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Nice awesome theme

Thanks :)

Very Cool, add a Blog Page, and this will sell even Better!!! Good luck with Sales!

It’s in project :)

Hi guys, great looking theme.

I’d love to purchase however I’m getting some glitches on ipad when opening the portfolio items, they just close straight away. Weird! Also is there an easy way to have multiple images in each project when it opens? With a in place slider or something?

Thanks in advance Joz

I’m checking about iPad bug today ;-) About the slideshow there’s no update at the moment in queue, maybe later :)

Can you check the Livre Preview on your iPad about the closing of the portfolio item ?, it works fine for me, so if for you too, i’ll post the issue ;-)

hi, the portfolio works now, still would be nice to be able to include a slider for the images when opened. How easy wold it be to include one myself? I’d be 100% in if you had that feature :)

Excellent work. I would like to develop a wordpress theme with this when you fix these bugs reported above. We can negotiate? ;)

I’m already on the way with someone to make it into WP theme :)

Ok So I’m going to kill myself. Goodbye. =(

Nice work! I love it. One remark, maybe I’m stupid, but the front logo with the text slider doesn’t seems to be centered. Both in Safari and Chrome. I haven’t made any changes to the downloaded files.


In the code everything is centered so there’s no trouble there :) let’s see when u’ll change it with ur logo ?

No luck yet. I’d like to refer to the comment of MrMojoRisin. I’m also working on the Retina macbook. Thanks in advance!

Alright, i’m checking for this atm ;-)

nice theme..

Thanks :-)

Hi there!

Really awesome and stylish theme!

But if i open the Site on my MacBook Pro Retina it seems that there is a problem with the Main-Page (Headline with Logo above)...

On my Mac Pro all is fine but with my Retina the Logo and Headline is at the bottom of the page…

Have a look:

WordPress would be really nice! ;)

Best, D.

Let me Check about this, Will answer back when it’s fixed


unfortunately i’ve some problems on mobile devices. First is the background at the Homepage – displayed white… Second is the portfolio-thing.

It would be great if you could help me there.

Thumbs up (Y)

No worries about the background, it’s gonna be fixed after the review.

Don’t forget the send mail script in the update


The mail sender php file is already updated, just re-download It :-)


Hi Supview,

thanks for a great template – is there a way to impement a second grid like the work-grid on the page ?

I have tried, copied and customized grid.js for the second one – but only one grid is working at the same time.

Do you have an idea ?



Hi would you please send me html_form_send.php ? I bought this pack, but this file missed. Sorry for my bad english :) Thanks!

Did you re-download It ? Seems strange that the file is missing for you, but if it’s not in the version 1.2 It’ll be there in the next update ( this evening )

I will try it.. thank you.

I’m also experiencing the MBP Retina issue with the logo, also is there a way I can remove – or change the colour of the arrow on expanded view?

About the colour of the arrow, it’s on the line number 270 on main.css ;) I’ll release tomorrow the version 1.3 about the Retina & iPad bug, by the way i have add you in Twitter

Pretty nice simple theme, well done buddy. Your sales rock :) All the best!

Thank you very much :-)

Hey Supview, theres some issues on iOS 6 for iPhone, add me on twitter for some feedback @peteavey. Nearly done customising it :)

Great work ;)

Nice theme!

Maybe a good idea to add a captcha to the contact form ;)

Maybe on the WP release ;-)

Could you please include any update documentation in the download? I’ve heavily customised the theme but I need to know what to edit for the bug fixes.

Great work!

hi i love the theme i was wondering the menu doesnt get fixed on ipad

is it a bug can it be fixed


Can you make me a screenshot and send it to ?

hi thanks for replaying i didn’t buy the thmeme yet

before i buy i want to check a few things and from what ive check on my ipad

the demo theme the one in theme forest is not working perfectly on i pad the menu which starts at the bottom and then when reaching the top get position fixed

this thing is not working on ipd

can it be fixed


I just checking with an iPad 2 and there’s no problem, it’s normal that the menu stay at the top :)

Hi Supview, got this theme, so far loving it, but question. Is there a way to remove the “Visit Website” button from the expanded grid?

Sorry can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

Thanks for purchasing it aaronoo =) here’s is how to process : You have to change on line 374 and change display: inline-block; for display:none; on the main.css

Okay that works, thanks a bunch, but that kinda puts me in another problem since it removes the box from ALL of them, I’m a graphic designer so sorry for my lack of code knowledge, the thing is some of my works are print hence no website, but I do however have some websites which I did art direction for so would be nice to link to as well.

So I guess my real question is, am I able to remove the “Visit website” box from selected expanded grids?

Sorry for the trouble

Great work on this site, Supview. I purchased this earlier today, but unfortunately I’ve run into an issue with the portfolio grid. Despite only changing the description and title, and not editing the code as a whole, each grid item isn’t expanding. All I get is the images linking to the website I’ve specified.

Hope this can be fixed soon, Sam

Can you please send me your site or html code on my email ?

Thanks for getting back to me, Supview. As I received your response, I fixed the problem. If the ‘href’ links in the nav are changed, the portfolio grid and header slider stop working. I thought it best to let you know so this can be fixed, should buyers want to add their own links into the nav.

Hi Supview, thanks for template. Is there any way to have video embeded instead of img 500×500 in portfolio?

Not at the moment, cauz the img is loaded from the JS