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text is overlapping for “Name of Project” – where to fix—http://pho.to/77MUv

Please let me know if we have the latest install. Our site is getting lots of errors on mobile devices .

Scroll not working on iPhone.
Logo on left side not working on iPhone
WHAT WE DO images not working open project window on iPhone

Screen flashes when scrolling on iPad.
Getting unusual scrolling on WHAT WE DO section for iPad—not scrolling to section, hidden info (see previous issues)

Text overlapping for About This Project if there are 2 lines of text.

HEY! – Im almost certain now that you did not give us the latest version. I just reviewed my client’s site in portrait mode on the iPad and got the BIG WHITE SPACE which you said was fixed!!! This is not good along with tons of other issues that we’re having with the template.

Will you please answer our emails and comments sir?

full email sent to your profile email. Please check and get back with me at your earliest.


Let me know if you received email… We haven’t heard back yet.

Hello hifidev, i’m currently out of office until wednesday because of vacation. Anyway i have almost found the solution and you’ll recieve news probably tomorrow on the evening. Cheers !

Hi, I want to display in the mobile device detail of the work (big pictures in WHAT WE DO. section), how can I do it? Thanks in advance.

Hello Artprofile, it wont be possible, the template is not made for doing that :/

I’m sad :(

Hi, I have the same issues of hifidev for iPhone

Scroll not working on iPhone. Logo on left side not working on iPhone

How can I fix it?

Any news to fix it?

Hello Artprofile, it’s seems strange but did you downloaded the latest version of the template ?

Yes, is the last one.

Hi my client really loves the website I made her thanks to you guys! Question :: recently she has been complaining about hundreds of spam emails coming in from the contact form. Is there a quick easy fix for this?


Hello wildjay, is it some spam from his contact form ? Or it’s because she have put his e-mail on the website ?

It’s from the contact form. The email that is listed goes to her agent and I have had no issues with that. I used what is called a “honey pot” for now and we are seeing is this works, but if you have a better solution please let me know. Thank you!

Have you been able to fix the problem with the white area on mobile devices? http://1drv.ms/1Ea8oTr, itried this with the newest available downloadble version on themeforest! Thanks for your answer..

Hello, thanks for purchasing it ;-) Could you please send me the link of your website ?

Hello, it’s seems to be just a problem with your background image, so you have to put a extra pourcent on your media queries files. You can also try to put a background-size: auto 100%

HI i can’t change the text Visited Website in the expanded view! I cant find were i do that! Best Anders

Thanks for very Quick answer.

Exactly how would I put (target = ”_ blank”) at the time? Get an error message when I try!

at that line

Sorry about all the questions! Got one more problem except above. I put some more products under “What we do” but the last row does not slide up after you click away the big Picture on the second row!


Why no answer???

Hi, i’m also having problems scrolling on iPhone, is there a known fix? Thanks…

Hi, that’s my comment above regarding the iPhone scrolling issue. I didn’t realise i had two accounts… I purchased the template with this one… ;)

Hello! why the template don’t show landingpage’s image in mobile? In Chrome don’t show too, in resolutions lower than 768px. The arrow don’t work too in mobile.

For those who have not been able to solve the scrolling problem on iphone and ipad, we could solve it with the following: body { overflow-y: scroll; /* has to be scroll, not auto */ -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; } Help from https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/momentum-scrolling-on-ios-overflow-elements/

Theme won’t install on WordPress, keeps telling me the .zip file does not contain the style.css stylesheet

All the images are broken in your live demo…

Hello, may I buy this template and convert it to codeigniter then sell it on codecanyon? We can discuss about royalty if needed.


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