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I was browsing on Themeforest for months looking for something like this. Truly great work. I’ll have to add some sections (like services) but otherwise is just perfect.

One comment: I think the work grid on your first template (landscape & portrait mode) would look nice in this one too.

Much thanks for your lovely word !

Thanks for the great work, Supview!! I downloaded the update, but don’t want to disrupt anything that I’ve done up to this point. What files should I swap out from the update while doing the least damage?

Thanks again!! :)

Is it the version 1.3 ?

And did you add in your index.html the code on the navigation ? <nav class=”my-sticky-nav”>

yes and yes. :)

iPhone version does not work – no 1400 image and no navigation.

Tried safari and chrome. Please advise.

Same issue with windows phone internet explorer.

14 April 2013 – Version 1.4 : WAITING REVIEW

- Fixed Background 100% in iPad & iPhone - Fixed Scaling Background 100% in I.E8 - Fixed Landscape Version for Mobile

You’ll be notified from Themeforest when this update will be available :)

thats great, thanks. what exactly do i update when it becomes available? just the .js or .css files? I assume im not going to have to rebuild my end of the site?

Nice Responsive Template, but unfortunately I noticed there is No Navigation in 480×800 Mobile Size. Is this an issue being worked out or intentional? Thanks. Looking to purchase if Navigation added.

Hello :) Like i said to zuttico below this post, this will be available in the version 1.4 :)

Hi there,

I just purchased the theme, but when adding an external url into the nav it breaks the smooth scrolling. Any ideas?

A good way to add an external link is to add another ul in your nav.

Great stuff, worked a treat!

Perfect :)

Background image still looks really bad in IE8 and there is no CLOSE button at the corner.

Those are from example site. But I don’t feel like buying it before I’m sure that it works.

What about this bug: “Clicking on a first project in “What we do” section, takes you to the website:" (By first I mean top left).

It has to be the first one you click after opening the page, otherwise it works fine.

It was for showing that you can use directly an external link. You can look now the Live Preview, the first one work too…

are there some issues with the iphone 5 viewport?

- Button “see what we do” are not visible - Navbar are visible in the main page

have a look:

any idea?

Did you play a little bit with the media.css on the line 292 ? i don’t have an iPhone 5 for test about this :p

yes – i did.. on the Samsung Galaxy S3 there is also a problem.. :(

Hi just noticed that you have updated to 1.4 which files do I change as I don’t want to start from scratch again ?

I am upgrading from 1.3

Hi any update on this please ?

Hello aceandion, please send me an e-mail, i will tell you the modifs to do :)

Another quick question – I’m experiencing a slight issue on the iPhone 4, looks like I’m getting a bit of padding on the right hand side due to the nav bar?

Removing it did not solve the issue unfortunately.

Solved it, was the external form I added to the site. My bad!

Alright :)


I have a problem with umlauts.

h2 text like Drop us a line and others doesn’t support umlauts but other fonts do. What is the problem and how it could be fixed. like this

Is it easy to add other parallax sections like the one on the home section?

If you know how to add an section in HTML, of course, just copy the home section, and of course you have to modify the stylesheet for what you want :)

no 1400 background image on chrome and safari. :(

Seems strange :) Wich version have you got cauz it work perfectly with any navigation since the last version.

The latest one, i guess. You can see the problem here

Hi, still great work on the updates. Thanks for a great theme.

Just 2 questions. 1. Like ‘gmx124jx’ I’ve got the bug of the external linking when opening the top left item in the grid. Only happens 1st time when loading the page and if it’s the first item you load. 2. Any luck on inserting more images into the open project section? I looked at using another slider script, but not a developer so a bit stuck.

Please help! Otherwise a perfect theme :) Thanks Joz

Hello :) thanks for the comment ! for fixing the external link go into your scripts folder, open the grid.js and replace on the live 189 ’ current = 0, ’ for ’ current = -1 ‘

great, thanks for the quick reply. Also I just noticed a bug on iPad, the menu doesn’t seem to work after the first click and only works again if you scroll the page a tiny bit. Weird!???

Something’s wrong with the preview… Can’t open it!

Back online, sorry for this…

Still not working here…

Damn, i hate this server, i’m waiting for reviewer for changing the link !

hey there, just purchased the theme yesterday, amazing work.

quick question for you that i didnt see mentioned in your guide:

when you click on a work, and the expander opens up where it shows the larger picture and info for the project, there is a blue button that says ‘visit website’

how can i individually in each work make that button link out to a website? i dont see the code for it in the source or anywhere in the css.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again!

Hello thehorrorchord, thanks for purchasing it ! About the link you have just to replace the # on the “li” item.

Hi Francois I am having a issue with the ‘Go Back’ button after you have sent a email, When you click on it nothing happens !, I have edited the code as per below, but it still seems not work ! Any ideas ?


Go Back


Please send me an e-mail ;-) cauz it worked fine before i suppose ?

Hi Francois I am still having the same issue, I have emailed you direct.

Hi Francois I am having a issue with the ‘Go Back’ button after you have sent a email, When you click on it nothing happens !, I have edited the code as per below, but it still seems not work ! Any ideas ?

<!-- LITTLE LOGO GO BACK --> <div id="tab"><a href="">Go Back</a></div> <!-- END LITTLE LOGO GO BACK -->

Hi, where can i find the photoshop effect used on the start screen?

You mean the blur effect on the background img ? if yes, filter, gaussian blur ;)

Hi, I have a question, in the portfolio, is a lightbox? or a gallery carousel or I can only get one photo per project? Thank you!