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Very nice work buddy! Good luck :D

Thanks :-)

Oh, this is awesome!! Just one question, can the expanded works show multiple images (for example in a slider?)? Thank you :)

Don’t think so or i have some work to do for that :/

Great work! Done like a sir!

Thanks Sir ;-)

Great graphic-design work. Congrats.

Thanks Bedros, glad to hear that!

Great work man !

Thanks !

Thank You very much !

Beautiful theme! Have you thought about adding categories for the portfolio? And maybe a Google Maps plugin?

I have added in another file a categories filter like this one :

If you wanna buy it with this function, send me an e-mail ;-) About the Google Map, i won’t add it, it’s gonna be to much, i like smooth design !

Cool! Will definitely buy when needed. :)

Hi, great work! Quick question: I just downloaded the files and noticed, the portfolio page (What We Do) does not seem to expand when the images are clicked as in the demo version online. I reviewed the help files but did not see this subject mentioned. Is there a code that must be added to have this expanding effect? Thanks

Sorry to bother you again so soon, but I ran into another small detail re: form mail, I can see where to update the email hyperlinks for New Business & Employment, but I’m not finding the code to add for the send button: “html_form_send.php”. At the moment it just links to a blank page, it would also be cool to have a “message has been sent” confirm feature. Not sure if this is possible to add. Also, as a comment mentioned above, having categories in the portfolio section could be ideal for my concept. Before spending too much time developing this current layout, is it possible to upgrade to the category version. Any ideas?

I’m working at the moment to upgrade the Portfolio Section with filter button. Send me a e-mail on, for sending you the html_form_send.php

Awesome, right away. Thanks!

Great design! Good luck! :)

Much thanks !

Hi !

I purchased your lovely template and i noticed the issue reported by tatt2drew. Where is the expanded work section?

Sorry, is there a way to put more images in the expanded view? And to remove the “visit website” tag?

You want delete all the block or just write something other than ” Visit Website ” ? Cauz if you want to modify just the text, you have to edit the grid.js on line 324. And if you want to delete the block, you have to change on line 374 and change display: inline-block; for display:none;

Fine! I would like to delete the block. And about to put more images on the “expanded” view?

Nice portfolio item display ;) GLWS!

Thank You ppandp !

Nice and clean, good luck with this ;)

Thanks !

Neat and conceptual.

Thanks amzee, it’s always great to hear that!

How about making the menu visible on smaller devices, I want to make some more pages.

Hello, at the base, it’s an One Page Responsive Template :) the menu is visible until max-width is 520px. Anyway you can also make it visible in the media queries, and make it display on. It’s looks the same as the max-width 720px.

Hi, great Template! I like it a lot, but i got some mobile Issues:

iphone 4/5 (960×640 & 1136×640 – safari and chrome)

- backround image is not visible, you start with a blank white page. Solution is to start with to show some content. Is there a way to show the image and the “see what we do” button?

- If you open the first Portfolio Item it works, you can´t see the image but the Details. If you open it again or open another one it pops out and closes immediately.

ipad mini (1024×768 – safari and chrome)

- if you open a Portfolio Item in Landscape Modus it pops out and closes immediately, although there is enough space to show it. - in Portrait Modus it works

Thanks ;)

i haven’t problem with my iPhone 4, but anyway I’m gonna check this trouble tomorrow morning about the iPhone & iPad…

Thank you!

Can you also check the Live Preview if there’s always the bug of closing portfolio item? It’s work fine for me and if it’s work for you, i’ll post the issue about that little bug :)

Hi, nice temp mate!

If you are in the extended workview, the whole item is grey overlaid and when u hover another one it gets clear. I think it have to be reversed, so that the active item is not overlaid and the unactive is overlaid. Maybe u can fix it – would be awesome!

Hello, The bug is fixed, the template is in the review queue, so if you have bought it, you’ll be notified that is modified and you’ll be able to download the modified file :)

many thanks!

Awesome work! Good luck

Thanks :)

Very nice & clean!
Wish you luck with it ;-)

Thank you for your wish :)

Nice design mate, clean and simple.

A couple of things: - the home page background shows up strange on ipad.. it looks all zoomed in or something - the portfolio items don’t seem to work properly on ipad, sometimes they dont open and when they do there is a large blank grey area…

But the overall look is great :)


Awesome design, very simple and elegant!

Not sure if this was already reported, but on the contact form the Email input is missing!

It’s in the review queue with the php file, you’ll be notified with the update from ThemeForest