like to buy this theme; and I’d like to know if the background color of the slider homepage can it be changed? Having a united background color clear, for example ? From the example of demonstration of the default home page can you add content below ? And increasing the page ?

Thank you in advance regards Max

thank you for your back another and last question about the menu : is there an option for the menu remain visible when you scroll ? regards Max

Sorry, right now there is no sticky menu option, we have added it in our todo list, we will add it in coming updates.

Thank you for your back regards Max

How change the font and size of menu, any code ?

Plz login with buyer account to get support

Hi Kayapati,

Love the theme. Everything is looking good. I have just one small thing. How do I line up the menu links with the new logo image. Currently the menu links sit higher than the logo.

Add below css style in “Theme Customize > General Section > Custom CSS” text area.

.header_right_section {
    margin-top: 50px;

Perfect, thanks

Glad to help you :)

Hi, SiteOrigin Post Carousel which in the theme does not work rotate or return to the first slide, after reach to the final slider image. You can check this one. http://yourplace-beauty.com/beauty-center-services/

Is there anyway to make it rotate back to the first, slide? Thanks.

Sorry, the Post Carousel slider widget is not from theme, its from the siteOrigin, do you feel that the issue from theme?

Ha, sorry I thought SiteOrigin is required to install by your theme. So I can uninstall SiteOrigin and install other layout builder.

sorry, the siteOrigin is must in order to use my theme like my demo, we designed all widgets based on this page builder, I do not recommend it.


I’m using fullscreen slider in homepage and use the exact image which you used in the theme, but when I resize the page the images are not responsive.

could you please tell me why?

Can you give us the page url?

Problem solved, the error happened because I used RTL version, but thanks anyway

Can you tell me or give us the screen shot of the issue?

Are the ready to use home page layouts and XML demo file still available

Yes, you have an option “One Click Demo” where you will get all the demos showing on the demo site.

When I click on the “One Click Demo” there is a note asking to install “Haircare” theme required plugins. Can you list these required plugins please.

site Origine Page builder plugin and Kaya Hair Care Page widget plugin, you can see a message on every page to install these plugin, do not see any message?


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