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Hey all, i downloaded v2.0 but im having an issue in safari when i select a section then resize my browser the placement gets messed up. I changed nothing.

Was wondering if you guys could update this to allow a refresh of the section you are on at browser resize?

Would make this template perfect!!!


Hi, love the theme – definitely considering buying! Quick question – you said about the images being replaced with stock ones – does this include the main mac image at the start, or just the staff and portfolio pics? (I really like the mac image)


Hello chris, It’s replaced from placeholder. The background is my desktop :p

Hi, how can I increase the sensitive area of the close botton (“close.png”)? Only half right button area is active.

What value I have to change in the style.css file?


Like i said below : For fixe the close button, just search in your style.css for the .og.close ( number 295 ). replace the background line to this one and add the z-index :
z-index: 999999;
background: url('../img/close.png');


i have a serious issue with halfcreative. it appears as a broken themes on my dashboard and wordpress inform me that the style.css stylesheet is missing. How could we resolve this problem ? i thank you in advance. luc

Hello, as the title suggests it’s an HTML Template, not an wordpress. You can buy the wordpress one on this link :

Hi, nice theme, before purchase its possible to add a second portoflio item like “portfolio web” & “portfolio 3d”? Thanks

You mean one more section ? If yes, it’s possible with copy past ;)

Hi, thanks for replied. Im test a site in to the iphone 5…small bugs: 1. When i click on the “arrow” homepage the screens flicks (too bad) 2. In the form, if i submit with out any text, loads a blank page with some text errors outside of the site.

In a portrait view some visual bugs: 1. In the homepage doestn appears the “arrow down” 2. In the “what we do” section when i open a work the title of the work view half (cut the text)..the title text is back of the menu “white bar” Any solutions?

Hi there, Love the theme.

is there a possibility for a slider in every portfolioitem img, in stead of only one image, so you can scroll thru different images


No sorry, the design was not creating for this.

And there is no possibility?

Hi guys, need some major help here. I can’t seem to be able to get that blue button on 1.5 to stay in the middle! It keeps changing position when the resolution changes.

Please help anyone! :p


Hi there,

I’m wondering if instead of having just an image in the portfolio area (the 1280×720 placeholder after you click to open the project) I can stick in a video.

Thanks for the help!

Hi great theme! just downloaded 2.0 version and I have a question in Safari the close button doesn’t seem to be visible in the portfolio section (but you can click where it’s supposed to be and close that image)? Any ideas on that? And also how/where do I change the large image on Home page 1400×800 is all I can see. Thanks :)

Like i said below : For fixe the close button, just search in your style.css for the .og.close ( number 295 ). replace the background line to this one and add the z-index :
z-index: 999999;
background: url('../img/close.png');

About the Home Page 1400×800 it’s on the main stylesheet & the media.css you can also check the documentation it’s noticed ;)

contact form is not work!

Did you get my email?

Just answered back.

or not…..My server is windows 2003 server??

Hi, I’m having a problem with the ‘What we do’ section. I want to change the ‘Visit Website’ text on the button and in some cases delete the button completely. I’m struggling to find the code that controls the button and the text it displays.

Right now the only code which is visible deletes the entire section.

Also for people having a problem with the links in this section it seems to mainly affect the first box on this page. The other href seem to run fine?

Has anyone else found the code for the Visit Website button?


Hello leonard, you can delete simply your Visit Button on your main stylesheet and put directly a ” display:none; ” on .og-details a { } line 348

Is there a way to have multiple background images that cycle through on refresh or is that required by custom css?


I’m inexperienced in terms of editing website. I purchased this theme and wished to edit it through Weebly (my site is hosted by FatCow) and they keep asking me for main-style.css in the folder. Can you help me? Thank you so much.


It’s not an wordpress template.

I notice that you use the OG Grid plugin from Codrops but I could not see any attribution in your demo. Perhaps thats something at you should look into?

Hello, it’s noticed in the Documentation.

Oh, great. As a developer I find it really annoying if people copy my stuff and don’t attribute it so it’s good that you do so.

Hi, I want to buy the template but i need something different in the portfolio, when you open a picture. Like this:[gallery3]/2/ Do you make this customization? Many thanks!

Hello, i’m not planning to add a lightbox for the halfcreative template, but you can see also see my new template ( ) where i’m using the lightbox ;)

Hi Supview!

Congradualtions on a developing such a beautiful themes. The files are very well organized, making easy to modify and super user friendly.

This is the first time I’ve worked with a responsive site though, so I have a couple of questions.

1. I want to make my logo image on the opening page link to the first page, titled “about”. However, when I click my logo, instead of having a smooth slide transition to the home page, it jumps abruptly with no transition at all. It also now has a url extension (e.g. Any recommendations on how to fix this add the slide transition?

2. On my profile page, I want to have an image background. However, the content of that page is extending down into the next page rather than the whole page expanding as the content does. Not sure if this is due to having a background image or if I need to wrap the content into a container. Any suggestions?

Heres my web address:

Thank you so much in advance. Keep up the good work.


You will see in your scripts.js on line 56, you have to add the element there for smooth scrolls the others elements. For your background Home image, you have put a wrong link in your stylesheet ( line 158 ) : http://localhost:8888/img/bg_3.jpg, you have to remplace this one.

Hello, great template thanks ! ;) But i’m having a little issue with the little triangle that shows what “project” is selected, I can’t see it on Chrome (but it works on Firefox btw).

See pic :

Thank you in advance. ;)

Hello obzilo, can you remplace in your main stylesheet these lines :
.og-grid li.og-expanded > a::after {
    top: auto;
    border: solid transparent;
    content: " ";
    height: 0;
    width: 0;
    position: absolute;
    pointer-events: none;
    border-bottom-color: #ddd;
    border-width: 15px;
    margin: 175px 0px 0px -140px;}

I already have these lines, it works great on Firefox but not on Chrome or Safari. That’s not a big issue but, in case we can fix it ;)

Hi, a quick question. Very nice theme.. using it for my next startup. Thou i have a question for the navbar on iphone.. it doesn’t disappear at the right time when you scroll up again. Same on your version here on themeforest. It sticks to the top too long. Any idea what can cause the problem. A fast answer would be appreciated since we are going live in a couple of days.


Hello afonso, the navbar works correctly in my case… Maybe you can look into the Javascripts of Waypoints, this is this one who make a little offset on the navbar.

No it doesn’t, i just tested it on my mobile (iphone 4s) and the navbar sticks longer than it should when you scroll back up again. When you scroll down it works nicely.

Any ideas?

Hi there, i’m having an issue with the main image not viewing correctly on iPad. Its zooming in too much on the ipad and sometimes there is a black border on the right hand side when you first load the site in landscape mode?

Can you send me your website ?

Hi! Nice work!! I had a closer look on the demo page ( When I checked the responsiveness by resizing my browser (FF on OSX) it happened that the items of the drop-down menu, occuring when the width is less than 650px, are not visible. The items occur only when I go over them with the mouse. Seems to be caused by nav-container nav select { color: transparent; } The first two entries in the drop-down menu are empty anyway (in all browsers). Can you set a text for them like “To the top” or the like. Best regards Björn Weinbrenner