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Hi, I love this template and I would want to purchase and customise it for my wifes hair salon business. I just need abit of clarifications? Please what is the difference between the Wordpress version and the html version. Will I be able to edit all the text and change all the images using any html editor like dreamweaver. I know a bit of css, html but never used wordpress before. Which one would you advise I purchase, considering ease to use and customisation. Is the price a monthly payment or one off. Thank you


Thank you for your interest.

HTML version comes with HTML and CSS files, you can edit the content manually, directly in the code with software like Dreamweaver.

WP version should be installed in the WordPress installation that you already have installed somewhere on the server (we can also do this for you according to http://www.proteusthemes.com/pricelist.html ). WP gives you powerful interface so editing and adding the content is much easier and there is no transferring files over FTP to server involved. Take a look how the installation looks like: http://youtu.be/whRMhLhFF2s

If you are already familiar with basics of HTML, then I guess it will be easier for you to start editing the content in HTML, but on the long run WordPress is much easier to handle, update and maintain.

Both are one off payments.


Hello, Like an idiot I purchased the wrong theme. I need the Wordpress ready theme and was wondering if my funds paid for the html can be put towards the purchase of the Wordpress theme. I can make the purchase asap just need to know. Thank You


you need to contact Envato and explain them your situation, we really can’t help you with this, I’m so sorry! Let me know how it goes and take care.

I just need a website for a small hair salon and no sales is needed. should I just get the HTML version or should I get the Wordpress version


no matter that I would suggest you choose WP version, because it it easier to set up and maintain on the long run. With the HTML version you need to have some advanced knowledge (and experiences).

Is this a bootsrap HTML template?

Yes, Bootstrap version 2.3.x

is this mobile friendly? how does it fare with google’s PageSpeed Insights test?


I love this theme, but I do not like the colors at the bottom. Can the black be changed to another color?


you can change more or less all colors in live customizer and of course with Custom CSS.

Hi i have purchased this theme, I would like to know how can i activate the sliding banner in mobile devices? Can you please tell me where i have to change the responsive setting for the sliding banner?


find this line `if (myWidth > 767) {` in js/custom.js file. Change it to 1 an it should work on mobile…

Hi, i have a Problem if i send äüö with the contact form can you give me a code fix or new send-email.php … Thank you


Try to change this code in send-mail.php:

mail( $recipient, $subject, $body, "FROM: ".$fields['email'][0] )

with this one:

mail( $recipient, $subject, $body, "FROM: ".$fields['email'][0] . "\r\nContent-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8" . "\r\n" )

Hi, Pre-sale question: possible to have appointment form on the slider instead of opening time ? 2. Possible to have drop down service details to choose on the appointment form ? 3. on mobile , cannot see slider text and also remove opening time ? Regards Gurpreet


yes, everything is possible, if you will change the code, because this is a HTML version of HairPress.

If you are looking for WordPress-ready theme, follow this link: http://goo.gl/9zpCkW

Hello. I want to purchase your template, but I was wondering if I people who visit the website can book appointments on there too. If so, is this already in the template or do I have to change some of the coding. Appreciate the response back.



Yes, the working form is included, written in PHP and sends an email to your address. Documentation on that comes with the theme.

Thanks. I will be purchasing this theme

Thank you!

How can I edit the .title-area? Instead of the background being grey I would like to add my own as a saved jpg. by chance. This is really the only block thats in the way. Everything else is wonderful.

Hi, please refer to http://support.proteusthemes.com/ for support and thank you for your cooperation. We offer support only on our support platform.

Why I bought the template and receive spam every day? I only used my email here .


we don’t send spam or any other emails to those who just buy our themes/templates…

If I wanted to add a maximum amount of times I could get appointments made could I add coding for that? If so how? Meaning if I got to 50 appointments made for that week at the maximum could I not accept any more than that. Or have it show a message that the maximum amount of amount of appointments have been made for that week.


this is a custom code and I’m afraid this can’t be part of our free support.

Ok. How would I go about having you help me with this situation. I’m still pretty new to this. How much does the support cost?


Sorry, we are not available for such modifications. I recommend finding a freelancer who will be able to help you out.


Does not work send an e-mail. I typed your email address to send the file-email.php but sending a message does not work, please help. I guess this file send-email.php does not work.

Hi, thank you very much for your comment, but as you were able to see upon purchase, we do not provide 1-on-1 support for this theme anymore. However, in our support portal you will be able to find an extensive knowledge base, public forum and theme documentation. Thank you very much for understanding.

Hi Guys great work your are doing! I bought Hairpress template couple of months back now my problem is that the front slider crops the images from sides. and other problem is the carousel is not mobile friendly(image doesn’t adjust), although I read the whole area for this where you suggested to the other person to change “mywidth” to 1 in customJS, I did this as well but didn’t work. please help me. Thanks!

Hi, thank you very much for your comment, but as you were able to see upon purchase, we do not provide 1-on-1 support for this theme anymore. However, in our support portal you will be able to find an extensive help center and theme documentation. Thank you very much for understanding.

If you check our demo you will see the slider is working the same as in your case since there needs to be place for opening times and social icons. Take care!